Sam, Joe, and Mom


31 Mart 2021


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This is continuation of my stories “Seduced by Samantha” and “Mom gets Some Long Awaited Loving” All characters are over 18 in this story. Thanks for all the mail and feedback to my previous two stories. Thanks to Mr Deep without whose help this story would not be what it is.


Georgia awoke first the next morning. She lay in bed and watched Joe sleep. He was such a tender lover and just thinking of last night now made her pussy wet. She could not believe what had transpired last night. Her only son had made love to her. She felt a pang of guilt, but it did not last long. She loved her son and watching him sleep in her bed made her smile.

I woke up. The most beautiful vision greeted me. Mom was sitting up in bed and looking down at me.

“Morning mom,” I said smiling at her.

“Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?”

I pulled her to me and kissed her.

“I slept great mom. How about you did you sleep well?” I asked.

“Best sleep in a long time sweetie.” she replied.

I pulled myself out of bed and went down to the kitchen. I put the kettle on and made some coffee then I took it to mom in bed. We sat and had our coffee without saying a word. I did not know what to say. Mom was the first to speak.

“Joe are you OK about last night?” she asked.

“I am fine mom. You do not have to worry. I love you and what we did was very special to me,” I replied.

“I love you too honey,” mom said smiling.

I took our cups and went down to the kitchen.

Thoughts of last night flooded back. Here I was living with two of the most beautiful women and both of them wanted me. I got hard just thinking of them. I imagined the three of us in bed. Sam and I making love to mom all night. It is what I wanted now. I had to make it happen somehow. I went to my room and went into the shower. After my shower, I went down to the kitchen. Sam was at the table, having her coffee. I kissed her good morning and got some cereal for breakfast. Mom joined us a while later. I could feel the sexual tension in the air at the table. Mom sat next to me.

Sam came and sat down with her breakfast and ate in silence. I was uncomfortable at the table that morning, mom got up and said she had to shower and went up. As soon as mom left, Sam asked me to tell her all about last night. She wanted to know all the details, I told her what happened and she smiled.

“I got to have a shower and get ready,” Sam said. She went to her room, and I got up and went to mine.

The day seemed to go slowly. I had things to do around the house, and Sam and mom had to go to the shops to get our groceries. I got all my work done and was lying down in my bed, and I dropped off to sleep. I was startled by the sound of doorbell ringing. I went down and got the door. When I opened it, I was surprised to see my Aunt Sally and her two kids.

“Hi darling, surprised to see us?” Sally asked.

“Hey, Sally pleasantly surprised to see you.” I said and gave her a big hug. “Hi Shaz, hi Simon. How have you guys been?” I asked my two cousins standing beside Aunt Sally.

“Been good Joe,” they both replied. Darting around me they both ran into the house.

“Let me get those things for you Sally,” I said and picked up her things and carried them into the house.

Aunt Sally was mom’s little sister. She lived in Sydney and her two kids were twins who were 10 years old. Sam and I always called her Sally because she was more like a sister to us. She was only 30, but she looked more as if she was 25. She had a great body and loved life. She was always the life of our parties.

We sat down on the sofa, and chatted,

“Where are your mother and Sam? Are they gone?” She asked.

“They are doing grocery shopping, they shouldn’t be long. Shall I fix you a drink Sally? “I asked.

“Some lemonade would be great Joe. It’s so hot here in Melbourne.”

I got her a drink and gave Shaz and Simon one too. Sally sat on the sofa drinking her lemonade.

“Joe you have sure grown up. It’s only been a year, and you have grown so much.”

“I have grown, Sally. More so in the past couple of weeks,” I said smiling at Sally.

We heard mom’s car pull in. I went out to help them with the groceries. Mom was delighted to see her sister. Sam hugged Sally and went to find the kids, I put the groceries on the table and went and joined mom and Sally in the living room.

I could not stop looking at Sally and wonder what it would be like to fuck her. She had a huge rack, slender waist and was very attractive. When she looked at me, my cock twitched with want. Mum was too busy chatting with her to notice me looking.

Mom got up and went to get herself a drink. Sally bent down to undo her shoes, I got a hard on just looking at her tits. They were half sticking out of her top and I could see down her cleavage.

“You like what you see Joe?” Sally asked smiling at me.

Her question tuzla escort surprised me.

“Sorry Sally, didn’t mean to stare,” I said.

“Don’t be, I don’t mind.” She said winking at me.

