Sunday at Annie’s


31 Mart 2021


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When I was a little girl, about five years old, my cousin, Darlene, divorced her husband, left West Virginia and moved in with my family. She brought along her three children. Darlene was my first cousin-once removed. Her children then, were my first cousins-twice removed, some would call them third cousins.

Her eldest was a daughter, named Leslie, like me. She was six-and-half at the time, almost seven. Darlene also had twin boys, Henry and Phillip, who were my age, they were five. Then there was my little brother, Teddy, who was had just turned three.

Darlene was sixteen when Leslie was born, and almost eight-teen when she had the twins. She married their dad, Bobby, just before the twins were born.

Bobby was a low-life. He worked and supported Darlene and the kids, but was not a good husband, or father. He drank and laid about, and was known to beat Darlene. Darlene was known to defend herself, though. Bobby didn’t win all the fights he started with Darlene. She had hit Bobby with lamps, small appliances, an iron skillet, had thrown hot grease on him, and, on one occasion, had chased him from the house with a meat cleaver.

I hadn’t really known my cousin Darlene well, but I’d always thought she was a cool chick. She was pretty and sexy, and tough. Darlene was a bad-ass. Everybody loved Darlene. Bobby, on the other hand was merely tolerated.

I was excited when Darlene and her kids moved in with us. I didn’t give a thought to the circumstances that had led to her leaving Bobby. Darlene slept on the couch, while Leslie slept in my bed, and the twins shared a bed with Teddy. They stored their stuff in our basement.

Leslie clung to me and held me tight, throughout those nights. I never realized how much she needed that closeness. I didn’t need it like she did, I just enjoyed it. I grew to love her. It was fun to have another little girl in the house, and another Leslie at that. The cuteness of “Two Leslies” got old pretty quick, not to mention a little confusing. Darlene called her Leslie, “Leslie Anne”, Anne being her middle name. My middle name was Carol, but that never came up. So we had Leslie, that was me, and Leslie-Anne. I started calling her Annie and that caught on. So then it was Leslie and Annie. We were inseparable.

Over the years Annie had meant the world to me. She had been like a big sister to me, she had been my best friend and by the time we had grown she had become my secret lover. Annie had taught me everything I knew about love and sex.

* * * * *

I woke up cuddled close to Annie, that Sunday morning, as I had so many times. I was deeply in love with her. I burrowed my face through her long, strawberry-blond hair until I found the warm flesh of her neck and kissed her. I pressed my pussy against the back of her thigh, just below her ass and she wriggled back and forth, slightly. She moaned softly.

“I love you, Annie,” I whispered into her ear. She just grunted in reply.

She rolled over to face me and kissed my lips, pulled me close and held me so tightly that I could scarcely breath, as she so often did. She slowly loosened her grip as she opened her eyes to narrow slits and breathed, “Damn, you’re even pretty first thing in the morning, I hate you.”

I felt my face grow warm as I blushed. I drank in her beauty and wanted to tell her how pretty she was, but thought it would sound corny, so I just kissed her.

“I was just havin’ an interesting dream,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” I replied, “What about?”

“Your little brother.”

“Teddy? Really? What about him?”

“I was layin’ on a beach and he came walking up out of the water, in slow motion. The water was runnin’ down his body, his muscles were ripplin’ and he was starin’ me right in the eye. You know he’s fuckin’ fine don’t ya?”

“He’s cute,” I said. I thought he was the cutest boy ever, but he was my baby brother. If I ever thought of him as “fine” I never admitted it to anybody, not even Annie.

“Shit, Les,” she went on, “He’s growin’ up on güvenilir bahis us. He’s turnin’ into a stone-cold fox. Anyway, he kept walkin’ up out water until I could see he was naked.”


“Yeah,” she said, “Buck nekkid! It was beautiful. He has mighty big cock, you know.”

“How would I know that?” I said, “How would you know that?”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t seen that bulge in his pajamas in the mornin’. I’ve even seen my mom lookin’ at it, she ain’t said nothin’, but I’ve seen her lookin’.”

“You guys are awful!”

“Don’t tell me haven’t noticed how big Teddy’s cock is gettin’.”

“No,” I said, “I haven’t noticed!” I lied. I had noticed. Teddy visited my room at night quite often. I usually changed into my nightclothes while he was there and he always got hard. We never spoke of it, but that’s the way it always happened. I guess if he hadn’t gotten hard, my feelings would have been hurt.

I had noticed over the past winter that his member was getting much larger, but I wasn’t going to discuss that with Annie.

“You little liar! He’s got a beautiful cock, don’t he?” Annie went on.

“Are you asking me?”

“Yeah, I don’t remember, its been so long.,” Annie said, “I just remember that the last time we played house his little dick was awful cute.”

“And you expect me to remember?”

