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Written purely for fun (and I had /a lot/ of fun writing this) in maybe 2-3, maybe 4 hours? 3.5k+ sinful words. Enjoy.


On a regular Saturday afternoon, the Roberts family went about their daily activities: 18 year-old Alex was in the living room annoying his twin sister, Allie, by playing video games while she was studying. Their mother Linda was tending to her list of chores: laundry, dishes, dinner, the floors, etc; while her husband, George, was working in his study, getting started on his workload.

“Ugh, can you turn that crap down, asswipe?” sneered Allie with her crinkled button-nose.

“No, I can’t,” beamed Alex. “You’d have to make me first.” Allie knew after the past dozens of fights she’d have no chance of competing, and a less stubborn girl she wasn’t. The chestnut-haired girl wanted to stew on her side of the powder green couch, silently starting daggers at her brother.

Meanwhile, Linda was left satisfied after conquering the mountain of stacked dishes she liked to cutely call: Mount China. Because it was a mountain of china, she’d laugh with her friends. Next was tackling the laundry.

“Y’know, guys don’t like it when girls curse. It’s very unladylike,” Alex childishly emphasized, button mashing his way through the virtual hordes of decrepit, decaying zombies.

His sister felt a deep stab at her ego. She sputtered for a moment, “Yeah-!… Well… You’re a virgin!”

Alex choked on his laughter. “C’mon, Allie,” he smirked, glancing over at her to say, “you know that’s weak-and a lie; we share a wall. A thin one, at that. Guys don’t like liars either,” he snorted, engrossed in his game again. Speechless, and even more angry, she couldn’t even focus on her studies. One more stab like that, and she’d tear her textbook apart and make him eat it then pay for it.

At that moment, none of the family members would’ve known a strange gas leakage throughout the house-starting at the first floor. Nothing deadly, but peculiarly pheromone.

While Allie was about to bite her twin brother’s head off, Linda fetched hers, her husband’s, and her children’s laundry. After opening the washing machine, the mother chastised in her head whoever was the last person to leave the still damp, mil-dewy clothes sitting in this metal incubator. She shook her head in disappointment as she loaded the machine with most of the dirty laundry and started the load. Afterwards, she carried on through the kitchen, cleaning the counters and reorganizing whatever she could.

As for the twins, Alex took the remote and began to turn the blaring TV even louder to scorn his irritated sister. At this point, his sister felt a pang in her head from not blowing up on him; but as the volume increased in increments, her thoughts turned more malicious and vitriolic; whereas her brother was cooly smirking in victory. At this point, it wasn’t about studying anymore, this was about respect and principle.

After procuring enough elbow-grease, the matriarch of the home finally managed to see her now clean counters sparkling. Before she could move on to her next chore, though, Linda noticed the difference in temperature. Suddenly, she felt more sweaty than usual after cleaning. She sighed as she wiped her forehead. This was strange; the busty woman would normally feel chipper and practically bounce as she’d perform her duties around the house. But now she had other duties she wanted to perform in mind. Linda bit her lip as she felt her private area tingling and her clothes tightening.

Back in the living room, Allie was almost at her wits end. She glared at her brother who was holding back a wide grin. The petite girl tried meticulously piecing together a genius plan to get revenge. She could throw a bucket of Legos outside of his door… She could start an embarrassing rumor around school… She could fill his shampoo with Nair… Allie smirked at that one, imagining her brother frantically running around wondering how he could possibly cover his bald head. She could empty a vanilla pudding cup, refill it with mayonnaise, and reseal it. She could suck his cock.

Allie froze, mouth dry, eyes widened and heart skipping. Suck my brother’s cock? she thought, almost gagging. And then, a heat wave smothered her. She didn’t understand it, but her anger mixed with this weird arousal. Allie looked at her twin brother, who was minding his own business, still engrossed in his video game and felt a shudder go down her body.

“H-hey, did it just get hot in here,” she asks, playing with her T-shirt collar. It was loosely fitted, yet was suffocating her.

Alex shrugged nonchalantly. “Yeah, I guess,” he muttered, pawing at his crotch. Her eyes dotted towards there, and she could spot his growing tent. Saliva built up in her mouth before she swallowed. Subconsciously, she wanted to swallow something else.

