Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 08


22 Şubat 2021


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It all started when I caught Jay, watching us go at it in Eric’s room. I guess Jay had just come home and we left the door open. With Eric’s head bobbing over my dick, I said, “Shit Jay! Do you need something?”

He shook his head, “Um no…just walking…down the hall…wondering if you guys wanted to hang out. Sorry dude…I’ll come back when you’re done.”

His eyes said something entirely different…he kept scanning over my body, then Eric’s. When Eric let go, my dick bobbed around and came to rest, forming a glistening curve over my belly. Jay was clearly nervous, as Eric leaned back on the pillows next to me. Eric was shirtless and irritated with the interruption. Now, his eyes landed on Eric; we were side-by-side and, both, hard as a rock. Looking back to me, then to Eric, he was confused and did a double take. His widened before saying, “Jesus Christ! You fuckers are twins!”

I nodded, “Yeah…we know.”

“Yer bookends…fucking bookends!”

I had a hunch where Jay wanted this to go. I put a hand on Eric’s shoulder and quietly, “Eric, it’s ok, if we wanna…you know…help him out.”

A fire in his eyes grew and he looked right at Jay. “I do miss our threesomes…buddy, do you need some help, tonight?”

He flashed a smile, “Fuck yeah!” But then he looked confused, “Shit man! Sorry…Rob, you sure? Are you okay with that? I don’t mean to screw things up for you guys.”

Trying to lighten the mood, Eric joked, “Well, Rob will miss the breasts, but you’ve got a nice chest”

Nervous but with a little grin, his eyes looked at Eric, then back at me. I played along and said, “I wish he had puffy nipples.” He was even more confused but I returned the smile and shrugged, “No, Jay, it’s all good, dude…I’m all in.”

“Umm…I’m not gay, but I do…I do wanna have some of that…um help.”

“Well, get your ass over here!”

He sat on the edge of the bed and I undid his zipper, “Lets see what kind of help you need, buddy.”

He was anxious and helped push down the pants and underwear. Already hard, his dick sprang forward. Eric grabbed for it and started stroking. He was so hard, you could almost see it throb, “That’s sweet, Jay…nice fucking dick! Get comfortable…take off that shirt.”

As he slipped it off, Eric rolled off the bed, kneeled between his legs and tugged his pants over his ankles. I watched him stroke, lick the head and suck it between his lips. His fingers digging into the bed, Jay moaned and shook as Eric pushed it deeper. “Ohhhh fuck! I’ve never had a guy suck me…before! Uhhhh…uhhhh…it feels good!”

“Well then, yer in for a good time, bud.”

He was already slick with spit and maybe some pre…obviously, he was enjoying his first male blowjob. I pushed him to lay back and relax and Eric pulled off, letting his dick bob free. His moans grew when Eric slapped it over his cheek, leaving wet cock-prints on his face. Eric smiled over at me and motioned for my help.

I scooted in next to him so that we could share Jay’s dick. Eric smiled, “I’m like’n this!”

“Me too! You doin’ okay, Jay?”

With his cock about to be shared by two men, he smiled, “Yeah…uh…this feels…really…really good. Fuck…thanks for doin’ this for me! I really needed this, guys.”

Before he finished talking, we were using his cock as playground, flicking at each other’s tongues and licking all over the hot flesh. I think he could hardly believe all this was happening…and I hoped he wouldn’t freak out. When he realized he had his cock sliding through two pairs of lips, he started rocking his hips. I looked up at his face…his mouth was wide open and producing long, steady moans. After a few minutes, Eric pushed it between my lips and I took it, deeper and deeper, till I felt it hit bottom. Eric looked up with a huge smile and whispered, “That is so fucking hot! So fuckin’ sexy! But, hey dude, don’t get used poker oyna to it…Robbie’s all mine!”

With his hand busy and pounding hard, Eric sat beside us, watching me satisfy Jay. I was stopping, at times, to stroke and nibble at his balls. Jay was super awkward….he didn’t know where to look or what to do while we serviced his dick. He was watching Eric…then me…then he’d look away, trying to avoid eye contact. It wasn’t long before Eric caught him staring at my dick. Jay looked guilty when their eyes met and Eric smiled, “Big fuckin’ cock, huh?”

He got a little grin, “Uh, yeah…it’s big.”

Eric grinned, “You want to see me suck it?”

He nodded his head quickly, “Yeah, dude that’d be fuckin’ cool!”

He moved between my legs and grabbed the head between his lips. He sucked hard and ran his tongue over the shaft’s veiny surface. He leaned in to take it deeper, still slurping and licking at the shaft. Eric was showing off some, but it was very apparent that he treasured his boyfriends cock and loved to suck it. Jay was mesmerized by it all…the blowjob he was getting…the blowjob I was getting…all the cock…everything!

Eric finally pulled off and stroked his hand slowly, sensuously over the entire length. With my cock still in his hand, “You like watching me suck this dick…don’t you?”