“You mean you guys don’t take baths together anymore? How long has it been since he slipped into your room and slept with you naked? Huh?”

“That was kid stuff. We don’t do that anymore.” I was lying again. Teddy had slept with me just a couple of nights before, but we had kept our bed clothes on. It wasn’t sexual, although, he did press his hard dick against the crack of my butt as we spooned. That’s the way we always ended up. It was only natural.

It had also been years since we had taken a bath together. That was something that we hated to give up. We used to sneak and bathe together whenever we could, even as teen-agers. But that was all over.

I still washed Teddy’s hair once or twice a week, which often ended in a neck and shoulder massage and always ended up with me brushing his long, sandy brown hair, at least a hundred strokes. “Back to the dream,” she said, “He comes walkin’ up out of the ocean, all wet and tan and nekkid. With every step he takes, his dick gets a little harder and a little bigger, until he’s standin’ right in front of me, with this giant boner.”

I could picture my beautiful baby-brother walking tanned and wet on a beach. As Annie described the scene, I imagined him naked and I watched in my minds eye as his dick got hard and grew. I had a good idea of exactly how it would look, hard and wet, with salty ocean water, glistening in the sun. I wondered how salty it would taste. I felt my pussy begin to tingle and I knew I was getting wet.

“I raise up on my knees,” she went on, “with this big gorgeous cock just a couple inches from my face, and just as I’m about to put it in my mouth… ”


“Just then, I felt someone kiss my neck and I woke up”

“Get the hell outta here!”

“I’m serious,” Annie insisted, “That’s what I was dreamin’ when you woke me up. So, are you tellin’ me that you ain’t seen that pretty young cock of his lately?” she asked.

“No,” I said truthfully, “I haven’t”

“Damn!” she said, “Ain’t you dyin’ to see it? I know I am!”

“Annie, stop it!”

“Do you mean to tell me, that if Teddy came into your room, with a ragin’ boner in his pajamas, and pulled them down to show you his hard dick, you wouldn’t look.”

“I guess I’d almost have to,” I admitted, trying not to giggle.

“So if Teddy waved his big hard dick in your face, you would look at it?”

She had created such a silly visual image that I had to laugh. “Of course I would.”

“I thought so,” she said, “I knew you wanted to see your brother’s dick. I know I can’t wait!” “Can’t wait for what?” I asked .

“I can’t wait to see Teddy’s dick,” she declared.

“You türkçe bahis leave Teddy alone,” I said.

Annie had seen that she’d touched a nerve and pressed on. “You leave my Teddy alone,” she mocked me, in her baby- talk voice. “His dick is all mine and you can’t have none.”

“Shut up, Annie!”

“As soon as he’s ready, I’ll get him to show it to me,” she said.


“Yeah, ready for sex,” she said, “He’ll show me and I’ll touch it, then I’ll suck it, then I’ll fuck it!”

I knew that Teddy was still a virgin, but I couldn’t guess how she might’ve known that. I thought that was a secret that he only shared with me. I wondered if he might share some of his intimate secrets with Annie as well. He’d always had a huge crush in her, which drove me mad with jealousy. I tried to hide it, but Annie saw right through me. “Annie, if you don’t stop…” I hesitated and bit my tongue.

“If I don’t stop…what?” she asked, “What? You gonna kick my ass, or somethin’? Are you cryin’?” She tried to look closely at my eyes, but I avoided making eye contact. They might have been teary. The thought of my Annie wanting to be with some one else, not just any one else, but a boy, and not just any boy, but my baby brother, really cut me to the quick.

She pulled my face up, square with hers. She wiped a tiny tear from my eye with her thumb. “Don’t be such a big baby, I’m only messin’ with ya’,” she said. “I love you Les!” She kissed my nose and rolled out of bed.

I watched her slip into a t-shirt and longed to pull back into bed with me. I closed my eyes and tried to picture my Annie’ gorgeous body, but it was my baby brother that came to mind. I saw him much as Annie had in her dream. I had seen him climb out of a swimming pool not long before that, water was running down his trim, taught, tanned body and his trunks sagged so low in the front that I thought for a second that I might see his manhood. He always wore his drawstring loose and his trunks hung low on his narrow hips. He wore his pajamas the same way. He had just a little patch of blondish hair around his navel, and a treasure-trail that led to his pubic area. I could see that the treasure-trail was getting wider just above the top of his trunks. I wanted to see more. I found myself wanting to see my brothers body, all of it. I felt my pussy begin to tingle again and I was getting definitely getting wet. I pressed my hand against my moist panties and squeezed my legs together. I was not about to let those thoughts materialize.

I opened my eyes to see Annie brushing her long hair. She had slipped into a man’s large sized t-shirt and that was all she wore. “I’m starvin’,” she said. “I’ll see you in the kitchen.” With that, she was out the door. I jumped up and dressed quickly and followed right behind her.