Meanwhile, Linda knew she needed release. She didn’t know how or why she felt the need to, but she did. The mature woman eyed anything in her sight that escort kartal she could use and almost gave up until she heard something. The washing machine clanging. A lightbulb brightly lit above her head. She peaked outside the doorway to see her daughter intently eyeing Alex while he’s playing his violent video games. She practically skipped towards the machine, excited and invigorated.

Simultaneously, Allie started to entertain her wild, titillating feelings. She began to subtly take off her top, not that Alex would’ve noticed anyways. As she stealthily removed articles of her clothing, her brother was lost in his own little world. Was he hot? Yes-was he also painfully aroused? Double-no-triple yes! But he thought it was normal considering he almost always felt like that so no alarm bells were raised. But for Allie, she needed her release. No longer was her skin imprisoned by cloth, yet her body still sweltered.

Through half-lidded, wanting eyes, a side of her Allie never knew emerged from inside, feeling arousal so intense she shook. Her hand unconsciously went towards her sopping, aching pussy. Allie whimpered as her fingers slowly fucked her warm, fleshy hole. She bit back her moans, tears prickling her waterline because she just wanted release. The girl almost lost her breath from holding her sultry noises. Allie hungrily stared at the unassuming boy in front of her, not even recognizing her brother in her aroused state.

In this state, she devolved into an animalistic predator as she eyed her prey. She removed her soaking fingers and immediately sucked the juices off her fingers clean, then crawled on her knees towards her brother. There, she nestled between his legs. Allie surveyed her brother, who was still impossibly oblivious to the situation but wouldn’t be for long. Soon, Alex felt his member launch from his pants into a warm, blissful mouth. He sighed as he laid back, enjoying this familiar sensation until he glanced down. Alex yelped, jerking away from his sister, his cock flopping out of her mouth.

“A-Allie!” he stuttered. “W-what the fuck a-are you doing?”

His sister smirked slyly as her gentle hand encircled around the base of his cock. lightly applying pressure. “I’m teaching you a lesson, you asshole,” she asserted then giggled, continuing to suck her brother’s pulsing cock. Her words so dominating, yet her tone was innocent and followed by her cute giggle. He let her, hand resting on her head as she swallowed him whole.

Even if someone told Linda her daughter guzzling her son’s cock, she couldn’t hear anything besides the blood rushing to her ears and ‘cock.’ Her laced panties dangled precariously on her ankle as her pussy felt the powerful vibration of the washing machine. She held onto the nearby walls and shelving as she held her unyielding breathy moans. But this wouldn’t be enough. The woman popped her breast out and started pinching and rolling her taut, dime-sized nipples. But this still wouldn’t be enough. She would’ve almost given up again if she hadn’t spotted the broom.

Back in the living room, Alex welcomed his sister’s enthusiastic yet careful oral. She then cupped his balls and fondled them not too gentle and not too rough. “Fuck, Allie, you’re so good at this,” he groaned. But he wouldn’t know what would come next. His twin sister’s mouth moved on to sucked in one in her mouth while jacking his erect cock with her soft hand. He’d normally cum through circumstances like this (except the sister part), but Alex felt like he was on Viagra.

Having enough, he pulled his painfully stone cut cock away, drool dribbling from it and his sister’s mouth. She wiped it off and climbed on top of Alex, almost like she read his mind. Both siblings looked into each other’s eyes in raw, intense lust. Allie sunk onto Alex’s cock with ease, and every inch that entered her sent electric shivers up her spine. Short, high-pitched moans erupted from her as she fucked herself on her brother, helpless to her carnal desires. The boy gripped his sister’s small waist and forcefully pounded her cunt. The way his sister’s pussy gripped his pulsing cock was nothing he’d ever encountered before, and his body count was past 20. Meanwhile, the helpless girl held onto her unyielding brother, letting him do as he pleased to her pussy, cumming soon after.

Every thrust made was an indescribable sensation for Allie and Alex. But as soon as it got boring, Alex would push his sister off his sprung cock, flipping her on her stomach to defile her tight pussy on the family couch; but not before shedding himself from his oppressing clothes. His sister gripped the couch cushions as he stirred her insides, yelping in pleasure and pain when he hit her cervix. He wouldn’t show her mercy as he sped his forceful thrusts, granting her another orgasm. But her arousal wouldn’t wane.