Jay nodded, “Fuck yeah…yeah Eric, it’s hot…and big…your lips stretch…they make a big O!” He’s seemed more comfortable because he joked, “Look…when Rob does me, the O is smaller…you know.”

Still suckling on the side of my cock, Eric laughed, “It’s nice…I love Robbie’s dick…I get to suck him almost every day.”

Jay was breathing heavy and his cock was oozing sex in my mouth. He tried to answer Eric’s taunting, “That’s cool…fuck…he knows how to suck dick! Rob, yer way better’n my girlfriend…ahhhh…fuck! That’s….uhhhh…uhhhh…ohhhh…that’s amazing!”

“Fuck…dude, face it…we’re both better than your girlfriend.”

He didn’t answer because he knew Eric was close to the truth; and it wasn’t too long, before Jay lost it and started screaming, “Dude…you better…pull it out…gonna…cummmmmmm…can’t hold it…fuck! Yer makin’…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…makin’ me…cummmmmm!” When I pressed my face into his pubes, he peppered my throat with a gooey spray. I gladly accepted the prize and used my hand to finish, jacking the last of it over my fingers.

Eric jumped up to lick up some, “Mmmmm…let me have…some…fuck! Nice load, Jay!”

Still feeling a little out of place, Jay did seem a little more relaxed with what just happened. He laid back, next to me and watched my cock disappearing into the warmth of Eric’s mouth. He pulled off again, “Rob…show Jay how you face-fuck me.”

I pumped into his mouth, slapping my balls up against his chin, “Yesssss, Eric…that’s perfect…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh!” “You likin’ this, Jay…buddy?”

“Um…yeah…yeah, it’s hot!” It took all of two seconds before he was stroking himself back to hardness and wanted back in. I said something like, “Buddy let me take care of that!”

He grinned and immediately offered his dick to me. Watching me fuck Eric, Jay started to roll his hips into me, pumping his cock through my lips. I grunted around his flesh and continued pumping myself through Eric’s lips. With my thrusts into Eric, came that amazing, wet gurgle from the back of his throat. Spit all over my cock, I jammed myself into his mouth, over and over. Once I slowed, he lovingly stroked the shaft and kissed the head “Fuck…that’s nice!”

Eric sat up, licking over his lips and thinking. Then he looked over at Jay and pointed at the glistening flesh, “Ya wanna taste?”

“Um, what?”

“Do you wanna taste his dick?”

I pulled off and lay back on the bed. With my cock, hard and throbbing, in my boyfriend’s hand, he questioned Jay. Confused and not saying much canlı poker oyna at all, we both watched as he slowly took the spot between my legs.

He looked at my dick as he asked, “You want me to take it…in my mouth?”

“Yup,” Eric said.

With his eyes intense and large, he ran his tongue, for the first time, over a hot, pulsing dick. He looked up, “I’ve never done this before…I’m…I’m not gay…ya know.”

“Jay, neither am I…I’m bi.”

Eric was quick to add, “Just to clarify things, Jay…I’m pretty much gay. We shared a girl a few times but my true calling is right here.” He held my cock, as Jay leaned in and carefully licked up the side. He looked up at us, then went back for the tip…he pursed his lips and sucked the musky drool. “Mmmm those lips feel good, Jay…that’s good…keep going!”

Eric grabbed his shoulders, nudging him closer, “Get right in there…so you can suck him, good.”

Our eyes met again as he wrapped both hands around the base and opened his mouth wider. He started licking wildly, then sucking me deeper, all the while, keeping his eyes fixed on mine. You could almost see his thoughts, flooded with emotion, swirling because of this thing he was doing…it was his first time. “Oh fuck! Uhhhh…uhhhh…Jay…Jay, that’s so good! You may be straight, but you can suck cock!”

His lips wrapped tight over my erection and I started to slowly pump myself. I could feel the vibrations of his moans running through my cock. Stroking with one hand, he pulled off, “Dude, I love porn. I think I might have learned a thing or two.”

After that, he took it into his mouth, taking it as deep as he could. The ridge, of my cock-head, bumped over his lips, over and over. “Fuck! That’s sweet! Jay…feels so good…keep it up!” I moaned, as he swirled his tongue all over my dick.

Eric sat off to the side, stroking, “Fuck, that’s it, dude…get down on it.” I groaned and thrust my hips into him, while Eric reached over and pushed his head. “Fuckin’ suck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yessssss, that’s it…just like that! Jay…fuck that’s nice…uhhhh…uhhhh…yessssssss!”

My cock throbbed as he swirled his tongue over the shaft, along the underside and over the head. He was free to touch it, fondle it and taste it…a cock, besides his own. Exploring another man’s dick with his lips, mouth and tongue, was almost overwhelming; his eyes were closed as he celebrated the cock in his mouth, relentlessly pushing and prodding his throat.

“Feels sweet, huh? You fucking like Jay sucking that big dick? Don’t you?”

