I See You


13 Haziran 2024


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“Oh that feels so nice.” Vanessa Walters gasps as her boyfriend Joshua friction fucks her. Joshua looks down watching Vanessa close her eyes and push back at him her long black hair falling over the couch. This felt good but he wanted more. He sucks her lower lip into his mouth as his hand slips under her shirt pulling it over her Cup breasts. He pushes against her again, kissing her passionately, his hand tweaking her hard nipple.

“You like that?” Joshua smiles as Vanessa moans and wraps her legs around him. “You want more baby?”

“Vanessa!” Mrs. Walters stands in living room mouth agape. Her 18-year-old daughter is lying on the couch with her shirt over her bra and her boyfriend wrapped tightly in-between her long smooth legs. Joshua jumps off of Vanessa the color draining from his face.

“Mrs. Walters I-” Joshua feels the icy glare coming from her eyes. Vanessa sits up quickly pulling her shirt and skirt down.

“Get out of my goddamn house you fucking little pervert! Don’t over come back here again or so help me…!” Mrs. Walters’s eyes shoot to Joshua’s crotch where a very noticeable bulge is straining to get free. Joshua runs out of the house ignoring Vanessa’s pleas for her mother to calm down.

“Why did you do that?! We were just making out, it’s no big deal. It’s not like we were having sex!” Vanessa storms to the stairs. “If it was Nick in here with his skank of a girlfriend you would have made them milk and fucking cookies!”

“That’s it you are grounded. If you so much as step a toe outside of this house I will pull your College funds!” Vanessa slams her door before her mother finished her rant. There was no way she was going to be grounded tonight. Mark’s end of summer bash was tonight and she knows Joshua was going to go with or without her. Every girl there would be lined up to take Vanessa’s place. Vanessa grabs her phone and dials her brother Nicks’ number.

“Hello?” Nick sounded out of breath.

“Mom is being a complete dictator! She’s trying to ground me for making out with Joshua. Nick you know I have to be at the party tonight. Please please help me out here bro. I’ll make it up to you some how.” Vanessa looked out the window to her brother garage apartment. A blue Honda parked next to the SUV mom and dad had bought him. “I see Jane is visiting.”

“Shut up. Look I’ll talk to mom later. I gotta go.” Vanessa hears the click of the other line, she puts her phone down and reaches for the binoculars.

“Let’s see what little trick Jane’s performing today.” She smiles as she peers into her Brother bedroom. Jane is standing naked over, Nicks sweaty naked body, his 9 inch cock standing straight up. Jane finishes tying up his hands to the bedpost and steps off the bed. Vanessa never understood why Nick bothered with Jane, her breasts weren’t exactly great. Perky but small, her ass was decent, and her face wasn’t bad or anything she was your average cute girl, but that was the problem, Jane’s average where as Nick was built like a god. A tall, handsome, sweet guy with very nicely toned body, with just the right amount of muscles (His most impressive one between his legs.) He’s a GOD.

Jane wraps her hands around his pole and slides them up down and over the shaft, slowly taking the head between her lips. Vanessa’s mouth opens slowly as she watches Jane take the massive length of cock into her mouth and down her throat. “Now that is goddamn impressive.” Vanessa drops one hand into her skirt, slipping her fingers into her wet hot cunt. She watches Nick thrash around as best he can while tied up. Jane pulls off every few minutes as he gets close to shooting a wad of cum down her mouth. “You’re driving him nuts- well close to it.” Jane kisses her way up to Nick’s lips and lowers her self onto him, she begins to slam herself up and down. Vanessa fingers herself to their rhythm, and as they cum, she does slumping onto her bed, her face flushed, her heart racing.


She lies there for a while until she hears a car door shut and back out of the driveway, then the back door open and shut.

“MA?” Nick’s voice reverberates around the house Vanessa opens her a door a bit to hear. Mrs. Walters walks out of the living room a can of Lysol in her hand.

“She called you to her rescue again didn’t she? Well did she tell you what I came home to nick?” Nick sits at the base of the stairs.

“She’s eighteen ma. You should just be glad she’s still a virgin.” Nick smirks. “Most girls I knew at her age weren’t.”

“That’s apples an oranges Nick. And if she keeps up on the road she’s on she won’t marry in white, I can tell you that much.” She sits next kürt porno to Nick, who is lighting a cigarette. “I think she does this to get at me.” She takes the cigarette from him.

“Doubt it. You know Vanessa’s a good kid mom. Look she wants to go to a party tonight, her friend Janny is performing with some wanna be No-doubt band. I’ll go with her, if you lift restriction. I’ll make sure she marries in white.” He laughs and takes the cigarette back.

“You better not let that creep near her…or atleast let them go anywhere alone.” Mrs Walters sighs and stands. “This would be easier if you’re father was alive.”

“You do a great job mom.” Nick winks and heads upstairs, Mrs. Walters arms herself with the Lysol and heads back into the living room.


Vanessa messes with the radio in Nick’s mustang. “I love this song.!” She turns it up and sings along. “It’s your birthday, we’re gonna party…”

Nick smiles and looks over to his sister. He pink sweater missing the back, her black pants making her ass look like a holiday resort. “I can’t believe you’re wearing that shirt. It makes you look trashy.” He shifts in his seat. Vanessa looks at him upset.

“Joshua says I look good.” She turns back to the road and crosses her arms. “Why would you tell me something like that Nick? I’m sure I look better than Plain Jane!” Nick looks over to her.

“At least Jane doesn’t have to sell herself out like a cheap trick to get a guy.”

