Michelle #2


20 Kasım 2023


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Double Penetration

TWO Michelle & Luka
After my ordeal with Sally and Luka I had to get out of there. I couldn’t believe what happened. I went straight home and took a long hot shower and went to bed. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t get the images of that afternoon out of my head. Before I knew it, I was getting excited all over again.

My hand slipped down to my pussy, as I touched myself, the pain was unbearable; I was raw and swollen. I was scared at first that something was wrong. I remembered a few times before after marathon fucking sessions the same thing had happened. I was spent; I had to get some sleep.

The next morning everything seemed fine. I lay in bed still thinking about the day before and started getting excited again. Using some super moisturizing cream I thought a little massage would be in order, just to be sure everything still worked okay. As I slowly began to work on my still tender pussy, I began to imagine my usual fantasy of my boyfriend Jim endlessly pumping away in me. As I got closer to cumming he turned into Luka pumping away. Just as I started to really let loose the image of Luka pulling out and shooting his hot load all over me sent me reeling over the edge with a force I haven’t had since, well, yesterday.

My memory of yesterday was like a series of pictures that were out of order. I’m not that sure exactly how things went. In one way, I was so embarrassed and ashamed and in other ways it was like having my first orgasm.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I ended up calling Sally. I wasn’t sure if that was the greatest idea, but what the hell. She was little shy over the phone and wanted to come over and talk. Sally looks great, she has a face like Michelle Pfeiffer on Marilyn Monroe’s body. I haven’t known her that long, but everyone seems to like her.

She came over that afternoon, I could tell when she came in the door she was a little embarrassed too. She began to make small talk and ramble on about how she felt and was I okay. All of the sudden she burst into tears with her head in her hands begging me not tell anyone about what happened. I went and knelt by her chair putting my arm around her to comfort her.

She was surprised I wasn’t as upset as she was. I told her that yes; it did seem strange when I thought about it too much, but that I get really hot at the same time. We were face to face, she looked into my eye’s saying,
“I get so hot when I remember yesterday, you were driving me crazy.”
She reached up behind me and pushed my head towards hers and our lips met into a deep kiss.

I told her yesterday was new experience for me; I have only been with men and done the usual things. Sally wanted to know if Luka’s dick felt like a man? I answered,
“Maybe a wild man. ”
“It wasn’t his dick, it was how he used it. ”

I asked Sally, “Did you ever hear of women having sex with animals?

“Only Australian guys fucking sheep in the outback.”
We had a great laugh and I offered her some coffee. She asked if was on the Internet?
“Who isn’t these days. “
“Michelle, lets check out the net”
We took our coffee into my bedroom and fired up the old’ PC.
“What should I look for?”
“Dog sex?”
Well we gave it try, and bingo, a few sites came up. I couldn’t believe it. They were all pay sites but the tours left nothing to the imagination. We were getting the lingo down and tried a few more searches and found a bunch of sites. The teaser pictures were wild. All of these women with all sorts of animals. Sally was pretty quite as I paged through the sites. We came across a good picture of a beautiful woman giving a dog head.
Sally said ” I don’t know about that. ”
I was getting very wet looking at all of these pictures.

I told her about the Luka shooting come all over me and into my mouth, that it was really that bad, “No worse than man’s. ”
“How about a women’s? “Sally asked.
“That either,” I said with a chuckle.
I found a bursa eskort sample story and started reading it out loud. Sally was sitting on the bed behind my chair at the desk so we could both see the monitor. As I read, Sally wrapped her arms around me and gently started rubbing my breasts through my shirt.
I stopped reading and she whispered in my ear “This is so hot, don’t stop.”

I picked up where I left off, as I read she slowly moved her hands into my crotch rubbing my pussy through my shorts. I was getting so wet as Sally was breathing heavily into my ear, I couldn’t read anymore. Sally turned my swivel chair around; I was stunned to see her naked kneeling on the floor.

She began to undo my shorts, I was so hot I lifted up my butt and helped her get them off. As I had hoped, she spread my legs and her tongue found my button.

She started to work her fingers into my hole slowly working them in and out as she sucked on my button, working it wildly with her tongue.
I was bucking in no time almost falling off the chair. Sally stopped and lifted me to the bed, sat me on the edge with my legs hanging over the side and attacked my pussy again.
She had worked several fingers into me pumping in and out.
She stopped eating me and focused on getting her fingers deeper and deeper inside me until she reached my cervix. Tickling it with her fingers I was humping her hand in ecstasy. She started to work another finger just barley in my ass.

