Let’s Reconnect


9 Haziran 2024


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“We don’t talk anymore.”

That’s what I said whenever my friends asked me about my “friend” Nick. Nick and I were really good friends at one point in time. One of those friendships that turned into a friends with benefits relationship without the pretense. We did our own thing while doing each other in between. Hey, if men can do it, why can’t I?

So, it’s been about four months since Nick and I last spoke. We had a stupid argument and I decided to never talk to him again. I’m talking zero contact. No texts. No calls. He tried texting me a few times but I didn’t respond. I didn’t know if I’d actually never talk to him again but we’re both stubborn and determined.

Well, after a while, he texted me with a long apology and asked me if I wanted to hang out with him. I wasn’t mad anymore, so I decided to put on my big girl panties and go see him. That, and I was really horny.

We liked the same TV shows so we decided to have a movie night. I met him at his house and he greeted me at the door.

“Hi, Jayde,” he said with a smile on his face. He had such a cute smile. And just like that I forgot why we ever fought. There he stood, in all of his handsomeness. He looked good after four months; his hair was even more curly than when we met. All his hair made him look older. I liked it.

“You look nice,” he said to me.

“Thank you. So do you,” I said with a smile.

I thought I looked pretty normal. I didn’t put that much thought into my outfit. Just flared jeans and a blue top with my chest exposed.

I could tell that he’d been working out too. He hugged me and body was significantly wider than he was last I saw him. His biceps were bigger. So was his chest. Like he’d been lifting weights.

“You smell really good,” he said, nose buried in my neck. He was maybe a few inches taller than me so he had to bend down.

“Really?” I said somewhat skeptically. It surprised me that he noticed something as simple as Bath & Body Works’ vanilla-scented lotion. Wow.

He led me to the living room and said to get comfortable. I sat on his couch with my legs xslot giriş stretched out across the length of the chair. I waited while he rushed to the shower. He always showered after work. Some things never change. He came back in his gym shorts and a t-shirt.

“Excuse me,” he said politely.

I put my legs down for him to sit beside me. There was a perfect square cushion between us and it annoyed me. I put my legs on his lap. I already knew we weren’t going to get to the watching television part of our day. He felt the material of my jeans.

“What kind of material is this?” he said slyly.

“I don’t know,” I said with a shrug. He scooted closer to me.

“You sure you don’t want to wear something more comfortable? I have more gym shorts,” he offered.

“Yeah. Thanks,” I said.

“I’ll grab you pair,” he said, starting to get up.

“Or I could just lay here in my panties,” I said devilishly.

He paused for a moment and thought to himself. “Yeah, I think that’d be better,” he said with a smile. He sat back down and I lifted my hips to remove my bottoms. He was all too eager to help pull them off and throw them on the floor. I couldn’t help smiling at him.

We sat there for a moment, trying to gage each other’s actions. I tried to compose myself but I have a thing about men touching my body and the way Nick lightly traced his fingers along my shaved legs was making me all kinds of crazy for him. I couldn’t help thinking about other things I wanted his fingers to do. It was torture but I was determined not to fold first. With one hand on my thigh and the other on my leg, he kept lightly touching me. I was wet with anticipation.

I kept my eyes glued on the TV. If I looked his way, it was all over. I tried to see him out the corner of my eye. That didn’t work.

“How long are you going to sit over there?” he asked. Both hands massaging my inner thigh. I knew what he wanted.

Damn it, I thought. I can’t fight this shit.

He’s not getting any of this pussy, I said to myself. I couldn’t even xslot convince myself this time.

“Scoot over,” he said and I obliged. He lied down beside me. There was no space for the two of us lying down and somehow I ended on top of him. He smiled. “There. That’s better,” he said.

“Bastard,” I said.

His kisses were soft. Like he was trying to feel out my response. I wanted it just as badly as he did. The way he rubbed his hands all over my body made me feel wanted. We were close again. Before I knew it, I was moaning between our kisses. He caressed, squeezed and slapped my ass. I grinded my sex against him, my panties now soaking wet. I wanted him to feel how wet me made me through his gym shorts.

He reached up, grabbed my breasts and squeezed them, still planting kisses all over my neck. It felt so good. I couldn’t remember the last time we played like this. We were reconnecting. Nick took my nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. A moan escaped my lips again. I kissed his neck. My nipples stiffened from the cold air. His tongue traced a trail of saliva on my chest. I bit down on his shoulder, still grinding my hips into him. We carried on for what seemed like hours.

Nick finally lifted me off his lap and removed his shorts. I took off my panties and mounted him again, slightly raising my hips so he could guide his dick inside me.

It wasn’t like I remembered. He was bigger or something. Something changed. I couldn’t figure it out but I liked it. I instantly clutched my muscles around his dick.

“Oh my God,” he moaned.

His voice awakened the sensual being in me. I love being on top. There’s something sexy about being on top. Dominating my men. I rocked my hips; slow at first. I wanted him to feel my body clamp and release while he was inside me. I knew it felt good to him. He couldn’t stop squeezing my ass cheeks and spreading them wider. It damn sure felt good to me.

I bent over so my lips reached his year. “Miss me?” I teased.

“Yes, I missed you,” he hissed.

I wanted him deep inside me so I laid back on the couch. Nick got up and on top of me. He pried my legs open and slapped his dick on my pussy. He felt even better lying down. He plunged his dick inside my hot pussy and I was ready to explode.

“Go slow,” I told him, “I want to feel every inch,” I said.

He started slow and but eventually moved faster. This is why I like Nick. So obedient. I can’t describe it; the way he arched his body while on top me made me feel every inch of his thick member.

“Oh Nick. I’m going to come,” I quickly said.

I rubbed my pussy until the pressure of pleasure inundated me. Waves of relief rushed over me as I came.

“Oh, my God. It’s so good,” Nick breathed, quickening his pace.

He raised one of my legs and rested it on his shoulder to position himself better, driving me crazy with pleasure.

“I know it is,” I laughed.

He picked me up in his arms but I didn’t stop fucking him. As he cradled me in his arms; one hand around my back and the other bracing the back of my neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist and rocked my hips. I leaned back a little, knowing it would take minutes until I reached other orgasm. Definitely, the best way to go. He moved his hand and grabbed my breasts again, squeezing them until I came again.

We grunted and moaned, still riding him as the rush of desire came over me. We lied back down in a somewhat missionary position. It’s always the position we come back. I wrapped my legs around. I could tell that he was close to reaching his peak too.

“Harder,” I said.

Saying the right things always boosted his ego and he did what I wanted. I liked watching his body pump inside me. My pussy was warm around his cock. He pounded me until I felt like I was going to come again and I came really hard this time. He didn’t stop. Instead, he pushed harder and faster. I shut my eyes. His plunges were so deep. It was amazing how he could drive his dick inside me like I was the gateway to and endless abyss. I came again, forcing him to cross his threshold.

He pulled out without saying anything and quickly stroked his dick until he came all over me. It was intense. Our bodies relaxed when the tension subsided and we just looked at each other. It was then that I realized that Nick wasn’t the kind of guy that I could just stop talking to.

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