Reality at Last


6 Haziran 2024


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The chat site had been a release that we had each needed, it was never intended as anything more, yet we had discovered one another, instinctively sensing a common bond. We had grown together quickly, yet we had stepped carefully around one another for so long.

Yet here I was driving down the highway having just crossed the state border, I’d persuaded the company I worked for to bring me over to HQ for some knowledge sharing and now I had taken some vacation time to travel down to the neighbouring city to see her, Athena, My slave.

I felt the pang of doubt as the thought entered into my head, ‘My slave’ it wasn’t yet true, yes she had knelt at my feet in the virtual worlds that we had created, we had committed to one another, played, laughed, cried, dealt and taken pain, and fucked but all in the faux reality of the internet. Would she still kneel, would she still commit, my head said yes, but my heart ached with the possibility that she would not.

I had driven down in the morning, we had arranged to meet in a small coffee shop close to where she worked. I had insisted that it be a lunchtime meeting. Forcing a parting for her return to work, giving us both the chance to spend only an hour and then giving the chance for reflection, consideration and decision before committing to anything further. I laughed to myself at the thought, I knew what I wanted, I knew that every fibre of my being ached to possess her.

I arrived early as I intended, I wanted to be there for her rather than force her to wait for my arrival, I knew she would be nervous as was I, yet as I sat there I felt a need bubble in my veins, power surging through my body a certainty that this moment in time was preordained, it was where I should be and she were who I was fated to take as my own.

I saw you even before you entered the coffee shop, my eyes drawn to your slight figure, my heart leapt as you stepped inside and I saw your eyes nervously search before they fell on me.

Time stopped.

It was like an out of body experience, like I was flying above the scene watching as you looked at me, I could see your eyes widen as if in shock like you hadn’t expected to see me there. I saw myself rise and go to you, taking both of your small fragile hands in mine, sensing the electricity that flowed between us at that first touch. Fingers that had known every intimate detail in the virtual world finally touching, the sensation new and thrilling yet strangely known and familiar.

Suddenly we were at a small corner table, sitting across one from one another, I sensed the world around us, that time was ticking, people were moving around us, chatting, laughing, but the buzz was just background noise, as my eyes drank in the reality of her beauty.

Her hair a mass of brown curls, cascading down her shoulders, reaching down beneath them. Her skin the perfect smooth shade of walnut, her eyebrows arched, her face, delicate and beautiful, I stared for a moment that took an eternity to pass. My eyes drinking in every detail, the curve of her cheek, the dark pools of her eyes, the small freckle beneath her lip…and those lips…the perfect cupids bow and then I watched as they parted.

“my Master”

Two words, were all you spoke as your eyes lowered, I reached up my fingers gently raising your chin, my eyes burning, feeling my own heart pump, becoming conscious of the blood rushing though my body, a sense of power, of ownership, of pride in such a possession of perfection.

“My slave”

I reply, my smile wide as I reach my hands over the small table to take yours in them. I could feel the intensity of the moment relax a little as we smiled at one another, I sensed your doubts had echoed mine, but also that your own self assurance of what you wanted had also echoed mine. Neither of us should have worried over the hours, days and weeks since this moment had been arranged, it had been preordained. The offer and the acceptance made, we slowly relaxed as the real world reappeared around us, we chatted, we laughed, there was no mention or talk of what was yet to come, but we both knew it was to come and each in our different way anticipated the pleasure and the pain, that delicious combination of the two, both inseparable, flip sides of the same passionate coin.

Too soon you had to leave, we had arranged to meet for dinner that evening an unspoken commitment to something beyond. My fingers unconsciously entwined with yours as I walked you back to the bank, it felt natural, normal, comfortable, connected by the leash of my arm. As we approached, I held back released your hand unsure as to whether you need this to be private, personal, discreet. You turned smiling to pick up my hand, leading me closer before reaching on tip toe to press your soft lips to mine, brushing them against mine ending the hour the same way as it started “my Master”.