I smiled back at her as I heard my mother come back. Mom sat beside Sally and they engaged in small talk. I got up and went into the kitchen to get a drink. I kept looking into the lounge room at Sally. She looked so hot. I remembered how I used to say I would marry her when I was a little boy. She looked so sexy sitting there and chatting with mom.

Mom called out to me, and I went back into the lounge room.

“Joe, make up your room for Simon and Shaz. You can sleep in my room with me if you like.” She said.

“I will be fine on the couch mom.” I said and added, “You and Sally can share your room.”

Sam walked into the room.

“No Joe, you can share with me. It’s only for one night and it will be fine,” Sam said.

“Well it’s settled then, you share Sam’s room with her and Sally and I will share my room,” mom said.

I went upstairs, got the room ready for the children, and took my laptop to Sam’s room. Sam walked in, grabbed my cock from behind me.

“Can’t wait to have that cock in my pussy tonight,” Sam said.

“I will fuck you real good tonight,” I said. “I wasn’t thinking of your pussy though. I want your ass tonight.”

“Mm mm, you going to fuck my ass tonight baby brother. I am getting all wet hearing you talk about it.” Sam replied.

I turned around, pulled Sam to me, and kissed her hard. Sam put both her hands around my ass and pulled my now hard cock into her as she pressed her pussy to it. I could feel the heat of her pussy through my shorts. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, and she moaned into my mouth.

“I am looking forward to tonight Joe.” Sam said in a husky voice. I could smell her snatch. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

We went to see what mom and Sally were doing and found both of them in the kitchen making dinner. Sam went to help, and I sat at the table. I watched all three of them working and was thrilled to be sitting there with all of them. Two women who I had made love to and another who seemed to like the attention I was paying to her.

I decided then that I was going to fuck Sally as well. I wondered what she would be like in bed. Would she be like my mom in bed? I could not help wondering. I could not get up cause I was hard just thinking of it. Sally and Sam came to the table to do the veggies for dinner, I got up and with my back to them, I went to the kitchen.

Mom looked down at me and smiled, I was on the other side of the kitchen counter and the others could not see my hard on.

“Is that for me?” Mom whispered.

“Always for you mom,” I whispered back.

I took some of the chicken mom was cutting and washed it for her.

Dinner was ready by 6 O’clock. Sally called Simon and Shaz to eat first. She gave them their dinner and asked them to go brush their teeth. It was about seven when Sally came back to the lounge room after tucking the kids in.

“Let’s have some wine.” She declared.

I got a bottle of Shiraz out and poured some for the women. I grabbed a beer. We sat talking and drinking for the next couple of hours and then had dinner and went to bed.

As soon as I got to Sam’s room, I took off my shirt and lay down on the bed. Sam was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. When she came in, I let out a low whistle. Sam had on this sheer red negligee. I could tell she had nothing underneath. I could see her nipples sticking out and her pussy was visible through the sheer fabric pressing against her pussy lips.

“You like? Little brother,” she asked.

“Fuck yeah, I like very much,” I replied.

Sam got into bed and molded against me. I grabbed her ass and slowly kneaded it while I gave her a kiss. I let my tongue explore her mouth and rubbed her ass as I kissed her.

“Mmmmm, fuck Joe that feels so good,” Sam murmured. She was on my left shoulder and looking into my eyes as I kissed her. Sam moved her left leg higher up and her ass and pussy were exposed to my hand now.

I rubbed all along her ass until I came to her pussy lips and felt her wetness. I pushed my finger into her twat and wet it with her juices and then ran it back to her ass and rubbed her tight hole. Sam flexed her ass a bit and let my finger slip into her ass.

“Ohhhh Joe, that feels so good,” she squealed.

“Suck on my nipples,” she demanded.

I sucked her nipple through the sheer material of her negligee. My finger moving from her pussy to her ass. Sam had her eyes closed and was moaning. My cock felt like it was about to explode. Sam moved down to my crotch, pulled my shorts down, and devoured my cock.

“Fuck, Sam,” I moaned and added, “That’s it, suck that cock baby.”

Sam let my cock go and climbed on top of me; with one quick motion, she was impaled on my cock. tuzla escort bayan It was warm and wet in her pulsing twat. Her pussy seemed to milk me. I pushed her off me and rolled on top of her.

“I want to fuck your ass Sam,” I said.

Sam put her ass higher up.

“Be gentle, little brother,” Sam said.

I held onto her hips and slowly pushed my cock to her virgin ass. I was so wet with her cunt juices, the head of my cock slid in easily.

“Stop there Joe. Let me get used to you in me first,” She said.

