My First Experience – Blackman


13 Haziran 2024


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This is a true story based on my first time with a black man, some parts have been embellished slightly to make it a more entertaining read but the basics are true and real to life.

My name is Tracy and at the time of this experience it was a week after my 19th birthday.

I live in a small village in the county of Bedfordshire, it was the type of the village where everybody knows everybody else or at least recognises them as there aren’t that many people who live in the village. Sometimes this can be a bad thing, but generally everyone looks out for everyone else.

I live at home with my mum, dad and my two older brothers in one of the larger houses in the village. One of the other larger houses across the road was owned by a guy called Nick and every summer he’d hire in a stage and open up his garden for everyone in the village to come for a party. He’d arrange for a couple of local bands to play, he’d use the local pub, where I worked, to do a free bar as he’d pay for everything up front and also arrange for someone to man the BBQ. My dad normally enjoyed helping out with BBQ and would take it in turns with the Chef’s from the local pub.

All ages were welcome to the party and it’s brilliant to see someone’s Gran talking to the local youth and people dancing and enjoying themselves. The parties have become legendary to the village and to a couple of the surrounding villages and are known as: The Backstreet Bash.

This year I was asked to work the bar at the party, which I didn’t mind, it meant I got to see most people at the party. It also meant I would be at the party instead of running the pub which would be absolutely dead.

It was a very warm summers evening and I was dressed in a light yellow flowery summers dress and a pair of sandals, my mum had styled my blonde hair into a French plait. I walked across the road to the party and took up station behind the makeshift bar and it wasn’t long before the party was in full swing. Banter was flying backwards and forwards, compliments as well, mainly from slightly drunk guys, but I’ll take it.

As I served I noticed a black guy on his own standing towards the back of the party, sipping his beer slowly. I caught his eye a couple of times a smiled at him, in the end he finished his drink and came on over to get a refill.

“Hi, what can I get you?” I asked with my best “nice to meet you” smile.

“Can I get a cider please and one for yourself?”

“Thank you very much.” I opened two bottles of cider and handed one over as I took a sip from mine and put it down.

“I haven’t see you around the village before?”

“That’s because I’ve only just moved into the village, literally two days ago.”

“Oh really, are you nearby?”

“Yup, just down there.” He replied and pointed down the road.

Our conversation was cut a little short then as I had to serve a couple of other people but he hung around at the end of the bar and we chatted when we could through the night and I found out his name was Leon. In the end my “shift” finished and I could give him my undivided attention.

We found a bench towards the back of the crowd and sat down next to each other. He was about 6ft tall maybe a bit more, definitely taller than I was at 5ft 7. He had close cropped hair and was very clean shaven. Just by looking at him I guessed his age at mid-thirties, I later found out he was mid-forties which was a big surprise to me and might also be where my love for the older man started. He looked as though he kept in shape, not big built or slim but average and nicely toned from the looks of his forearms and how he filled his t-shirt.

He would lean in close to me and speak into my ear, his Joop aftershave filling my nostrils, at the time Joop was my favourite aftershave on a guy and is still is one of my favourites to this day. He put a hand on my bare leg and kept it there as we chatted and as he kept leaning in, I responded by gently stroking his arm and touching him when I could.

I’d started realising at an early age what I enjoyed when it came to sex and sexy fun and I was realising very fast that I wanted fun with Leon and I wanted fun very soon. “Listen, Leon, do you fancy getting out of here?”

He acted very coolly and nodded, “We’d best leave at different times, go say your goodbyes and I’ll meet you down the road towards my place.”

“See you in a bit.” I said with a cheeky smile, I stood up and gave him a little wiggle of my bum as I walked away from him knowing he would be watching. I said my goodbyes to people and headed out onto the road and turned right and out of sight of the party.

A little way down the street I could see Leon leaning up against someone’s garden wall, arms crossed and looking my way. I walked towards him with a purpose making my 34D’s bounce and wobble in the street lights, hoping that he would see them. I got to him and instantly planted a kiss on his lips “Come on then, show me the way.” I said to him.

“With pleasure.” He replied.

