Something Amazing Pt. 03


6 Haziran 2024


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It’s different between us now, Tyler and I. He arrived on time to pick me up for school. I opened the passenger door and climbed in. I glanced at him quickly, his posture was hunched over and his face was looking straight ahead. He started the car and we pulled off, I rolled up the window. He was unusually quiet and he wouldn’t even look at me.

“Hey,” I said breaking the silence.

“Hmm,” he grumbled.

Was he still pissed about yesterday? We had a public argument at school but I thought it would blow over. He was driving the speed limit which was out of character for him. Tyler loved speeding so the fact that he was taking his time bothered me. It meant he was overthinking things and needed to concentrate. I side-eyed him trying to read my friend of ten years mind. His dark eyes were hard and kinda cold.

“How’s Shane?” Tyler spoke up suddenly. His tone was calm, neutral but brimming with something.

Inside I was panicking. Why did he care about Shane? Did he know?

“What?” I stupidly squeaked.

“You left with him yesterday,” he reminded me. “Where did ya go?”

A million thoughts flooded my brain, he can’t possibility know. Why was he asking me these questions? My mouth was dry all of a sudden and my heart was beating through my ribcage.

“Just studied,” I said hoping he would drop it. But I knew Tyler too well and he was hinting toward something, not beating around the bush per say but trying to catch me in a lie.

He nodded his head but said nothing, his tight knuckle grip on the steering wheel unnerved me.

“I didn’t know fucking counted as studying,” Tyler deadpanned. ümraniye escort

Oh shit. He did know. I could feel the sweat leaking from my pores as he watched me. Suddenly we stopped, I didnt realize that we were already at school. The parking lot was full and we sat in silence as students walked past the car.

“So your a faggot now two huh?” He sneered. “Shane turned you.”

“Don’t,” I told him. “It wasn’t like that.”

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t tell everyone and make your life a living hell?” He demanded.

He was giving me an out I realized, I could lie or hell even blame Shane for seducing me and he would believe me because he wanted too. His eyes were searching mine trying to find the faggot in me as he put it. I cleared my throat but nothing came out. I love Shane and I wouldn’t lie about that, not even to save myself.

“How did you find out?” I asked him instead.

“After our fight I felt bad and went to your house. The door was unlocked so I went to your room and…” A repulsed look came across his face. “He was on top of you, riding you like some bitch in heat.”

“I love him,” I admitted.

Tyler face twisted in disgust, he looked out the window then back at me.

“So this is it then,” he said quietly. “Ten years of friendship down the drain.”

“Just because I’m gay you don’t want to be my friend?” I said outraged.

“I ain’t friends with no queers,” he scowled.

“Why are you such an asshole? You never used to be this way.” I asked him.

“Get out!” He shouted.

How did everything go wrong so fast? “Does Heather know?” pendik escort He said suddenly.

“No,” I said.

“She will now,” he grinned. “Everyone will know.”

Everything was so out of my control I was literally hyperventilating. I was going to lose everything.

“Don’t do this,” I pleaded.

He glared at me for a while, I hoped that our friendship would change his mind. He could ruin my life and he knew it. He seemed almost giddy with the power he had over me.

“Listen I’ll forget this ever happened but only if you ditch the queer,” he said sternly. “And if I even see you look at him funny I’ll tell.”

Defeated I nodded my head. He smiled and got out of the car. I followed closely behind him.

All day Tyler watched me, I knew he didn’t trust I’ll leave Shane alone so I avoided him. Until I got a text message from him during lunch. He wanted to meet in the bathroom. I ditched Tyler lying about needing to talk to Mr. Sanders but instead went to the bathroom.

I walked in seeing no one, I almost turned to leave mad at myself for jeopardizing everything by meeting Shane. Then I heard something in one of the stalls, a soft moaning sound. I went to the stall and stood there listening as the moans got louder. Suddenly the stall door opened slightly and my jaw dropped at what I saw. Shane was sitting on the toilet with his long pale legs wide open as he finger fucked his little pink asshole. He was looking at me with those blue eyes and his lips were pink and shiny. My cock pressed against my zipper as I watched him work his hole adding another finger. His six inch cock was leaking bostancı escort pre-cum as he pumped two fingers into his pussy. It looked like a pussy the way his hole opened and closed around his fingers. I walked into the stall and closed the door locking it.

“Fuck my pussy Ash,” he begged.

After that everything went out the window, fuck Tyler and fuck the future because right now I wanted him.

I grabbed his legs and widen them even more, he was panting with lust as I unzipped my pants. The soft noises he was making was driving me crazy, he was almost whining for my cock. I pushed my eight inch cock into his throbbing pussy in one long stroke. He groaned as I bottomed out inside him, he was nice and loose from earlier. I didn’t want to be gentle I needed to fuck him, hard. He cried out in pleasure as I drilled into his hole without mercy. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer against him. I pounded into him as the sweat dripped off my forehead and onto his chest.

“Omg!” He moaned. “Fuck my pussy.”

“Damn you feel so good,” I said as I massaged his ass cheeks. He had the best ass, round and pump. This was so hot me between his legs in the bathroom during school. He reached for his cock and started jacking off as I fucked him like a wild animal. I pulled all the way out then slammed back in which got a low groan from him. My balls were slapping against his ass, I almost cried at how good my cock felt in his boy pussy. He leaned back and moaned as white spurts of cum flew everywhere from his cock. I kept fucking him as my orgasm build, I felt my balls tighten as I unloaded my cum into his pussy. I collapsed ontop of him my face in the crook of his neck. He kissed my cheek but I pulled away. I quickly cleaned myself off and dressed, he watched me confused but quiet. I knew I was being cold but I had too, feeling guilty I quicky kissed him and left.

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