I pulled out of her ass, rubbed my cock along her pussy lips, and lubricated my cock. I went back to her ass and pushed into her puckered ass. Slowly millimeter by millimeter, I entered her tight ass. It felt like my cock was being squeezed. Every time she flexed her ass, I went in further. Slowly I moved in until I was all the way into her tight ass.

Sam was rubbing her clit with one hand and slowly pushing back into my cock. I pushed into her tight ass. I felt like I was in heaven.

“Oh God Sam, your ass feels so good,” I said between moans.

“Yeah little bro, fuck my ass harder,” Sam panted.

I picked up the pace now and was slamming my cock hard into her ass. I felt my balls slap her pussy lips. Sam reached and fondled my balls. I felt like I would explode in her.

“Sam I am going to fill your ass with my cum,” I growled. Slamming my cock deep into her ass. “Oh yes! Fill me up Joe. Fill my ass with your cum. I want to feel you cum in my ass little brother,” Sam shrieked.

I grabbed both her hips and started pumping into her ass furiously. I could feel the buildup of an eruption of cum. Sam started meeting each of my thrusts forward with a push back of her ass. I grunted as I erupted into her.

“Mmmmm, Joe I can feel your cum pumping into my ass,” she moaned. “Mmmffff Fuck, fuck fuck, I am cumming too Joe.”

I felt her cum soak my balls as she went rigid. I held her ass in place as she collapsed into the bed. I rolled off off her and lay on my back my knees weak. Sam turned to me and kissed me. I kissed her roughly, sucking on her tongue.

“That was some ass fuck you gave me Joe,” she said.

“Well it was even better for me Sam,” I said.

I did not think I could move anymore. I was fucked motionless.

Sam got out of bed and went to the shower. With great difficulty, I followed her into the shower. We got cleaned up, dry, and came back to bed. I was thirsty so I went to get myself a drink. As I was coming back to the room, I heard mom’s door open and she came out.

“Not sleeping yet Joe?” mom asked.

“Just getting a drink mom,.” I replied

Mom then took my hand and led me with her to the kitchen.

“I have been waiting all day to do this,” She said as she kissed me.

“Mom, what about Sally?” I asked.

“She is sleeping. Too much wine,” mom replied.

I kissed mom feeling her body melt into mine. We kissed for about a minute, and mom reached into my shorts and held my hardening cock.

“You two having fun?” It was Sam. She stood there in the kitchen doorway, looking at both of us. Mom was shocked. She tried to pull away. I held her to me. I kissed her again.

“You two look so sexy together,” Sam said.

“Well you look just as sexy, Sam,” I said.

“Mom, look at her. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?” I asked.

I took mom by the hand and led her to Sam’s room. Mom followed reluctantly; and as we got to Sam’s bed, I sat her down and started kissing her. Sam sat at the foot of the bed and watched. I kept kissing mom. My hands ran down to her legs, I parted them and let my fingers run along her thighs. Mom was slowly relaxing now. She knew what would come eventually.

“Joe what if Sally wakes?” mom asked.

“Like you said mom, Sally is drunk. She won’t wake.” I said.

I was hoping Sally would wake. I wanted her to see me with Sam and mom. It would make it so much easier getting to fuck Sally if she seen this.

I kissed mom slow, letting her relax as I fondled her pussy now. She was starting to move her hips upwards to my hand. Mom had her eyes closed and was moaning softly.

I moved down to her tits and took off her nightie. Her tits were exposed and I took one nipple into my mouth. Mom shuddered as I sucked on one and then the other nipple.

“Mmmm, feels so good Joe,” mom said.

I moved lower down to her stomach. My finger still in her now wet pussy. I licked the top of her twat. Her womanly was intoxicating. I licked her clit, making circular motions with my tongue. Mom was writhing in bed now.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sam. She was masturbating. I motioned for her to come closer. She knelt on the carpet and came closer. I had my left cheek resting on mom’s lower abdomen and looked at Sam. She had such a wanton look on her face. I motioned her to come closer and she put her head closer. Her mouth was almost touching mom’s escort tuzla pussy lips now.

I opened mom’s lips and exposed her clit to Sam, who stuck her tongue out and licked it. Mom moved her hips up and Sam’s tongue entered her wet cunt. Sam started nibbling on mom’s clit, which sent mom into spasms of pleasure.