I had rented a condominium on the edge of the City Park, I couldn’t stop smiling after I’d checked in and now lay on the large bed, staring ümraniye escort out at the city through the large picture window. Knowing you were out there, within reach, my finger tips tingling with the anticipation of exploring your body. I spent the afternoon, relaxing, unpacking, checking the items I had brought with me, my mind spinning with the possibilities of what the night may bring. But the overwhelming feeling was one of completeness, I had forgotten how it felt, to not have the aching hole of need sat deep inside me. The constant effort and attempts to ignore it, to bury it, fill it or deny it, all now distant memories with the sound of just two words from your lips.

I bathed, primped and primed my body and my psyche, nerves suddenly and unexpectedly fluttering in my chest as I dressed and made my way to the restaurant. Again I arrived early not wanting you to wait…yet, there would be a time for delay and the delight of anticipation but for now you had to see I would be there for you for as long as you wanted me to be.

The maitre-d bought you over to the table, my eyes followed the rise and fall of your hips as you followed in his trail in the figure hugging dress you had selected. My eyes sparked with delight, you looked, sophisticated, classy but with a sexual edge, just a hint of the passionate and lustful creature that lay beneath. I raised from my seat, brushing the maitre-d to the side to pull out your seat, my eyes sweeping hungrily down you, making sure you saw the hunger in them as I stooped to brush your cheek with my lips, whispering hot breath into your ear “you give yourself to me?” my eyebrow raising in question as I take my seat, my dark eyes capturing and staring intently into yours, a half smile curving at one side of my lips as I see you nod, with no sign of hesitation, embarrassment or indecision.

The dinner was joyous, the food was good, though largely ignored as we just feasted on the proximity of each other whilst we chatted about work, family, home life normal things just as two people comfortable in each others presence would talk about.

As the final plates were cleared I sipped at the hot black tea I had ordered, looking at you as I reached into my jacket pocket and slid it over the stark white cloth of the table to you. Your eyes fell to look at it, your fingers flexing, but not moving closer as your eyes examined the square velvet box, the spring hinge twinkling in the candle light that twinkled to the side of our table. I nod encouraging you to open it and I watch your fingers extend to pull it closer, your hand moving to cover the top. My senses acute, I notice as the extenders and muscles in your delicate fingers flex and grip, your beautifully manicured nails curling over the edge as you pry the lid upwards, pulling it close, so only your eyes could see the contents.

A sliver chain with celtic knot that would sit at your throat, the O ring beneath and the small padlock that formed it’s clasp the only and subtle indication of what it represented. A discreet, ornate and pretty day collar which you could wear for me amongst the uninitiated. I see the signs of moisture well at your eyes, but I see they are tears of happiness as I quickly stand, my hands running through your hair to lift it and lay the collar around your throat, you hear the tiny click as the padlock closes, binding you to me even more deeply than we had already become in the last few hours. As I make my way back to my seat I lay the small delicate silver key that unlocks the clasp on the table before you. Leaning back in my chair, my eyebrow raising once more in question. You look at me for a mere moment and then reach to slide the key over the table to sit it before me, I cannot hide the smile, my face breaking into open delight as I scoop the key and press it tightly into my clenched fist, the warmth of possession flushing my body as I silently mouth “mine”.

No invite, discussion or question needed, your hand held tightly in mine as we sit in the back of a cab our hips connecting the charge of electricity that flows through and between us as we make our way back to my rental.

We make our way inside, silently I draw you into the large seating area the adjoining dining area already cleared, the table sat centrally within, chairs all around as I dim the lights and I leave you standing alone in the centre of the room, backing off slowly my eyes on yours steeling my desire to leap on you and take you forcefully there and then, my desire to savour my first taste over riding the need for gratuitous release.

“Remove your dress” my voice is low, commanding, the easy and free conversation of the dinner table now disappeared as a distant memory. My pleasure rises as again without hesitation or indecision you comply with the first instruction I have ever given you from my own lips. I watch as you bend your arm around your lithe body, moving it upwards to pull down the zip, moving your hands to your shoulders as you move the fabric downwards, your eyes pendik escort turning up to me with a hint of concern as you finally let it slip to pool at your feet. No need for concern, my eyes sweep down your body, I’m captivated as my head spins with the reality of your beauty, the swell of your breasts, the hint of the points of your nipples beneath the taut silk of your bra. My eyes linger for a moment at the curved valley between the two, the low cut bra, exposing the full curve, before my eyes continue downwards the curve of your waist, the slight flare out to your hips, the colour of your skin, I wanted to imprint every last detail into my memory as I cast my eyes across the silk briefs, the low cut narrow band the only thing hiding your depths from my gaze.

