Summer With My Granddaughter


31 Mart 2021


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I’m a rather wealthy man that would have given my only son everything I had to keep him and his young family near me, but ten years ago they moved because my son got a job that was much better than the one he had here. So, my son, his wife and their daughter Amy moved two states away. This left me, a widower of 25 years, alone.

I went to visit my son and his family often as I am retired and have the means to travel anytime that I want. Even so I missed having my son and especially young Amy out on my farm. Before the move we would have lots of fun together.

When her 18th birthday was approaching I talked my son into letting me buy Amy a new car. I made one condition to her getting it though. She would have to come and spend at least a week with me to get it, and if she agreed I’d buy her any car that she wanted.

She wanted a black Jaguar and decided a visit to grandpa was well worth the car. Her birthday was in June so I went to pick her up at the airport in her new car four days after her birthday.

When she got off the plane my innocent little granddaughter had changed she’d become a woman.

“Grandpa!” Amy said as she gave me a big hug.

“Hey there Amy, it’s good to see you. How was your flight?” I asked.

“Boring. So other than me getting my car what are we gonna do while I’m out here?” Amy asked.

“Anything you want.” I said, smiling at how beautiful she had become.

“Anything I want?” Amy asked.

“Anything.” I said.

“Promise?” She asked.

“Promise.” I said.

“Good, because I know you never break a promise so this is going to be fun.” Amy said.

“So shall we go take your new car for a spin?” I asked.

“Absolutely.” Amy said.

I gave her the keys and she drove out to my place, I was surprised that she remembered where it was, she hadn’t been there in ten years. I also couldn’t help thinking about her comment about me not breaking promises and how this was going to be fun. What exactly did she have in mind?

We spent the afternoon doing the things that we used to do together; riding my horses, riding my four wheelers through the woods, skipping rocks on my lake and reminiscing about all those good times.

After dinner we sat down in my living room to talk more about old times.

“Of all the things we used to do around here grandpa, do you know what my favorite memories are of?” Amy asked.

“I have no idea, it could be almost anything.” I said.

“Bath-time.” Amy said.

“Bath-time?” I asked.

“Yeah, don’t you remember how you used to give me a bath every night before bed?” Amy asked.

“Yes, I remember, but why are those your favorite memories?” I asked.

“Mom and dad would just hose me off and send me to bed, you made bath-time fun. In fact I’m pretty dirty now, give me a bath like you used to grandpa.” Amy said.

“That’s a good one Amy.” I said with a laugh.

“I’m serious, you promised we’d do anything I want, and I want you to give me a bath like you used to.” Amy said.

“I didn’t make that promise expecting this.” I said.

“Tough, a promise is a promise right?” Amy said.

“Yes it is and never in my life have I backed out of a promise and I won’t start now, let’s go upstairs to the bathroom.” I said.

Amy giggled and excitedly hopped her way up to the bathroom where I’d given her so many baths as a child. She seemed more like that child now than a young woman of 18. I turned on the water and began to fill the tub.

“We don’t have any bubble bath, I hope you don’t mind.” I said.

“Not a bit. Well?” Amy said.

“Well what?” I asked.

“Aren’t you going to undress me?” She asked.

“Oh right, I haven’t done this in ten years or so.” I said.

I walked over to Amy who was holding her arms over her head like a child would when someone is pulling off their T-shirt. I slowly pulled her shirt up her belly and the up and over her chest revealing a lacy white bra constraining her young firm breasts. Those weren’t there the last time I’d undressed her. I then went behind her looking to unclasp the garment that held back her breasts, but I couldn’t find the clasp.

“It hooks in the front Grandpa.” Amy said.

“Oh, sorry, you never needed one of these before and the last one of these I took off was your grandma’s and she’s been gone 25 years now.” I said.

I placed my hands on either side of the catch my little fingers pressing against the smooth inner curves of her breasts. I unclasped the garment and slowly pulled the two halves away revealing to me for the first time the whole of Amy’s breasts including her small pink pointed nipples with quarter sized aureoles around them. I pulled the garment the rest of the way off and tossed it in a pile with her shirt. I then reached to unbutton her jeans.

“No grandpa that’s not how you used to do it, you used to set me up on the counter I’d hold out my feet and you’d take off my shoes and socks, then I’d raise up my butt so you could pull my pants and panties off, güvenilir bahis remember?” Amy said.