I was so close but I needed more, I couldn’t help it and reached down and started rubbing my clit until I began exploding into the most wonderful orgasm, I could actually feel myself squirting cum; another first with Sally.

I was breathless as Sally rolled me over on the rest of the bed and as I lay on my back she straddled my face with her bald pussy saying, “It’s all right, take your time, we’re not going anywhere. ”

Her pussy was dripping cum on lips and as I licked it off the excitement started to return. Sally began to rub her button with one finger, what a view seeing her face between these massive breasts. I stuck my tongue out and slowly began to lick her lips, she pressed her pussy against my face and started humping my face and cumming all over me.

I could hardly breath as her entire pussy covered my face. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could in her hole and rubbed under clit with my nose. Rocking back and forth, going slower and slower, slowing down like she ran out of gas. She finally collapsed on the bed next to me and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We woke up a couple of hours later; I was in a total panic. I had blown off most of the day playing with Sally and I had so much to do before my date with Jim that evening.

Sally had errands to run as well, we both hopped in the shower for a quick rinse and away we went on separate ways.

Though the day was hectic my mind kept wondering back to Luka.

The week went by like a flash, I talked with Sally several times during that week and she sent me more wild site address. I was thinking this better not get out of hand.

Sally called and wanted to get together Friday night for a “surprise” I wasn’t sure this was the best thing to do, but since Jim would be out of town until Saturday I thought it would be okay.

Friday came around and Sally met me at home right after work. She explained she wanted to be sure everything was cool before she delivered my surprise?

She said she’d be back in a few minutes. Shortly there was a knock at the door and it was Sally with Luka! She explained how she offered to take care of Luka while they were out of town for the weekend, but she would have to keep him at my house because they didn’t allow animals in her apartment building.

I wasn’t sure about this and how things were going to play out. Sally was very excited, telling me she couldn’t wait to try him. She reached under her dress pulled bursa escort bayan off her panties, sat in a chair and called Luka who bounded over and stuck his nose right in her pussy and started going to town. Sally was squealing with delight as Luka did his thing.

She was singing, “Oh boy I can’t wait for you to fuck me!”
I was really getting hot with that idea as well, and so was Luka. His dick started to grow out of it’s cover. I wanted to touch it, but I didn’t want to spoil Sally’s plans.

Sally stood up to take off her dress, I helped her get it over head while Luka kept licking away, Sally started to loose her balance and grabbed a hold of me in a hug.

“Oh this is great, but how should we do this?” she questioned.
I told her to get on all fours like in the pictures. What about his paws? I was off to the bedroom to get some gym socks, when I got back Sally was kneeling next to Luka with her hand around his dick sliding the sheath back.

“What’s this bump in his dick for?”

“Got me, I guess so it won’t go in too far?”

We put the socks on Luka’s front paws, he didn’t like them too much but when Sally grabbed his dick again he settled right down.

“Try it, touch his dick”
As I felt his dick it was smooth and moist. I slid my hand up and down it a few times and Luka started to hump it.
“I guess he’s ready Sally. ”
She knelt on all fours in front of Luka and let him lick her pussy. After a minute he hopped up on Sally and was humping for all it was worth. I knelt next to them and helped Luka find her hole. By the second stroke it was all the way in, up to the bump. Sally was going crazy screaming and pushing back to meet every one of Luka’s thrusts.

It was a wild sight, I was getting so hot I needed some help myself. I got out of my clothes and sat in front of Sally, she went straight for my pussy licking and biting on my inner lips. No one has ever licked my pussy like Sally did, well, except Luka.

Sally was cooing, moaning and cumming all at the same time and suddenly yelled
“Oh he’s so fucking big”
and collapsed to the floor with the dog on top of her, both trying to catch their breath.
Sally said to me “Get that thing out me,”
I started to move Luka back and Sally yelled,”Stop!”
He’s too big to come out. I was shocked; I had no idea what to do or what was happening. I couldn’t see between them, the bump was gone!
“Sally, the bump is in you lay still. ”
“Oh Michelle, I can still feel him pumping hot cum in me. ”
“Does it hurt Sally?”
“No, not really, just when he tries to pull it out”
“God, what a dog!”