In the laundry room, Linda was enslaved to her newfound eroticism; somehow managing to stimulate her clit with the roof of the banging washing machine, keeping a lubed section uğur mumcu escort of the broom handle lodged in her asshole, while also fingering her juicy pussy. She felt ultimately vulnerable as she barely hid her shameful self-pleasure. In her wondering mind, Linda painted a vivid scene where her friendly, younger and ripped neighbor John waltzed through the house and into the laundry room/pantry for some sugar and found her holes exposed and being used, her body writhing in her sweat and juices-yearning for a man to roughly rip through her pussy.

But then her hand cramped. Cussing under her breath, she pushed the broom from out her asshole-shooting it out-before collecting her bearings. Her mind was swimming as she rode on top of the still banging machine, sitting in her juices and absent-mindedly spreading them. Linda’s toys popped into her mischievous mind, and would plan on retrieving them after her legs stopped wobbling.

While their mother was focused on filling all her holes, her children busied themselves by continuing to fuck each other’s brains out. After more than 20 minutes their fuckfest still had no end in sight. This time, Alex was positioned on top of his sister, pushing her legs as far as they’d go as he fucked and pounded and banged her into submission. Allie let go a stream of moans that flowed from her mouth until Alex caught them with his mouth. They both swallowed each other’s moans as he naughtily fucked his twin sister, and Allie thoroughly enjoying it. She’d had about five orgasms before she gave up on counting, whereas her brother only had one; yet he remained having a strong libido.

In the moment, all they could hear, see, smell, taste, feel and understand was each other. Alex could taste Allie when they spent a mid-coital intermission, happily lapping at her delicious juices; dedicating a couple moments to suck and lick her clit as she whined and accepted it, her brother orally pleasuring her. Her fingers would lace and entwine into his short and soft chestnut locks while he did. The siblings would feel their hips collide while fucking, and hearing each other make erotic music with their breathy moans and low groans. The air wasn’t only permeated with the unscented pheromones but their own, too.

Sloppy, wet kisses could be heard as brother and sister made love with their mouths and complimenting genitals. Allie’s back was covered in sweat but didn’t care, and Alex’s thrusts would slow down yet still remained deep and powerful. He propped himself up and stared down at his twin sister. Her cute plump cheeks radiated redness, and her lips plumped from all of their kissing. He stopped for a single moment to cup her breast that fit perfectly into his hand and squeezed. A moan escaped in which Alex punished by slapping her breast. Her hand clasped against her mouth in response while her brother helped himself towards her right tit; sucking her nipple in and gently biting it. Then, his cock popped out, and Allie instinctively knew to go straight to cleaning it, sucking and savoring her juices from his still stone-cut cock.

It took a bit for Linda to collect herself, but once she did, she started to clean herself up to not arouse any suspicion; as well as disinfect the broom handle and the washing machine roof. She carefully inhaled and exhaled as her mind was running like a racetrack, but instead of dogs it was her, and instead of a rabbit it was a penis. Anyway, as she stepped out of the kitchen and into the living room, she noticed for a moment a familiar stench before catching her son pumping his cock into her daughter.

Freaked out, Linda cried out, but the siblings only looked at her, still in mid-fuck without any feeling to stop. “Ex-excuse me!” their mother yelled, her guts churning from disgust. “What in the ever loving fuck do you think you two are doing?! You two are siblings, what the fuck, get off of your sister!” she yelled, pushing Alex from Allie, his juicy erect cock springing out.

The two siblings were panting and would’ve passed out ten minutes ago had they not been affected by the pheromones pumped into the house. Linda was about to chastise her children on how wrong it is for siblings to fuck each other when her son’s cock caught her eye. It looked just like his father’s, she thought. Their mother blinked, swallowed her saliva, and turned on Allie. “You fucking whore, having your brother fuck you, in the living room of all places where we get together and watch movies! Have you no shame? No sense of decency?” Linda crieed out, ignoring the recent events that rests in the back of her mind as she climbs atop on her self-made pedestal.

Allie rested on her knees, staring daggers into her scolding, irate mother. Then, a crazy and devious thought aroused in her mind. “You know dad’s cheating on you, right,” she smirked. Alex perked up and curiously stared at his nude sister, who still is presenting her freshly fucked pussy, as her mother gawked.

Instantly Linda shifted gears and çavuşoğlu escort interrogated, “How do you even know? When do you think this has been going on, and with who?”