“Oh yes, now I remember.” I said.

I raised my hands up from her waist going along her sides until I reached her armpits. I am still very strong so I hoisted her 120 lbs. onto the counter with ease. She half reclined on her elbows and held out one foot and then the other to me so I could remove her shoes and socks. I then reached up and unsnapped and unzipped her jeans and as she is a teenaged girl she wears very tight jeans so I had to work at it to peel them off of her hips and down her legs. When I was done all she wore were two things, the lacy white panties to match her bra and a big smile. I couldn’t help but notice how damp the crotch of her panties was. She raised herself up once again and I diligently hooked my index fingers in the waistband of her panties and began pulling them towards me.

I almost passed out when the first of her pubic hair and then after the moist panties had let go of it her young wet pussy were pointed straight at me and were actually thrust up in my direction so I could pull the panties down. I pulled the panties down past her knees, then down to her ankles, and finally over her feet and off. I shifted them in my hand before tossing them in the pile so that the moist crotch was between my thumb and first two fingers. After tossing them into the pile I raised my hand to my nose to take in the aroma of a wet woman’s pussy for the first time since my wife died.

Amy then held her arms out towards me. Remembering that I used to carry her from the counter to the tub I approached her from the side. I put my left arm under the backs of her upper thighs and my right arm so my hand came just through her armpit and my fingers were only inches from her nipple. She in turn wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed tight like she always used to but this time her two 34 C breasts and erect nipples were pressed firmly against my chest.

I took my time getting her to the tub and then gently placed her into the warm water. She grabbed the hand shower and the shampoo.

“Wash my hair grandpa, it’s really dirty.” Amy said.

“Face the wall.” I said.

She turned so her back was facing me. My tub surround is a mirror so I could see her smile get bigger as I took the hand shower and wetted her very long blonde hair. I then filled both of my hands with the shampoo and began to gently massage it into Amy’s hair. I had gotten so much shampoo in her hair that foamy streams of suds were cascading down her body and were even reaching her crotch and her ass crack. I had a great view of everything, thanks to the mirrors.

After twenty minutes of lathering her long locks I took the hand shower and rinsed the shampoo from her golden hair. I then reached for the bar of soap but she stopped me.

“Grandpa, you didn’t wash all of my hair yet.” Amy said.

“Yes I did, I got all of it.” I said.

“No you didn’t. You forgot the hair down here.” She said as she placed her hand on her pubic hair. “This hair is dirty too.”

“So it is, my mistake, you’re so grown up now that you are very different than the last time I gave you a bath, okay lift out of the water so I can wash the rest of your hair.” I said.

She stood up in the tub facing me with her legs parted so I could reach all of her pubic hair. I took some shampoo on my hand and very carefully lathered her pubic hair that was just as blonde as the hair on her head. I tried my best to keep from making contact with any part of her pussy but she shifted a few times causing my fingers to brush over it a few times. I tool my time easily taking as long to shampoo her small pubic patch as I did to shampoo her entire head. I then used the hand shower do rinse the shampoo from her pubic hair. The sensation of the water stream on her crotch made her legs quiver.

“There, now all of your hair is clean. Now sit down facing the wall again so grandpa can wash your back.” I said.

She sat down and I tool the bar of soap and a wash cloth and slowly and thoroughly washed her back, the back of her neck, and her shoulders.

“Okay, turn around so grandpa can wash your front.” I said.

She spun around and faced me with her feet at the bottom of the tub her knees spread wide and her chest pointed out at me.

“Okay, lean in here close so grandpa can wash your face.” I said.

She leaned in and I scrubbed her face and neck.

“Give me your arm.” I washed her right arm. “Now the other one.” I washed her left arm. “Now I’m going to wash your chest okay?” I asked, unsure of how far she intended to carry out this little game.

“Yes grandpa, I’m ready.” Amy said.

I leaned over the tub and steadied her right breast with one hand while I soaped and scrubbed it with the other. I then lifted it to scrub the under side of her breast. I repeated the procedure on her other breast. I spent nearly ten minutes per breast. I then moved down to her belly and went right around her pubic hair.

“Okay, türkçe bahis give me your leg.” I said.

