Model Sex Slave Ch. 05


21 Mayıs 2024


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Marg and Diana arrived back at the house before noon, after the night at Doris’s. During the drive back, she asked Diana to describe her feelings about her first assignment. Diana gazed at Marg and smiled sweetly but with a hint of worry in her face.

“I hope you were happy with me there, you and Doris did have a talk before we left. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Wrong? No dear, you did everything right, she was ecstatic about your performance. She will be requesting you a lot in the future, but I wanted to know how you felt about her.”

“Well, she made me feel good, some times I felt that she was there to satisfy me, not the other way around.”

“Oh, that’s the way Doris is, she gets pleasure out of giving it and she is very good at seductive foreplay. I know!” Diana looked at her in surprise.

“You know, mistress?”

“Diana, Doris and I have known each other since we were sisters, with the same Mistress when we were your age.”

“My mistress was a sex slave!” They entered their driveway and Marg pushed a button in the car opening the garage door.

“Some other time, Diana, Take the case and look after it. They met Lee in the little stairway between the garage and the kitchen. She was still dressed in her street closed. Jackie had dropped her off from their assignment an hour before. She kissed her Mistress warmly and then Diana.

They took the case to their Mistress’s bedroom and put away her clothing. Then back down to the clothing room to put away Diana’s assignment clothes. Stripping each other naked in the hallway where the Mistress could see them from the office area, they put their street clothes away in their own bedrooms. Marg was reading something on the computer screen when they arrived.

“I see your assignment went well, Lee, did you get enough sleep?” Lee, by now standing next to her Mistress, nodded as her rear end was being fondled. She put her small arm around her Mistress’s neck and kissed her. Marg touched her vagina carefully; “you’re not sore are you?”

“Just a little, Mistress. I’ll be fine.” Marg kissed her again, rubbing her vagina gingerly.

“OK girls undress me, it’s massage lesson time for Diana.” The girl’s eager as always undressed their mistress. They then helped her onto a massage table in the gym. Lee positioned her self at her left foot and told Diana to stand at the other.

“Now you just try to do what I do, OK?” Diana nodded and started to pull on her mistress’s digits as Lee showed her. She then kneaded the soles carefully watching Lee. For the next hour, Diana got her first lesson in the art of body massage, while they fingering her entire body. They did not go near her genitals or breasts but everything else. Marg finally got up and kissed her two devoted submissive. She told Lee to get lunch ready and Diana to work on her daily log.

“We will shower after lunch and then Diana will learn about a different kind of massage.” Lee picked a housecoat from a hook on the wall and helped her Mistress to put it on. Diana put the slippers on her feet kissing them softly. Marg bend down and kissed Lee and also Diana as she got up. Lee threw her arms around her Mistress burying her head in her breasts kissing them and Diana did the same. “OK girls later, now get at it!” Both girls presented their rear ends looking at their Mistress with spank me please, expressions. “Oh you two are incorrigible but all right, no more of that until after lunch, I mean it!” She whacked them both a couple of times. Tipobet “Now, scat!”

After lunch, they showered in the master bedroom suite. As usual, they soaped their Mistress First, then each other. Finally, the two slaves embraced their mistress, the three of them rubbing their soapy bodies together. Diana was then told to use her breasts as wash cloths to wash her Mistress’s body especially her crotch from the front and then from behind. She was also told to do the same to Lee, while the mistress lifted her up.

After they dried her and then each other, they got on the huge bed, their Mistress on her stomach at first. Lee then showed Diana how to stroke the skin sensually, then lick, and kiss the same area. They each worked on one leg from the soles of her feet until they reached the buttock crease. From there they moved to her fingers and hands up to her shoulders, her neck and then down her back finishing with her large white buttocks. The Mistress then turned over and positioned herself with her feet over the edge of the bed. The two girls knelt on the floor and Lee showed her sister how to suck on each toe and lick the soles of the feet. They then stroked, licked and sucked their way up her long legs working around her vaginal area and her breasts to her shoulders. From there they went down her arms to her hands and finished by sucking on each finger. Working their way back up her arms, they moved to her neck and face. They didn’t touch her mouth; moving lower, they wetted her breasts lifting them up so they could cover the under sides. Again, they didn’t touch the most sensitive areas around her nipples.

Lastly, they moved slowly towards the most erotic area of the body licking stroking and sucking around her vulva. Marg moved her body to the edge of the bed where she put her feet on two chairs having been set there earlier for that purpose. She then spread her thick thighs wide, giving them access to her crotch. They kneeled on the floor side by side and proceeded to stroke the inside of her thighs, kissing the fleshy white skin as they stroked closer and closer to that magic area. Finally, when their heads were touching Lee told Diana to watch while she worked her fingers expertly around her Mistress’s large hairy vulva. She told Diana that she should barely touch with your fingertips as she worked the outside of the outer lips. She then worked her fingers down to her anus circling it lightly and just touching the center. She put her lips on it kissing and twirling her tongue at the center. Marg began to breathe faster, moaning slightly as her pelvis began to move.

Lee then described the taint or perineum to Diane, telling her that it was very sensitive, supersensitive in some. She was starting to manipulate the outer lips with her tiny fingers when Marg panted an order to Diana to come and sit on her face as her pelvis began to move faster. Diana quickly got on the bed squatting down and spreading her thighs around her mistress’s face. She watched Lee kissing and manipulating the heaving contracting pussy as her own wet vagina was being tongued. The Mistress then ordered her to stretch out on top of her, which she did wrapping her thighs around her head. She kissed and licked her Mistress’s stomach, placing her arms around her hips grasping her cheeks as the Marg did the same to her.