A few minutes later Luka slipped out of Sally, cum pouring out all over. He was showing us his whole dick, it was huge and a foot and a half long. Bigger than any guy’s I’ve ever seen. I made Luka lay down and he started to lick his dick. I pushed his head back and gently took a hold of it still oozing cum. I got a little on my finger and put it in my mouth for a taste.
“Michelle, Did you just do what think you did?”
“It’s not bad, really. ”
With that I had to give it a try and slipped the head of Lukas dick in my mouth. Like a motor starting up he started humping my mouth and squirting a real light liquid.
I took him out of my mouth, but kept pumping his dick with may hand.

“Try this Sal.” She knelt down and put her hand next to mine and I let go. Slowly she bent over and stuck out her tongue and slid it along the length to the tip and slipped it in her mouth and Luka’s motor started right up. We took turns licking and sucking until Luka turned into a fountain of cum. We got it all over us.

All of the sudden I heard a noise in the driveway, I peaked out the window and it was Jim!

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Sally get your clothes and get in the bathroom, Remember We are giving each other facials okay.”
I was going nuts, how was going görükle escort to explain this. I put Luka in the kitchen and grabbed a robe and put some lotion on my face and headed for the door.

Just as I got to the door, Jim knocked. I waited a second the opened the door just a crack keeping the chain on.

“Hi Jim, what are you doing back in town?” “I got home early, what are you doing? Are you alone Michelle?”
“No, Sally is here.” I could tell he was suspicious.

“Wait a second, we have to get dressed. ”
Just then, Sally came out of the bathroom dressed and looking great, she passed me and opened the door and yelled,
“Thanks for taking care of the dog, I ‘ll. be back first thing in the morning and leave that cream on for a few more minutes.” I ducked into the bathroom; I could hear Sally talking to Jim, telling him about our make-up session.

As I came out of the bathroom Jim looked very curious, What’s going on?
“I’m watching Luka for Sally who is watching him for what’s her name?”.
He’s such a good dog; se sleeps most of the time.

“Jim why don’t you get out of those clothes and hop in the shower with me?”
Well it didn’t take long for him to get with the program. We talked, kissed and hugged while we were in the shower. I started to wash his tool; he was quick to respond.

I used to think he was really hung; but he’s not the big dog around here anymore. I lead him into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed while he stood in front of me like a Greek God, tall dark and handsome. His nickname is Adonis and he really fits the part.

I started to suck his dick as a welcome home gift, but I wouldn’t let him cum. He bent over and grabbed my legs holding them up against his chest and spread apart. He drove that spike home on the first lunge.

After a few minutes he climbed up on the bed with me. He was good as ever. I wrapped my legs around his legs and held on tight while meeting every thrust.

We were working like a well-oiled pleasure machine. It was taking me way longer than usual to get off. Jim was working hard; he started to moan so I really put every thing I had into it. With my legs around his I pulled him towards me with every pump of his hips. He started get louder and louder; he has never been this way I thought.

I held him tighter and worked harder as we began to finally cum and cum, I was in a fog of ecstasy, I thought I could smell Luka’s hot breath.

As I pulsed through my first waves of orgasm, I opened my eyes to see Luka’s head over Jim’s! I couldn’t believe it! I exploded in a huge orgasm, my body pumping Jim’s uncontrollably. The thought of Luka pumping Jim as he pumped me was too much for me to control.

He fell on top of me almost crying. Trying to catch his breath while as Luka was staring me in the face. I kissed and hug Jim tightly.This was beyond my wildest fantasy.

“Get off of this bed, Luka” I shouted. Jim yelled no, no stop, don’t move, and don’t move that dog!

“What’s the matter Jim?”
“He’s stuck in me. ” dog is tied with me.”
I got out from under Jim on his side, Luka lay next to him and they were stuck just like with Sally.

“How did this happen Jim?”
” At first he started licking my balls and ass, I didn’t care who was doing it, and it was great.”
“I thought it was your foot or something. I didn’t realize it was him. You were holding me so tight and I was so close to cumming, when he mounted me I didn’t know what was going to happen.”
“At first it hurt like hell, then I couldn’t believe the intense sensations.”
“I think we all came together and he began to swell and I could feel him cumming inside me. I couldn’t do anything about it.”
“Oh my god Jim, what are we going to do, should I call an ambulance?”
“Michelle no, no ambulance calm down. ”
“Darling, it should just take a few minutes to come out. ”
“Jim, How do you know this?”
I couldn’t help taking advantage of this; I wish I had a camera. Jim was really embarrassed.
“Who did you think it was?” I asked. All Jim could do was moan in pain.

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