She slipped her right leg up so that her foot was right in my face. I thoroughly soaped and scrubbed that leg and foot, then I made sure her other leg was equally clean.

“Am I clean yet grandpa?” Amy asked.

“Oh no, we haven’t washed your bottom yet. Do you remember how and why we wash your bottom?” I asked.

“I’m dirty back there and I get on my hands and knees like this right?” She said as she got into position on her hands and knees pointing her ass right at me.

“That’s right.” I said.

I washed the cheeks of her ass and worked my way to the crack of her ass. I then scrubbed down the crack of her ass to her puckered little asshole. I took the washcloth, put it over my index finger, covered it in soap, and I began making tiny circles on her tight little anus. She did not protest so I worked so that my finger was centered on her asshole and I began gently twisting it back and forth applying pressure.

Slowly but surely I was one, then two knuckles deep into her ass and twisting back and forth. I kept at it for twenty minutes then I pulled my finger out; the washcloth had brown streaks on it.

“See how dirty you were back here?” I said displaying the wash cloth.

“Thank you for making me clean back there grandpa, but pee-pee is almost as dirty as poo-poo right?” Amy asked.

“Yes, sometimes it is even dirtier.” I said.

“Then shouldn’t you wash my thingy too?” She asked.

“Right you are. Turn around and face me like you were.” She does. “Very good, now this is not something you should let anyone else do to you because this is not proper for a young lady. It’s okay for me to do it because I’m your grandpa, and I’m giving you a bath. Do you understand?” I said as if she were still that little girl I’d bathed so many years ago.

“Yes grandpa, I understand.” Amy said.

“The wash cloth is dirty so I’ll just have to scrub with my fingers, but you will still get clean if I scrub hard enough.” I said.

I reached down and began rubbing Amy’s pussy with my hand; soon I was massaging her clit with my thumb while as many as three of my fingers scrubbed the inside of her pussy.

“I’m really dirty even deeper grandpa.” Amy moaned.

“Well, let’s see if I can reach it. Oh look I missed some dirt on your nipples.” I said reaching up to squeeze and twist each of her nipples. “Amy the dirt on your nipples is stuck on there really good, why don’t you work on them while I wash your thingy with both hands.” I said.

“Okay grandpa.” She sighed.

She began twisting and pulling her nipples as I worked her cunt with both hands. Soon she was getting really red faced and was breathing very heavily so I slowed my pace and she leveled off and I aggressively stuffed six fingers into her tight slit as both of my thumbs worked her clit into a frenzy.

Seeing that she really wanted to cum I quickened my pace and within a minute she was wracked by an orgasm that seemed to last forever. When it finally ended she looked down at her pussy then up and me with an inquiring look.

“Grandpa, what was that?” She asked.

Still playing the little girl in the tub game I said, “I just set off your self cleaning reflex. It takes awhile to get warmed up, but you are nice and clean in there now.”

“Oh. Thank you grandpa.” Amy said, knowing full well she’d just had an orgasm.

“Come on, hop out of the tub and grandpa will dry you off and help you do your hair and get ready for bed.” I said.

“Okay grandpa.” Amy said.

She hopped out of the tub and stood on the carpet dripping as I took the big fluffy towel and dried her off making sure to run my hand over her skin to make sure it was dry. She giggled as I dried her breasts and pussy.

“Okay, we’d better get my pajamas on now huh?” Amy asked.

“No, while we’ve got the good bathroom light we’d better do your hair. Braided pigtails on either side as usual I assume.” I said.

“Yes please.” Amy said.

“Well come sit on grandpa’s lap so he can braid your hair.” I said.

I sat on the toilet and she sat across my lap. I parted her hair down the middle and braided her long golden locks so that there were two equally sized braids one coming off of either side of her head. She looked like she had two 2 1/2-foot ropes stapled to her head, but she still looked fabulous, despite her new hairstyle.

“Okay run along to your room and get your pajamas out. Grandpa will be right behind you to help you put them on.” I said.

She scurried down the hall completely naked and when I reached her room she was bent over the bed digging in her suitcase. She came up with a pair of flower print panties and an old nearly shear T-shirt that looked like she’d actually worn it when she was 5 or 6.

I held out the panties and she stepped into them. They were nearly too small for her. The T-shirt also only barely fit, and when it was on it left her breasts and her rock hard nipples güvenilir bahis siteleri clearly visible, and didn’t even come close to reaching her belly- button.