Arm in arm we walked down the street towards his house. He then took his keys out of his suriyeli porno pocket and stopped at a blue front door, he opened it and went inside turning on the lights as he went. The door opened into a passageway with the stairs straight ahead, a little way down the passageway on the right was the door to the living room and at the end of the passageway was the dining room and kitchen. Leon went into the living room and turned on a couple of lamps.

“Very nice,” I said looking around the living room and then walked over to him and planted my mouth on his again, my tongue darting in his mouth and his tongue into mine. I felt his hands all over my body, grabbing and squeezing and holding me tight through the thin material of my dress. He pulled away from me with a wicked glint in his eye and reached down and grabbed the bottom of my dress and pulled it up and over my head.

I stood there in front of him, in just my white lace thong and matching bra. I stepped towards him and started undoing the buckle of his belt, fumbling at it slightly in my eagerness to get at him. I pulled down his jeans and knelt in front of him, a large bulge in his tight grey boxers, I licked my lips and looked up at him. I was about to have my first taste of what I hoped was a Big Black Cock. I was also about to do one of my favourite things and that was suck on a cock.

I ran a finger around the waist band of his boxers and started easing them down, looking up at Leon with a cheeky smile on my face. His short dark curly hair came into view then the thick base of his dark cock which seemed to go on for ever. A pair of heavy balls then popped into view and still I hadn’t fully unearthed his cock, then finally I got the end. “Oh my, this is just simply the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” I exclaimed as I clasped it in one hand and pulled his boxers the rest of the way down. My heart was beating so hard and fast in my chest and my excitement levels were like never before.

I gently stroked his cock with both hands, it was thick, black and something like 11inches long, it was simply massive and not a bad way to break my BBC duct. I kept wanking it gently, feeling its warmth and manliness in my hands, I then leant forward and licked down the long shaft of it, tasting it for the first time. Licking it all the way along the shaft until I got to the tip, my tongue looping round it as I looked up at him and took his helmet into my mouth and sucked on it with a smile on my face and a wet thong. I kept both hands in his shaft, one at the base, the other following my mouth slowly up and down his shaft, twisting as it went.

His hand came down onto the top of my head and rested it there as he gently started to thrust into my mouth. I carried on kneeling in front of him sucking his cock and looking up at him. I ran a hand up under his shirt and felt his smooth hard stomach, he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the floor. His torso was nicely defined, solid to touch but not over the top, he was definitely someone who looked after himself.

I kissed all down his cock and lifted it with one hand so I could get to his heavy hanging balls, I kissed them both and then took each in my mouth. Giving each a gently suck as I did, making them glisten from my spit. Licking on them as I held them with one hand and gently wanking his cock with my other hand. Sucking on them, squeezing them, licking them, massaging them, looking at him as I did so, a massive smile on his face as I did. “That good for you?” I Asked.

“Fucking brilliant!” He replied.

I kissed the underside of his cock as I held it against my face, kissing all the way up his shaft again. I hadn’t been touched yet but I was so close to orgasaming just from the thought and feel of his cock in my mouth and hands. With his cock well and truly in my mouth I let go of it and reached around behind my back and unclasped my bra and shrugged it off and onto the floor. Leon reached down and squeezed one of my 34D’s in his hand and rolled a nipple between his forefinger and thumb. I nearly came just then, letting out a little whimper of excitement, this seemed to spur Leon and he kept squeezing my boobs in turn, pinching my nipples as he did. I loved the feel of his hands on my naked skin, touching and squeezing my big boobs.

I sucked on his cock faster and faster, my head and mouth twisting and bobbing all over his cock, slurping noises escaping the corners of my mouth. He placed a hand on the back of my head and slowly pushed his cock further into my mouth. He then pulled me up to him, his cock running down the length of my body between my boobs and stomach. His tongue then darted into my mouth as his hands went down to my naked bum and squeezed each cheek. I kept a hand on his cock as I squeezed my naked body against his, loving the warmth and firmness of his manly body against mine.

One of Leon’s hand slipped around the front of me and rubbed my wet pussy through the thin material of my thong, well that was it. I came at his touch, my legs nearly buckling, I had to hang onto him as my orgasm ripped through my body. I tried to compose myself quickly. His hands went back to my thong, one hand rubbing through the front, his other squeezing my bum and rubbing up the back of my thong. My hand still holding tightly onto his long cock, squeezing it and wanking it.

