The Beginning


13 Haziran 2024


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The following is the second installment describing Alexis Ermolov’s transition from University Professor to President and CEO of a bio-nano-technological company. There are some obstacles but she overcomes them. Readers are advised to begin with Alexis’ Change that sets the scene and introduces the main characters.


The early spring sun was doing its magic. Snow that was clinging to the ground began to melt thus enabling green shoots to poke their heads above a thinning white ground cover. Buds appeared on branches that until this time were bare. After a long winter sleep all manner of biological life was eager to begin anew. Looking outside she could see birds and squirrels searching for food as winter was finally enabling edible plants to attract customers. All manner of life was shaking off the doldrums of winter. Alexis was no different as she felt reborn in the spring. Her aversion to clothes was put aside during the winter but now she could wander in the yard naked. She thought now she could feel warm sun on exposed skin something she longed for so many months..

Spring always brought memories of the battles with her mother regarding wearing clothes. Finally her father provided a solution. She could be naked in the house. As well, to the surprise of everyone, he did not force her to dress when they had company. The downsize was that her brothers’ friends came over just to see a naked girl. In time as she became older her father allowed her to roam naked in the backyard. Occasionally, she cautiously moved into the front yard just to see how the rest of the neighbourhood reacted. During this period Alexis and her mother became good friends. If there was a problem, her father was expected to handle it

As she matured Alexis developed into an attractive catch for males. Thick long black hair framed an oval face. Green irises flecked with gold made her more desirable. The rest of package only added to her allure, her bosom was ample neither too big or too small plus a small waist that showcased heart shaped hips. Many men and boys offered to date her. However, she did not date that much during high school because unlike most girls she did not hide her brilliance and had no use for males who could not keep up to her academically.

Their second anniversary was approaching. The boys had moved in when Eric went to Brazil. At the time scientific endeavours, including bio-nanotechnology, excluded other social interests. It had taken some time but now she was part of their interests. On the other hand, she realized that while nudity did attract some attention if she wanted to keep this long term relationship exciting the package had to be altered once in awhile. Sometimes she dressed very conservative when taken out by the one of them. Other times she was exotic. The boys never knew what Alexis they were going to get but appreciated the end product during the date.

Now was the time to try out her slashkini. Many hours were spent in discussion with the designer before the finished product was ready.

It was chilly when she exited the house. She felt free. The material pulled and created shadows as well exposing various areas of her body. The cold did not bother her as she began to feel aroused. The beauty of the material was that it kept her in a state of arousal without causing a climax. Unfortunately, she could not see how sensual different patterns of shadows and light affected her audience. If she was correct, the boys would not be able to contain themselves. They might not even wait for the table before having sex. Erotic thoughts warmed her up.

The sound of a vehicle turning into the driveway shocked her. It was too early for the boys to come home plus they never had visitors during the week. Dark thoughts flashed. The boys were in trouble. She hurried towards the front of the house. Why didn’t they call, she railed? A quick glance determined her cell phone was on. Typical men, they wouldn’t warn her so she could prepare but instead would present her with the problem and expect her to solve it. Sometimes she felt like their mother instead of their mistress. She could tell that the car stopped.

Both the two men in the driveway and Alexis were surprised to see each other. At this time of the year, they did not expect to see a woman in a bikini. Especially one that cast shadows all over her body presenting an exotic image by hiding then exposing skin. Alexis wondered what reason they had for being here.

A closer look determined that one man was short and the other was taller. Their clothes looked expensive. In her opinion they were not academics. If they were business types how had they found them? Unbemerkt searched for contracts and took care of billing. It was a good system because Alexis and the boys could experiment without having to worry whether a new idea was viable. The minyon porno shorter man’s face turned bright red. He began to gulp air. She wondered if he was having a heart attack. The taller man was recovering.

“Can I help you?”

“We’re from Omnibus Inc,” said the taller man. “We would like to see Alexis Ermolov.”

“I’m Alexis Ermolov.”

“Our president would like to arrange a meeting with you.”


Both men laughed. By this time she could see the chubby man was recovering. His skin colour was almost normal and his breathing began to slow.

“I’m sorry for laughing but nobody tells lowlifes like us why,” said the taller man. “Here’s Mr. Dragon’s card. He will explain everything when you call.”

She placed the card on her cell phone. By the time she entered the house her computer would have recovered all the available data pertinent to Omnibus Inc. and Marc Dragon. Enhancing the abilities of the computer had been a team affair. Eric had laid the groundwork. She had provided the computer architecture but it had been the boys who made the computer powerful. With their help, the computer was able to think and in her opinion reason. In fact, it was the computer that developed new designs. One of the benefits was it could hack into other computer systems without being detected. Using these benefits they could keep other hackers out of their system plus destroy the offending computer.

However, there were times when she wondered if it was beginning to develop the concept of love. Lately when she was on the table it aroused her by other means than the methods employed by the boys and Eric. She wondered if it was morphing into a different form of artificial intelligence.