“There now, are you ready for bed?” I asked.

“Yes. Grandpa, will you read me a story?” Amy asked in her little girl voice.

“I’d love to, but I don’t have any story books.” I said.

“I brought a story with me.” She said. She reached into her bag and retrieved a collection of papers obviously printed from the Internet. She handed the stack of pages to me, and climbed into bed to listen to the story.

The story was about an 18-year-old girl visiting her grandpa alone and teasing him with her body a lot. She proceeded to call him on his erection with an incestuous sexual relationship as the result. I read through the story glimpsing over at Amy often.

She was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples through the thin material of the shirt. She was also rubbing her pussy causing them to become nearly see-through with as wet as they were getting.

I tried to keep my quick peaks secret from her, but as worked up as she was getting I could have stared at her and she wouldn’t have noticed. I finished reading the story and sat it down.

“I take it you brought this story for a reason?” I asked.

“Yes, grandpa, I remember those baths as a child as the best memories of my life because your contact with me was so innocent and still so sexual. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time I was turned on by you giving me a bath. I decided to trick you into promising me anything I wanted to get you to give me a bath for old times sake. Judging by the bulge in your pants you’ve had almost as much fun as I have.” Amy said.

“I haven’t had any sort of sexual activity other than masturbation since before you were born.” I said.

“That’s okay grandpa, I’ve never been with a man so I wouldn’t know what to expect anyway.” Amy said.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” I asked.

“Do you think I’d have played the little girl role and had six fingers in my pussy id I didn’t want this?” Amy asked.

“Okay, but we’ll have to wait, I don’t have any condoms.” I said.

“I’m on the pill grandpa, I planned this far ahead.” Amy said.

“Okay. Let’s start by getting those ridiculously undersized pajamas off of you.” I said.

“Gladly, I usually sleep naked at home.” Amy said. She quickly shed the skimpy garments. “Why don’t you let your cock out, he’s suffocating in there.” Amy said.

“You come and let him out.” I said.

She dove to her knees at my feet and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned, and unzipped my pants. She pulled my pants to my ankles. She then slid her hands up and down the length of my shaft straining hard against my boxers with her left hand and gripped my cock as her right hand pulled my boxers down.

“Wow grandpa, your cock is really big. Do you mind if I suck it?” Amy asked.

“Help yourself.” I said.

She began licking my cock up and down. When it was good and wet she opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it further and further into her throat. She was brand new to cock sucking so she wasn’t very good at it, so I was able to hold back, but she got good really fast. She started following her mouth with both hands. She twisted her hands in opposite directions around my cock as she stroked my thick shaft.

To my surprise she was able to get all ten inches of my cock in her mouth. After 15 minutes of Amy working my cock with her mouth I could feel my balls tighten up and then the floodgates opened and a geyser of cum that I’d built up burst forth into her mouth. Like a trooper she gagged at first then swallowed every last drop.

“God grandpa, you must have needed to do that for a long time.” Amy said, licking her lips of the remnants of my cum.

“You have no idea. Now lie down and let grandpa repay the favor.” I said.

She lay back on the bed and I got my first taste of pussy in ¼ of a century. I devoured her pussy for 45 minutes bringing my horny granddaughter to five orgasms in the process.

“I need you inside me now grandpa. Fill my little pussy with your enormous cock. I need your hot dick deep in my pussy!” Amy cried.

I was very pleased to see her lie prone on the bed inviting me to enter her dripping pussy.

“Spread your pussy wide for grandpa. Pull it open with both hands as wide as you can to help grandpa get his big cock in your tiny pussy.” I said.

She spread herself as wide as she could.

“How’s this grandpa, is this wide enough?” She asked.

“We’ll soon find out.” I said.

I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her wide spread pussy and I slowly pushed in until the head was completely inside her.

“Okay, you can move your fingers.” I said. “ Now I’m going to push in to you. If it hurts tell me and I’ll stop.”

“Okay grandpa.” Amy said.

I pushed my cock slowly into her tight pussy. The sounds she made on that first drawn out penetration still echo in my head. They were so lustful and erotic and oh so sexy. She didn’t protest once even though I could see the agony on her face as my massive member forced its way deeper and deeper into her most intimate of places.

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