Leon bent down and kissed my boobs and licked my hard nipples, he pulled my thong to the side and slid two fingers effortlessly inside me. I gasped as he did, curling his fingers inside then pulling them out and pressing against my clit before repeating it again and again. I was gyrating my hips on his fingers and they were hitting the spot, I was in heaven and I hadn’t even sampled that monster cock yet and I was on the verge of cumming again. I wanted to taste that cock again.

I pushed him down onto the sofa, his cock standing to attention and just inviting me to suck on it again. I crawled onto the sofa next to him on all fours and put both hands around his cock and started sucking on his cock eagerly again, my head bobbing up and down on his cock as he reached for my boobs and started playing with them again. Then he ran his hand down to my bum and squeezed that. My hands twisting around his cock and wanking it as my mouth sucked on it.

“Holy fuck!” Leon managed to say and started pumping his hips a little, my hand on his balls felt them tighten. I sucked harder and faster, sensing he was on the verge of cumming and then his cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed it as fast as I could, his cock and balls just pumping and pumping his cum into my mouth. I couldn’t swallow it all and some leaked out the corners of my mouth and down his cock to my hands. I sucked on his cock, urging the cum out and into my mouth. He finally finished cumming and I took my cummy mouth away from his cock and looked at him, some cum in the corners of my mouth, I took my hands from his cock and licked them clean as the cum hung from them.

“Wow girl that was amazing.”

“Thank you very much.” I replied, licking the last drop of cum from my hand.

Leon then pulled at my thong and began to pull it down my smooth thighs, I stood up in front of him to make it easier for him. He kissed my flat stomach and squeezed my boobs and then pulled my thong down to my ankles, I stepped out of it as he kissed down to my neatly trimmed pussy, “Love the little strip you’ve left, very sexy indeed.” His hot breath now on my thighs, I stepped closer and he pulled me up and onto the sofa so I stood over him, a leg either side and I slowly lowered myself down. His hands hooking my thighs and pulling me down, and then I felt his tongue on my pussy.

His tongue darting and flicking on my clit, pushing hard against it and then in my pussy, licking long along it. I started to grind my pussy against his mouth, my eyes shut in pleasure, one of my hands on my own boob, squeezing it and pinching a nipple. Leon reached up and joined my hand squeezing it with me. I looked down at him, his eyes looking up at me, I could tell he was smiling. I was about to cum again, this time on his tongue. He held my thighs down onto him as his tongue flicked mercilessly against my clit and then with a loud horny moan I came again. My whole body bucking and shaking, trying to escape his tongue lashing. I nearly fell over the back of the sofa as the orgasm hit me.

He finally released me and I stood up, my legs shaking. I looked down at him smiling, he looked at me and then nodded down, and I looked behind me and saw his cock was rock hard. He waggled it back and forth. I stepped back on the sofa and went down onto one knee and took his cock in my hand, I guided it towards my hot wet pussy, and rubbed it against my opening. I then lowered myself down on it slightly, the tip of his cock going in me, my mouth open in pleasure as I moved up and then back down on his cock, taking it in a little further this time. It felt absolutely huge and it took me a while before I finally got it in. Leon was very understanding, I rested my head on his shoulder with my eyes shut as I felt his enormous BBC fully in me. I couldn’t believe I’d taken it all.

“You ok?” He asked.

“Oh yes, never…something…big!”

“Just take it slowly, there’s no need to rush it.” He whispered in my ear.

I looked at him and smiled and gave him a kiss. His hands were on my bum as I started to gently and slowly move my hips up and down his massive cock. Slowly, ever so slowly I got faster and faster my juices covering his cock, he playfully slapped my bum a couple of times and then gripped and squeezed it hard. He began to thrust in me as I sat down on his cock, my boobs hanging and bouncing in his face, he took a boob in his mouth and played with my nipple as I ground my pussy down onto his cock. I’d never felt anything like it, I felt so full and so horny. I began bouncing faster and faster up and down, feeling it deep in me, spreading me wide. I then felt a couple of his fingers on my bum hole, my eyes went wide as he pushed on it, just dipping a finger inside of me. It pushed me over the edge and I came hard all over travesti porno his cock, my pussy pulsing and trying to milk his cock, gripping it, grinding myself down onto him as he held me down.