I knew Teddy would be in the kitchen. He had spent the night before with Annie’s twin brothers, Phil and Hank. As was usually the case, they had probably gotten up at dawn and gone fishing. Teddy rarely went with them any longer. I guessed correctly that he was sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal and the morning paper. I had also guessed correctly that Annie had started to work, teasing Teddy, the way she loved to do.

As I was about to enter the kitchen I saw Annie reaching for a bag of flour on a top shelf, as she did, her t-shirt lifted up to reveal the bottom of ass-cheeks. I stood quietly and watched. There was a step-stool only three feet away from her, but she acted as if it wasn’t there. She stretched and grunted until she got Teddy’s attention. He looked up from his paper and stared at her ass for a couple of seconds before offering to help. He walked over behind her, never taking his eyes off her ass. She kept her hands high over her head all the while, looking back over her shoulder at his crotch. As he approached, she stood on her tip-toes and stretch her arms a bit more, which exposed more of her beautiful butt.

“I can almost reach it,” she said, “If you lifted me up just an inch or two,”

Teddy güvenilir bahis siteleri moved in behind her and placed his hands on her waist, which pulled the shirt up even farther.

I’d seen enough. I entered the kitchen and chimed in with, “Morning, guys!” which startled the both of them. Annie’s arms came down and smoothed her shirt, while Teddy reached up and fetched the flour.

“There ya go,” he said as he handed her the bag. Teddy took the long way around the far end of the table back to his chair. He tried to keep his back to me, but I saw the shape of his full erection. I couldn’t help but notice how big his young cock had gotten.

I pulled my eyes away and saw Annie’s gaze shifting from Teddy’s crotch to my face. She just flashed me a sly, little smile. Teddy went back to looking at his paper.

I had to wonder what might have happened if I hadn’t come along when I did. I imagined Teddy pressed against her bare ass, with her naked legs rubbing his hard cock, with only his thin, low hanging pajamas between them. What might have happened as he lowered her? I began to tingle again and I felt pussy getting wet.

“Damn you, Annie!” I thought. “How do I let you put these kinds of thoughts in my head?” Then I wondered what happened on those mornings after Teddy had spent the night here and I hadn’t. Was Annie the reason that he stopped fishing with Phil and Hank?

“I thought we’d have pancakes,” she said.

“Yummy!” I said. I started gathering the utensils, while Annie got the rest of the ingredients

We ate our breakfast and joked as Teddy sat in silence and read the paper. As I took our plates to the sink, Annie got up and walked over behind Teddy.

“What ya’ reading this mornin’ that’s got you so wrapped up?” she asked as she leaned down over his shoulder. She let her long hair fall down over his shoulders as she placed her head next to his. I could tell that she was pressing her breasts against his shoulders. I could see too, that he was leaning back a little. She whispered something in his ear and he blushed. I felt my face grow red as well, with anger.

“Oh look,” she said. She ran her fingers through their hair and mixed his sandy-blond locks with her strawberry-blond tresses. “If we had kids, this is what color hair they would have.”

I almost slammed the last plate into the dish drainer. They both looked up. “Oops!” I said and gently placed a cup in the drainer.

Annie whispered in Teddy’s ear again, looking at me the whole time. When she finished, Teddy looked up at me, blushed again and looked back down at the paper. He kept staring at the paper, as Annie walked over to me. She stood facing me with me her back to Teddy and said, under her breath, “I told him you wanted to see his cock.”

I was burning up. I was sure that my face was beat-red. “How could you say something like that to him?” I whispered.

She glanced back over her shoulder and then said softly, “‘Cause its true and you know you do.” She turned and said, “You’re out of juice, Teddy. Let me get you some more,” and walked to the fridge. She opened the door, bent over and stretched as far as she could into the fridge. Her shirt rode up her butt again. This time her legs were spread slightly. Even from I was standing I could see most of her ass and a little bit of the patch of red hair between her legs. That was more than I could stand. I walked over and slapped her bare ass, hard. Then I pulled her shirt down and said, “Mind yourself, young lady!”

Annie stood up straight and pulled the shirt down as far as it would go, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize,” She set the juice bottle on the table and looked at me with a pleasantly surprised look on her face. She had spanked me in the bedroom before, but I had never spanked her. She seemed to like it.

She whispered in my ear, “I’ve been a naughty girl. You should take me to my room and spank me good. I got it comin’.”

She ran out of the room, but not before stopping long enough to flash her ass, one more time. I had to go after her. I found her sitting on her bed, hanging her head and looking up at me with her pitiful, little girl look, that was just adorable. I wanted to kiss her and hold her tight, but my blood was still boiling.

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