The sight of Sam licking mom’s cunt enthralled me. I moved sideways so my crotch was at moms head, I did not need to say anything, and mom took my cock out the side of my shorts and devoured it. I lay there my head on mom’s lower abdomen watching Sam suck mom’s cunt. Every time Sam stopped for a few seconds, we kissed. I could taste mom on Sam’s mouth. Half of Sam’s face was covered with mom’s juices.

“Mmmm that’s it, lick me,” mom wailed.

Sam kept licking in earnest. She now licked all the way to mom’s ass. Mom was ecstatic; Sam put her thumb at mom’s ass and slowly got half of it in her ass.

“I need your cock in my pussy Joe, I need it right now,” mom said.

“Yes mom, I will fuck you soon. I am going to slam my hard cock deep into your hot wet cunt.” I said.

Mom was sucking on me for all she was worth. I felt the back of her throat as she swallowed my cock. Sam stopped licking mom and moved up to mom’s tits.

“Oh Sammie baby, mommy loves how you suck her,” Mom said. They shared a long kiss. Mom licked all her juices off Sam’s face.

I almost came watching both of them. My dream of having both of them in bed had now eventuated. I got between moms legs and pushed my hard pulsing cock into her dripping cunt. I slipped in easily. Mom gasped as I penetrated her fully.

“Joe that feels so good, son,” mom cried. “Fuck me long and hard, I want you to fill my pussy with your cum.”

“Yes Joe, fuck her. Fuck her till she cums all over your cock,” Sam chimed in.

Sam was sucking on mom’s nipples now nibbling on one as she tweaked the other in between her thumb and forefinger.

I started pumping in and out of mom. I could feel her pelvic muscles work on my cock. It seemed like her pussy was pulling on my cock each time I pulled out. Mom’s hips were moving with my thrusts now. I was kneeling on the bed and fucking her with a steady rhythm.

Sam stopped sucking on mom’s tits and moved up over her chest. Holding onto the headboard Sam maneuvered her now dripping pussy over moms face. Mom parted Sam’s slit and probed with her tongue. Sam shuddered as mom probed her wet hole.

“Mom, yeah ff fuck that feels so good. Lick my pussy mom. Lick your daughter’s wet fuck hole,” Sam gasped.

It was so erotic hearing Sam talk dirty. It seemed to spur mom on too, she started licking with more urgency and her hips started pushing up harder.

Sam’s head was thrown back her eyes glassy. She pinched her nipples while looking back at me. I pushed harder into mom and felt my approaching orgasm.

“Fuck me Joe, fuck me harder. I want to feel your cum deep in my womb. Fill that pussy that you came out of,” mom said moaning.

Sam was writhing on mom’s face.

“I can feel it coming, mom. I am going to cum on your face, mom,” she shrieked.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a movement in the corridor outside the room. I looked up and Sally was standing there watching us. I motioned for her to come in, but she put her finger to her lips and shushed me. Knowing Sally was watching us, made me work harder. I slammed in harder each time. Mom had reached the headboard now. Each time I pushed in mom gasped.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, yes Joe. Fuck me, that’s it baby, mommy’s Cumming. I can feel you deep in me. Fuckkk Joe slam that cock in don’t stop.”

Mom’s urging, Sam’s moaning and watching Aunt Sally watching us made me go over the edge. I felt the buildup of cum, and then I exploded into mom. I shot spurt after spurt into mom.

“Yes mom, I am cumming,” Sam said as I saw her squirt cum into my mom’s face.

Mom held onto Sam’s hips and sucked all her cum.

“Yes mom, suck me dry.” Sam moaned.

I heard mom moan and then she came all over my erupting cock. I felt her warm juices on my cock. I came as I never came before. I filled mom’s cunt. Slowly mom stopped moving, her body still. Sam came down to me and kissed me. Sam then bent down and licked between my cock and mom’s pussy.

I slipped out of mom’s pussy and looked into the corridor. Sally was still there watching us. I motioned again for her to join us but she tiptoed away. Sam caught my cock as it came out and sucked the whole thing into her mouth. She sucked me dry and moved to mom’s pussy licking my cum as it trickled out.

I went to mom and kissed her.

“Mmmmm that was the best fuck, mom,” I said.

“For me too, son,” she replied.

I kissed mom and tasted Sam on her. I smiled as I watched Sam licking mom, she finished and came up to us. Mom and Sam shared a long deep kiss and I watched both of them with so much love for them. I knew it was going to be great now. We had each other.

Then I thought of Sally. What was she going to say in the morning? I dropped off to sleep as I felt mom slide out of bed.

Tomorrow was going to be a great day.

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