She could watch Lee now ravishing her mistress’s vagina, between Marg’s huge thighs, which were opening and closing on her head. Diana’s body now began to shake and twitch as she Tipobet Giriş neared her orgasm. She climaxed flooding her Mistress’s face with her love juices, which were greedily swallowed by the horny woman. Marg, herself was pouring her own delicious nectar into Lee’s diligent mouth. Lee swallowed as much as she could and then held the palm or her hand against the flow raising her body to match Diana’s face. Diana saw Lee’s closed lips and bloated cheeks. She turned her head on the side and opened her mouth wide; receiving then a mouthful of creamy fluid, which she swallowed with relish. Lee then returned to her mistress’s throbbing vagina and sucked out the remaining juices kissing and nipping on the lips and folds until her Mistress was completely satiated.

Diana rolled off her mistress with a satisfied guttural groan. Marg looked down at Lee standing now between her legs smiling shyly. Her face and neck were covered with her creamy fluid with small rivulets of cum juice running down her chest. Marg moved herself in on the bed and held her arms out for her diminutive submissive. She rushed on the bed and on top of her Mistress’s into her open arms. They kissed and Marg started to lick her own cum off Lee’s face, neck and chest. Diana was then ordered to position her self on her side with her vagina near Marg’s face. Lee was made to twist her lower body towards Diana’s head who did not have to be told what to do. She buried her face in the wet throbbing, sex starved sister’s vagina presented to her, while the short chubby thighs closed tightly around her head. The Mistress and her black sex slave then brought the little oriental sex toy to a wild climax, her body shaking and jerking Diana’s head, nearly off her body. Marg laughed at Diana, telling her that she had placed her head in a very dangerous place during the preceding earthquake. She is tiny tiger who erupts like a volcano. Diana only smiled as she made sure that all of Lee’s juiced were swallowed as Lee opened her thighs wide to let her access every last drop of her lava flow.

Later that afternoon, Marg called Diana into the living room for a talk. She motioned for the naked girl to sit on her lap and they embraced. She kissed her full lips gingerly and squeezed her tight.

“It’s time, Diana that we have a little talk.” Diana looked at her mistress with an anxious expression on her face. “Oh no my sweetie, there is nothing wrong. Diana took a deep breath in relief and snuggled in to her embrace. “I just want to talk to you about the future so you will know what I have in mind for you.

“As a sex slave your duty is to provide sexual pleasure to anyone I lend you to. The people you will be assigned to serve are people that I have known for a long time. These people all agree to certain standards of behavior.

“One is cleanliness you will not be asked to lick or kiss any body parts that are not clean. That is, all sexual activities involving your lip touching anything other than someone’s mouth is not permitted except after a bath.

“No one under eighteen will ever be part of our sex groups. As a matter of fact, no one under that age can be present in the same premised whether that is a house, an apartment or an office.

“No drugs of any kind are tolerated.

“As far as Alcohol is concerned, one glass of wine is OK usually for supper. Sometimes when you are feeding food and drink’s mouth to mouth; be very careful that you don’t get too much!

“Some sex acts are not allowed, anal Tipobet Güncel Giriş intercourse is one! A finger to accentuate pleasure, like Lee showed you at first is all right, provided only partial penetration is performed.

“Assistance with bodily function in the bathroom is limited to # 1. You are not allowed to be there for a # 2!

“No golden showers are allowed!

“Some times, you will be asked to talk dirty to your master of mistress. That’s all right, other times you will be asked to tell your assignee, that you love them. That’s fine but remember that there is nothing personal involved. What you are saying in effect is, that you love submitting your body and to serve that person. You are serving that person because you are mine.

“You must at all times appear submissive, cheerful and thrilled to be serving your superior. There should be plenty of cooing and moaning, when you are embraced or just paid attention to. Never unless you are told to act shy, cover your breasts or genital areas with your hands. Even when you are being inspected, you must show a rapturous desire to submit your body sexually and show that you are barely able to control yourself from ravishing your superior’s body.

“There are of course many other ways of pleasing you mistress or master. You may for instance be told to act like a slave, being sold at a market. Here, it is important not to show any resentment towards your prospective buyer, just embarrassment or humiliation, from being exhibited naked at a public auction. In a case like this, you will usually be expected to avoid eye contact, that is: bow you head perhaps sideways and lower your eyelashes. If you are not shackled, never cover you breast or genitals with you hands. That’s considered an insult to the buyer. When they inspect you by touching, you don’t cringe unless you have been told to do so, Maybe just shiver slightly. A trembling body is usually appreciated. After the deal is completed you could fall to your knees and kiss your new owners feet and thank him or her for selecting you.”

Diana listened attentively to her mistress, as she snuggled into the security of her bosom. “I do some of that with you already, don’t I?”

“Yes you do, sweetheart and you did with Doris, she was very impressed. Later you will serve other people some of them might not be so handsome or beautiful.”

“I don’t care Mistress, if you tell me to serve someone it doesn’t matter what they look like or who they are, I will be serving you, nothing else matters to me. I will submit my body completely and give that person my body totally. I do it because it is your will for me to love them.”

“Is that what you thought of, when you submitted to Doris?”

“I’m not sure exactly what I was thinking about. I just know that you told me to submit my body to her, so it felt wonderful because I knew you wanted me to give my body for her pleasure. Maybe, giving my body, is not the right way to say it. I’m your possession, so when you assign me to someone; then that person has the same right to my body that you do. It’s not for me to decide whether or not I want to respond erotically to that person. You have already determined that for me and that makes me feel all tingly inside.”

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

I write sexual fantasies for readers who are not offended by it.

Other people produce fantasies wherein cartoon animals talk like people. Even very little people know that in real life, animals don’t talk

Comments would be appreciated, keep in mind that my computer is Attachment Challenged, so please place your judgment in the email body.

Rating / voting for my stories is very important to me: good or bad but of course never indifferent, please do.

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