I realised I had been holding my breath since your dress hit the floor, I let out a long sigh as my eyes move back up to yours. Staring intently, seeing that slight edge of doubt creep into you again. “I am truly fortunate to possess the most beautiful of slaves” My voice is still low, fighting to hide the catch in my throat, seeking to alleviate what ever self doubt you may have, but also trying to calm my own spinning internal self doubt that I may not be good enough to possess such perfection. My eyes stay focused on yours holding them prisoner, keeping an invisible tie between our pupils as I instruct you to “Remove your bra”. I see your doubts assuage and even though my eyes are focused purely on yours, I can see that once again your arm curls around immediately to un-clip the fastening, shaking your arms and catching, then discarding the flimsy garment.

I keep your eyes on mine for just a moment and then slowly start to move around you, drinking in every last curve and inch of your skin, lost for a moment in my own personal need to feast my eyes on your body, your arms, your shoulders, the hard edge of your clavicle as it shows a path to your slender neck still clad in the day collar, more brutal collars can wait for another day, tonight you shall be a slave princess. I walk around behind you, catching my breath and rolling my eyes from outside your gaze as I compose myself. I move close, not touching but close enough for you to feel my presence and my soft breath on your shoulder as I reach to trail my finger down your spine, from the hard knot at the top to the coccyx at the top of your curved buttocks.

I hear you gasp slightly as I keep running it down, my finger sliding between your cheeks, pulling your panties tight around you as the material gathers around my finger. I lay the soft pad of my finger against the tight star of your anus, my eyes dancing across the rounds of your butt cheeks, before I reach with the other hand and slowly squat to pull your panties down your legs and encourage you to step out. I collect your dress and undergarments and move away leaving you standing naked and alone for a moment as I hang your dress and tidy, steeling myself again before I return to face you, looking at you finally as you present to me everything that is now mine.

I have taken the time to calm myself, reminding myself that tonight you are my toy, an object to be admired yes, but an object to be used to feed my needs, you detect the change in my eyes, they are colder as I look at you now, appraising, deciding what to do with my prize first. I ache for so many things to restrain and flagellate, to pose and punish, feel the contact of my hand and your response as music to my ears and finally to take you, use your for not just my sadistic pleasure but my carnal pleasure too.

“Kneel” I feel a pulse of sadistic pleasure as I watch you drop to your knees and display as you have done so many times in our virtual worlds, your knees spread wide to display your depths. I feel the beast inside me push outwards, the desire of the man who reels at your beauty stepping back to allow freedom to the part of me that needs to assert my will and toy with you for my own barbarous enjoyment.

I stalk away back into the shadows again, leaving you on your knees alone and naked waiting, the anticipation of the unknown building inside you. I purposely leave you for a few minutes, before I return, slowly placing before you leather wrist and ankle cuffs, steel nipple clamps, a crop and a coiled 4ft snake whip. Stepping back I remain silent as I watch you look at the items before you “Eyes on Me, put on the cuffs”. I watch as you reach out to take the cuffs, your eyes glancing down momentarily as you reach “Eyes on Me” I remind in a cold voice, causing your to jerk your head up quickly as you fumble with the impossible task of putting them on without really looking at them.

I angrily and impatiently move forward, my fingers threading into your hair, tightening into a fist to wrench your head up to look at me “You promised, and I expect you to serve my every command” I growl as I fling your head to the side loosening the grip and squatting before you. Then, I set about applying the cuffs. They were made of good quality bostancı escort leather, and feel comfortable against your wrists and ankles. One by one they are strapped into place, making you feel more and more submissive than you already did, like you are actually now falling down the rabbit hole of my making.