I got my breath back and slowly climbed off him, his cock glistening from my juices which covered it, a white tide line at the base of it. I took his cock in my hand and bent over and began sucking on it again, giving it a good licking with my tongue, tasting myself all over his cock. He eased me out the way and stood up, I stayed on my knees on the sofa and looked over my shoulder at him. I leant forward onto my shoulder, head down and bum up and ran a hand over my pert bum and spread my wet lips for him with a couple of fingers. Leon with his cock in his hand wanked it a couple of times and didn’t need any further encouragement, he moved behind me and I felt him against my entrance again. He rubbed it up and down a couple of times before easing it all the way inside in one go.

I closed my eyes in pure ecstasy as he began to fuck me well, his hands on my hips and my bum as he slid his cock out from the helmet all the way in to the hilt! His balls slapping against me filling the room along with my moans of pleasure. I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled and pushed myself up onto all fours and began to push back on him as he slammed into me. He put a hand on my bum and eased his thumb into my bum again, I’d never had anything in my bum like this and I was loving it, I pushed back harder into him.

He started grunting louder and louder and getting faster and faster, I then pulled away from him and spun around, his cock instantly finding my open mouth. I sucked on it hard and fast and wanked his cock as I did, Leon then took hold of his cock and held it in front of my open mouth and then with a loud grunt he shot a load of cum straight into my open mouth, he then wanked his cock furiously, his cum flicking and splattering all over the place. It was landing on my face, in my mouth, my eyes, my hair, my cheeks and chin and down onto my boobs. Finally he finished cumming and I carefully opened my eyes and looked up at him with a big smile on my face, although it might not have been as big as his.

“I might just need a shower before I go home!” I said.

“Who said anything about you going home? The night has only just started.” And with that he picked me up and carried me upstairs to his bedroom. He flung me on the bed and bounced a couple of times, giggling as I did. He looked to be hard again already, amazing, I’d never experienced anything like it. I was used to lads having their way and going to sleep or getting dressed and going. Leon though was something else.

His cum rolling off my face and I used his duvet cover to rub some off. Leon stood by the side of the bed and grabbed my ankles and pulled me towards him, he then parted my legs wide still holding my ankles and bent down and started working his tongue magic on my quivering pussy again. I was on the verge of cumming again, my legs shaking, I was pinching and twisting my nipples, pulling at my boobs, squeezing them hard. He then stopped licking and still holding my ankles angled his big black cock towards my pussy and with a practiced move pushed it deep inside me and began to fuck me as he held my legs apart. My tits shaking back and forth, I looked down at him between my legs, fucking me well, his balls slapping against me. He then slowed it down and eased it to me slowly, grinding himself against my clit, then pulling all the way out to the tip before pushing in slowly again grinding against my clit. I then came hard on his cock again, my juices flowing all over his cock, my body shaking, quivering and pulsing under the spell of Leon’s cock.

Leon picked up the pace again and started fucking me hard and fast without a care in the world, he was fucking me across the bed, having to climb on as he went. I had to put my hands against the headboard and push back against him. He pulled out suddenly and left me gaping and gasping and then sat astride my chest with his cock resting between my boobs. I happily obliged and pushed my boobs around his cock and he began to slowly tit fuck me. He looked down at me and smiled, “I want to ask you something but I’m not sure I should.” He said.

“Go for it, I’m easy.” I replied with a cheeky smile and wink.

He chuckled at that, “Ok then, have you ever tried anal?”

“Nope, your thumb in my bum is the most I’ve had.”

“Want to try it tonight?”

I thought about it briefly, my heart beating fast again. “I’d love to but there’s no way you’ll fit all of that in me, I only just managed to take it in my pussy.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy.”

“Go on then,” I said giving a nervous little smile, “Do what you want with me.”

He reached over and opened the top draw of his bedside cabinet and pulled out a tube of oil and got off me and pulled me towards the edge of the bed again and lifted my legs up in the air. I felt the cool oil splatter against my pussy and arse and run down my crack, I looked between my legs as I rubbed the oil into my bum, first pushing a finger inside my tight hole and then a second. He pushed them in and out, it was an unusual feeling but one I found pleasant. Whilst working his fingers inside my bum he poured some more oil onto his cock and rubbed it in. “Ready?” He asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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