The two men were backing up to their vehicle. It amused her to think they were doing this to keep her in focus. She tried different poses. They fumbled attempting to open the doors. After some time they started the vehicle and backed out of the driveway at the same time looking fixedly at her. Eventually they turned onto the street and drove away. She was relieved there was no traffic because she did not want to explain how she caused an accident.

Without the men, she began to feel cold. Almost as if the computer sensed she wanted to enter the house speedily, it bypassed the keypad and opened the door without making her prove she lived there.

“Guys! Come and take a look at Alexis!”

She was surprised.

The boys rushed in surrounding her like she was a rabbit and they were wolves. They circled her coming closer as she stood unmoving in their midst. Mr. Dragon will have to wait she thought.

They pounced.

She pushed the quick release and watched as the slashkini sprung from its confines. They paused for a moment before pulling her towards them. Times have changed she marvelled. There was a time they would have halted but not now. An eye shade was positioned. It startled her because it was something new. She was being poked, pinched and lowered to the floor. Her legs were spread and a heavy body landed on her. Unseen hands seized her arms and legs. She was entered leading to a minor climax.

Her feet were being tickled causing her to push up to meet the downward strokes. Different spasms attacked both his penis and legs. He became aroused. His manhood filled her channel then started to pulse. Both of them attempted to crush each other. Her orgasm was massive lifting them off the floor. A sudden chill occurred briefly before another body drove her to the floor. He rolled off of her. She was upset because he came too soon. They lifted her off the floor using her legs then began to spank her. Another surprise awaited her, despite the pain she was aroused which led to an orgasm. Her men continually discovered quirks she was not aware of. Eric found she liked to be restrained during sex and the boys observed rough sex made her more passionate. What other deviant form of sex would her lovers discover?

It seemed they were finished with her. Jamie had anal sex. Of all them he liked to practice anal sex. The others had anal sex occasionally but every time he had a chance this was his preferred method of sex. Even now she didn’t understand why she enjoyed and looked forward to these orgies The rest was enabling her to recover however, she hoped there was more to come. Then she felt different sensations. Some effects were caused by equipment moving up her body. Realization dawned as she determined that the little devils had modified nanbots to produce the means of giving orgasms. Eventually they’ll kill her she thought but she would die happy. She relaxed and revelled in the passionate embrace of the nanbots.

The eye shades were removed. She looked up to Geoff. He smiled before carrying her to their bed. She kissed him rolled olgun porno over and fell into a deep sleep.

She winced as the hem of her dress dug into her thigh. There wasn’t a millimeter of her body that wasn’t sore. Her only saving grace was that the boys were not too happy with the nanbots. They had spent the last two days trying to correct some glitch. She didn’t know why because the nanbots seemed to work fine when bringing her to a climax. However, the respite enabled her to collect and analyse the data generated by the computer.

Omnibus Inc. was a venture capital company with tentacles throughout the world. What made Omnibus different from other similar companies was it kept their most successful acquisitions. Purchases that it was unable to improve to a set standard it sold.

Marc Dragon was a combination of senior legal advisor and CEO. A puzzling factor was the lack of data describing his early life or how he became employed by Omnibus. This intrigued her because she wondered why his family history and previous life was hidden. Deep data mining produced nothing.

As a veteran of many high-level meetings, she was familiar with security. Meetings in the highly completive nanotech industry were always accompanied with stringent precautions to discourage espionage. However, Omnibus carried safeguarding the location and discussions to an extreme. She was not allowed to bring any wireless devices plus a car would be sent to take her to a secret location. These conditions did not bother her because it seemed that whatever the project, the boys would be interested. Omnibus sent images of the car and the driver. Then she informed Unbemerkt that she was meeting a potential new client.

As instructed she sat in the front seat beside the driver. The car was non-descript therefore they would look like a couple out for a drive. Although she wondered why Omnibus was so preoccupied with security.

Their journey took them to a part of the city she didn’t know existed. Rubbish covered the road and yards. Ancient mattresses decorated porches of homes that needed repair. Even the occasional person shuffled rather than walk with a purpose. They turned into an alley between two derelict houses. She could see a house at the end of the alley that was out of place compared to the rest of the houses surrounding it. A man was standing in the open front door.

“Marc Dragon,” said the man as he opened the car door. “I’ll explain why we met here rather than our offices once we get inside.”

She guessed he was about six foot four and weighed over two hundred pounds. When he took her arm she marvelled at the strength and confidence he demonstrated. It had been a good idea to wear a curve hugging dress that showcased her charms. Over the years she had learned that good packaging initiated the original interest but there was always a need for a viable product.

As they entered the house, she realized that her original impression was correct. Although it looked run down to fit in with the rest of the neighbourhood, this was deceptive.

A heavy set, bald headed man looked like he was watching TV. His undershirt was filthy and stained pants completed the picture. Even his chair looked as though he got it from one of the empty houses. Almost the same time a slatternly woman with stringy mousey coloured hair stepped out from what looked like the kitchen. Dragon ignored both of them. Alexis was becoming slightly apprehensive because so far everything give the impression of being in the middle of a B-movie set. From her vantage point she determined the ancient TV was a monitor and the man’s eyes were clear and alert.