“Yeah…yer roommate’s got blowjobs down.”

Later that evening, Jay confessed how incredible it was when he realized, he could satisfy another man’s dick. Again, he said he was straight, but the sensation of cock swelling and pulsing in his mouth will bring him back for more. I don’t think Jay’s gay, but I don’t think he’s straight either…this could really turn out to be fun.

There was a long pause, with only grunts and moans, filling the room. I was watching Eric pump on his dick, while Jay was goin’ crazy on mine. Eric’s cock was dark red, swollen and solid…I fucking salivated as his hand went up and down over the shaft…it needed my attention. All I could think about was my boyfriend’s cock, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck, Eric! Gimme that dick…let me suck you…need yer dick!” As I spread my lips, he thrust forward and pushed the end of his cock all the way into my mouth. I could taste his scent and heard him moaning, as I swirled my tongue round his dick. We fucked like that forever, my hips driving into Jay’s mouth and Eric fucking into my mouth like a pussy.

I tried to hold off for as long as I could, but Jay had really gotten a feel for cock-sucking…his mouth was all over…licking, sucking…driving me crazy. My breathing was ragged and he was pushing me closer to orgasm. My internet casino mouth, gaped by Eric’s flesh, I couldn’t scream but I gladly embraced the relief Jay provided. It came on fast and glazed his tongue with hot seed. As pleasure passed through the shaft, I felt it pulse between his lips. I was certainly shocked when he held on and pressed his lips tighter…he wanted the seed. I wondered what the fuck has been going on with this guy…his first blowjob and he takes the load? At least that’s what he said…I thought it was his first. Fuck, he’s got some seriously buried desires…and needs. I came hard and continued to buck into his mouth

As the last drops beaded from the tip, Eric was pounding his way to orgasm. He could feel my body stiffen and release, “That’s it cum hard…cum for us, Robbie…cum hard…give’m all that juice…gonna cummm…tooooo…so close!”

“Yessssss….m’gonna cummmmm…yer makin’ me cummmmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…yesssssss…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yesssssssssss!”

Jay sat back, frozen and watched Eric spray seed, between my lips and down over my chest.

After his release, Eric collapsed on the bed next to me, breathing hard but recovering and feeling damned good. I had a mouthful of Eric’s cum and Jay had remnants of mine on his lips. Obviously, all this was more than Jay had ever experienced…he was still hard as a rock and ready to unload. With a new confidence, he started stroking on his dick. He sat back on his knees, pumping wildly, till he got close. He threw back his head, grunted and raised up to stroke it over my chest. “Ahhhh…gonna cummmmmm…guy…s…cummmmming…uhhhh…uhhhh…cummmmmming…fuckkkkkk!”

Once he finished, all was calm. The three of us laid on the bed, Jay was sucking wind next to me and Eric was on my right. Eric, still enjoying the euphoria, reached over to rub my chest. I smiled and groaned, when I felt Jay doing the same. They were rubbing seed into my skin. I felt them flicking at my nipples and dragging tongues through the seed…their seed…I closed my eyes and hoped it would never end.

When I looked up, Jay licked his lip and broke the silence, “Shit…guys, I can get used to this…fuccckkk! Never thought my first threesome would include two guys…ya know!”

“Well, I think you enjoyed the experience…I’ve still got enjoyment on my chest.”

He smiled, “And…while we’re on that topic, what about this threesome…this other threesome? Remember, Eric said he missed them…and it involved a woman?”

We didn’t say a word, but he pushed further, “Are you two doin’ Rob’s wife? Or…Laura…your ex? Are doin’ Laura?”

Eric grinned, but said nothing. After a long pause, I smiled and said, “Jay, we’re really not talking.”

“That’s it! You two fuckers are banging Laura…she’s divorced.”

“Okay, Jay…we were. It’s all past tense…there was nothing wrong with it, because she was divorced. It came to an end because she was interested in getting more serious with Tim.”

“Fuckers! I wanna hear details…sounds hot as fuck! I wish Karen was into that…she’s not a prude but I don’t think she’d ever go for a threesome.”

“Forget it…you’re not getting any more details.”

“Nothing about puffy nipples…nothing?” He smiled, “Okay, I’ll let it go! I feel like a beer…you guys?”

“Sounds good.”

“Stay where you are…I got it. It’s the least I can do after all that “help”…I got from you two.”

From that one experience, Jay was hooked…often hinting and ready for more threesome “help.” He’s not gay, of course, but he’s not straight either. Initially, Karen knew nothing of his experimentation, but eventually they talked it over and she got used to it. I think it took her a while.

We, Eric and I, did set some ground rules, since they were roommates and it was a little awkward. Eric and I agreed there would be no sex between Jay and either of us, unless we were both in on it. We were concerned it would threaten the trust, within our relationship. A good move because things continued with Jay over the next few months…he needed a lot of our “help.”

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