Allie sauntered towards her dad’s study, jerking it open and fleeing inside after answering, “With me, right now,” and locking the door behind her. A series of bangs and kicks hit the door, but it’s no use as it’s a strong oak wood.

Now in her father’s study, she saw him behind his desk silently jerking his arm. After a moment or so he glanced over, and immediately slammed his laptop shut. He stuttered and fumbled over his words, trying to process what the hell is going on. Perhaps an hour ago he felt this overwhelming urge to play with himself and naturally searched for porn. This wasn’t enough and would switch between working and playing until a call from work came in, his boss-who happened to be female.

George practically strained himself to answer the call without thinking, and was met with his professional, clean-cut boss. Meanwhile, his front hair was matted in sweat against his forehead in this sweltering heat. During the call, he’d fidget and get away from slightly stroking himself when she’d look away or busied herself with something. It was complete torture as the only thing on his mind was to see something stimulating: breasts, ass, pussy-anything. If he wasn’t so shy, he would’ve called in his wife so she could fulfill her vows. Or he’d simply ask if she could lose the top and bend over. But unfortunately, he was forced to sit through mind-numbing torture until the call ended and his daughter showed up in succession.

He felt the excitement of seeing a female jerk his cock. Allie’s father stood and presented his proudly standing cock. “Honey… Dear… Would you like to help daddy out, sweetheart?” Without a moment’s notice, his daughter raced over to get a mouthful of her daddy’s cock, swirling over the head, swallowing him whole, cupping his balls-all enthusiastically. He groaned in pleasure and held his hand in his daughter’s hair, ruffling it.

Outside of the study, though, after Linda gave up on pounding and kicking the door to yank her whore daughter by the hair, she studied her son. He was lean and fit with a beautiful cock that appeared almost as big as her husband’s. Knowing her husband was bound to having fun with his daughter, what could be bad about a mother having a little mother/son bonding time? Alex subconsciously knew the way his mother hungrily eyed him and swayed walking towards him that she wanted him. Linda never broke eye contact even when she ended in her desired position, bent over the couch.

Alex would oblige his mother and stuffed his cock that still had his sister’s juices on it inside her. Linda hissed in enjoyment as she rocked her hips, paralyzing her son in her effort to get off. After years of experience, it paid off for Alex while he sat back and enjoy his mother basically fuck herself. He was only a tool to get his mother off, and this excited him even more while Linda enjoyed her son.

In the study, George was balls-deep inside his taut daughter. He was in back of her while she was bent over on his chair, cupping her small breast (compared to his wife’s). The patriarch of the family leaned over to assert in a low, gravelly voice, “You’re daddy’s little girl, aren’t you?”

Allie whimpered and nodded, “Yes, daddy. I’m yours,” she blurted through short breaths.

Her father moaned, “That’s right, you’re a little fucking whore for your daddy. Do you know how degrading this is for you, pumpkin pie, to let your own father claim your pussy? Your tight, supple, warm pussy? Fuck, if it wasn’t for my libido I’d cum right inside you,” he groaned, thrusting deeper and faster inside his daughter while the chair creaked in unison. Allie was sent over the edge and couldn’t take holding her weight anymore and collapsed on her father’s chair, her walls milking George’s cock.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so tight,” he groaned. “I always said you’re just like your mother,” he chuckled. “But your pussy feels like when she was in her teens.” George continued to stir his daughter’s guts as she was left in a blissful coma.

Outside, Linda was on top of her son, riding his cock reverse. Alex was awestruck at how his mother set the bar at an even higher standard than his sister left it. He watched his whole inches become engulfed inside his mother, her juicy ass in full view, and listened to her guttural moans when she hit her cervix. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over him until he couldn’t bear another one, and his cock spasmed inside her hugging walls. He came, but that wouldn’t stop his mother from trying to milk another one out of him. Soon afterward, Linda rose, a blend of cum and juice dribbling from her freshly fucked pussy. She wanted a change in position.

Back in the office, Allie was lying on her back on the floor as her father ruthlessly dominated his daughter in the most physical and intimate way. She allowed him to pound his hips against hers in the most satisfying way imaginable, but was practically spent from so much fucking. While she was sexually very much in play, her body just couldn’t keep up with the demand. Whereas her father built up his everlasting libido into a fuck frenzy.

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