I slide to my knees, down in front of you, starting on the nipple clamps. First one and then the other. I hear you squeak in mild shock as the first one is applied to your left breast. The metal of the clamp cold to the touch. Your sensitive, pink nipple already hard, yet I still tug and twist on it before applying the first clamp. Hearing you take a sharp breath through gritted teeth as it tightens with a twist of the pin. I look up at you and see your eyes looking back at me with acceptance and a hint of desire as I twist the pin tighter. I hear the gasp. Imagining how the nipple felt, a little burning sensation as the clamp bit into it, a persistent, dull pain, but it would quickly fall into the background as we progressed. I knew the the second clamp would be less shocking to you than the first, as you knew what to expect. It went on easily enough and I noticed your readiness to process the stinging with out so much as a grimace this time, just a calm serenity as you surrendered yourself to me.

I sit back on my knees and look at you, knelt before me naked bar your collar, cuffs and clamps, your tiny and delicate frame presented to me, given to me. I can’t help but smile and I lean back to brush my lips across yours, feeling you lean into me yearning for more. I steel my eyes and bury the need back down deep, letting the beast within resurface with renewed ferocity. I spring to my feet and move behind you, nodding in appreciation at how your wrists are crossed just as I had taught, I still lean down and clip both your wrist and ankle restraints together to prevent any temptation and to draw attention to your servility.

I straighten and move back round, bending to scoop up the crop into my hands, twitching my wrist to flick the tongue of the crop against your thigh “No touching yourself without my permission” I growl needlessly.

“I understand my Master” comes the compliant reply, your big brown eyes turning upwards to look at me.

“Eyes down, no speaking unless I command otherwise” my wrist flicks again, this time the crop connects across one of the clamps, jarring it against you and then pulling on it, causing your eyes to roll back momentarily until your head lowers and I watch you surrender to the heady mixture of pleasure and pain as we start our journey together.

My heart rate rises as I see the little tell tale signs as the coin of pleasure and pain begins to gyrate as I bring the crop down against your nipple clamp. This time a hard, firm hit that makes the nipple clamp pull painfully on you, the feeling of pinching your nipple intensified that little bit more as the nipple clamp struggles to hold onto your breast. I watch the conflict of emotions tumble across your face as you lips part to gasp and whimper as I take aim at the other nipple.

You squeal a second time, more high pitched, and louder, as I smack the crop against your other nipple. I was sure your nipples felt like they were on fire, but I could see you didn’t want me to stop, this teaser to what was yet to come. The slight wiggle of your chest and shoulders from side to side just entice me more, I could see that you wanted this every bit as much as I.

The gasps and whimpers continue as I take my time, each hit coming down hard as I carefully target, alternating between your breasts First one and then the other whipped in turn. Each hit made the burning sensation on your nipples that bit more intense, radiating out into your body. I see that your breathing has intensified heavily into short, deep breaths, squirming in need as you dare to look up at me with pleading eyes. I grin with the realisation that you are not pleading for respite but for more.

I slowly begin to move the riding crop down running slowly down your chest and then your belly, the persistent slap, slap against your skin the only sound in the dimly lit room. We both knew where it was heading, and I saw your knees part further in invitation. The crop flicks against your hips and then smacks against your thighs, before slowly making its way onto the lips of your sex. I change from the flicked slaps to rub softly, back and forth teasingly. You moan in pleasure, your cunt tingling with the change from pain to pleasure. I watch as you spread yourself impossibly wider now, your legs and hips wriggling in an attempt to increase the friction.

“You’re are aroused My slave” I state as a fact rather than a question, my eyes detecting the glint of your arousal in the soft light.

Your eyes are closed now, your head low in submission to me and the sensations, and I watch as you bite your lip to stifle the moan of pure need. “W-Will you touch me. Please.” You beg. The crop still teasing, but it obviously wasn’t quite enough, you needed to feel my touch, but I didn’t reply. Instead, I swing the crop and it smacks against your wet lips, sting the flushed folds of your labia. My lust fed as I hear the squeak of a response issue involuntarily from your lips.

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