They entered a closet in a room at the back of the house. Alexis was becoming worried. She had never experienced this type of security when attending any high level meetings. On the other hand, her research had suggested that Omnibus was just a venture capital company not involved in any other kinky pursuits. She decided to relax because if there were any problems the computer would have warned her.

The door opened and she found that they were in a large boardroom. Like all boardrooms the middle was taken up with table flanked by very expensive chairs. Every information of benefit to Omnibus was displayed on a series of monitors that decorated the wall. As they ventured further into the room she observed that a person in a bed surrounded by medical equipment was situated opposite the wall of monitors. The silence was deafening.

“Alexis, this is Fatima Narek,” began Dragon. “She owns Omnibus.”

“Now I am confused, why would you come to us? We are not financial but more technical plus we aren’t interested in selling,” said Alexis.

The woman attempted to laugh but the sound was more a crackle.

Dragon smiled. “Fatima was poisoned. We don’t şahin k porno know how or what was used. Doctors were able to slow the effects but they couldn’t find a source. Eventually one of the doctors suggested we find a bio-nano-technological company. That’s where you come in.”

At this moment Alexis understood why security was so tight.

“I can think of a few reasons why we might not be able to help you. Number one: we have never tried experimenting on a human. Therefore we might kill you, Fatima. Number two: all our contracts are vetted by Unbemerkt. If they say no we wouldn’t attempt this project, although it sounds interesting. Number three: we have been in negotiations with both companies that manufacture the equipment we need and have been refused because we want their source code. Number four: Fatima would have to move to our lab. These are the major reasons why we may not be the right people.”

Fatima surprised Alexis. “Let me answer your objections in the order that you gave them. The poison is moving therefore, if we don’t find a cure I’ll die. Marc will deal with Unbemerkt. He has never failed to get a contract. Omnibus owns both companies that you were dealing with. Once the contract is signed they will more than happy to assist you. Will the university allow the necessary renovations to accommodate me?” She collapsed.

“We own our lab. The university built around us but we refused to sell our building. If Mr. Dragon can eliminate my other objections, we could begin immediately,” said Alexis.

The following month was a series of twenty-four days. Eric and some technicians flew in from Germany. All activities not necessary to upgrade the lab were put on the backburner. They, thanks to Dragon’s efforts convincing manufactures to supply state of the art equipment, were able not only move the computer to the lab but to increase its capabilities. Occasionally Alexis missed the orgies but most of her free time was devoted ensuring Eric and the boys ate and slept.

Omnibus moved their security into the house she had shared with Eric. Alexis and the boys were asked to move into the lab for security reasons. As well, the lab had been enlarged by adding living quarters to accommodate them and medical staff for Fatima. Alexis wondered how Dragon persuaded the university to put Omnibus security on the university police and not to challenge the firms that were using university accesses to the lab.

Fatima’s condition continued to deteriorate. A meeting was called to determine if there was any way to halt this process.

“We think we have found a method to stop the spread of the poison,” said Alexis.”Unfortunately, it’s risky. To be clear this procedure may hasten her death but if it succeeds her life will be extended. We need time to find out what the poison is.”

“Are you sure there is no other way?” said Dragon. His voice was hoarse and quivery.

“It looks like your doctor was correct. Her illness might be caused by some form of nano-technology but we can’t go in without a good idea what it is,” said Geoff. Alexis was surprised usually she was the one who gave out the bad news.

“Do it,” said Dragon. “I’ll get my people to find out what companies are capable of producing this type of poison.”

“Mr. Dragon! Please hold off until we are able to at least determine what type of technology they are using,” exclaimed Alexis. ” They might feel threatened and maybe increase or change the dosage.”

He paused, nodded agreement then left the room.

Now that the army of technicians had left, Alexis felt comfortable just wearing a lab coat around the lab. She wasn’t sure if nudity would affect Dragon but thought being naked underneath the coat would meet his definition of modesty. The floor was cool on her shoeless feet as she made her way to visit Fatima. The two women enjoyed their daily meetings and Fatima always dismissed her nurses when Alexis arrived.

“Alexis, would you do me a favour?” Speaking was difficult but will power enabled Fatima to attempt conversation.

“Of course,” replied Alexis.

“Remove your coat,” gasped Fatima as she fell back into her pillows.

Alexis complied but was puzzled by the request.

“We could be twins,” a weaken Fatima began. “Before the poison, I looked like you. The only difference, I’m a brunette. As I remember, I had boobs that attracted men, especially Marc. He couldn’t keep his hands off them no matter where we were . My nipples were large. I don’t know if this was a result of the years of his special attention or just the way my body functioned. Most times I was naked under some type of coat so he could stroke me from my boobs past my waist, between my legs and create an orgasm. He was so happy. I was pleased that I could give him this pleasure. Looking at you I know my imagination did not make my assets more than they should be. I can die happy.”

“We are going to try a new procedure that if it doesn’t kill you will prolong your life. Eventually we will find a cure but you can’t give up,” said Alexis but she was speaking to herself as Fatima had fallen asleep.

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