“It’s not like you’re anything special. Just a big dick.” She turns to him. “Head.”

Nick sighs and looks back at the road. He puts his hand on her thigh. “I was being a dickhead. You look fine.” Nick squeezes her high. “I’m sorry sis.”

Vanessa smiles and puts her hand over his slightly moving it up. “It’s okay.”


“I’m gonna get some drinks!” Nick hollers over the raging music. There must be over 100 people at the party.

“Alright!” Vanessa waves to Claire her best friend and hottest chick Vanessa had ever met in Stars Peak. Vanessa had even considered playing les, but was distracted by Joshua before anything had a chance to happen. “Hey cutie. Don’t tell me you’re dateless tonight.”

“Gotta keep the options open babe!” Claire gives Vanessa a peck on the lips and hands her the red cup. “Cranberry Vodka.” Vanessa takes a sip.

“You see Joshua around yet?”

Claire looks to stairs and around the party. “Uh nope. Claire raises her eyebrow as Nick approaches them. “Though I can’t say I’ve really been looking for him.”

Nick hands them a drink, and checks out Claire in her micro mini and barely cover anything halter-top. “Hey Claire.” Vanessa rolls her eyes as Claire laughs.

“I’m going to look for Joshua.” Vanessa heads upstairs. Before Nick can follow her Claire grabs his arm and whispers something into his ear. A look of anger and shock comes over his face.


Vanessa squeezes past a couple making out and opens a bedroom door. “Mark have you seen Joshua?” Mark is sitting at the edge of his bed, a young girl clearly drunk is giving him a slow messy blow job.

“Next…” he closes his eyes and gasps. His hands clutch the girls head as he begins to face fuck her. “Oh fuck yeah! Uh…fuck!” The girl gags and tries to pull away. “Swallow it bitch!” Vanessa looks on bored. No sooner as he’s finished emptying his load in the girl, he stands pulling up his pants, a smile of satisfaction on his face. “Come on V. I’ll show you where he’s at. “ He walks inot the hall shutting the door.

“If you had done that to me when we were going out. I would have bit it off.” Vanessa Follows him, Mark shrugs.”

“I would have enjoyed it up until then.” He grins and stops in front of a door. “Alright before you go in there…”He puts his hand on her to stop her from opening the door. “He didn’t think you were going to be here tonight. He was sad and lonely-” Vanessa opens the door.

“Uh! Yeah…Harder baby…fuck me!” Oh god yes! Oh…” Joshua is banging a girl doggie style, slamming his dick into Barbie’s human counterpart.

“You mother fucker!” A small crowd quickly gathers outside of the room. Mark is laughing so hard he has to hold himself up on the door.

Joshua jumps out of the bed, his hard on quickly deflating. “Vanessa?” He glares over at Mark. “What the fuck man?” Joshua doubles over as Vanessa’s boot cracks him in the nuts. She turns to attack the girl on the bed but Mark pulls her out of the room and leaders her back to his. The girl gone he locks the door behingd them.

“She’s just a victim of circumstance and low IQ qiqitv.info points V.” He hands a bottle of Jack Daniel’s to her. Between fighting the anger and the tears she takes swigs from the bottle.

“How could he do that me?”

“I dunno.” As Vanessa takes another couple of drinks he moves closer. “Some guys are just jerks I guess.” Mark pulls the bottle from her lips and kisses her. Vanessa pulls away. “He didn’t know how lucky he was V.” Vanessa smiles and lets Mark kiss her again.


Claire frowns and looks to Nick. “She should be back by now.”

“Are you sure you saw him go up there?” Nick finishes his second beer.

“Him and Barbie.” Claire sees Kit come in the front door. Kit is dressed in tight leather pants and a blue hoodie. Her blue eye shadow makes her green eyes glisten almost as much as her red lips. “I sees something I likes.” Nick chuckles and watches as Kit approaches Kit, then heads upstairs.


Vanessa is on her back, Mark between her legs. She closes her eyes as he flicks his tongue over her clit. She purrs softly and arches her back. Vanessa reaches for her head but he pulls back. “Tell me you want it.” Mark inserts a finger into her hot wet cunt. “Tell me Vanessa.” He pulls his finger out and adds a second.

Vanessa lifts her head, the booze having relaxed her quite a bit. “I want you.” Mark seems satisfied and begins to lick and suck on her pussy. He sucks her clit into his mouth. “Oh fuck me!” Vanessa throws her head back. “Oh yes…mmmm ahhhh fuck…” she pants as her sex is attacked. Mark lifts her legs over his shoulder and uses his free hand to try and keep her still. “Ooooh. Uh uh..yes…sooo fucking…UH! Good…don’t yes…..don’t stop.” Mark replaces his fingers with his tongue, darting in and out over her honey hole. “Shit..I’m cummmmingggg!” She shoves his face into her.

“Vanessa are you in there?” Nicks voice makes Vanessa sit up locking Mark in place.


Mark opens the door. “Hey Nick. She’s in here…She just caught Josh with another chick.” Nick watches as Vanessa walks out of the room her face flushed.

“Are you okay?” Nick follows her.

“I’m fine. Just take me home.” Vanessa heads downstairs Claire watches Vanessa and Nick leave, as kit sucks on her neck and fingers her.


“So, what happened back there?” Nick has his eyes fixed on the road.

“He was fucking someone else okay?” Vanessa looks out her window.

“I meant with you and Mark. I know something happened.” Nick grips the sterring wheel tightly.

“It’s none of you business.” Vanessa rolls the window down. “I don’t feel good Nick.” “Bullshit! Vanessa I know something happened.” Nick looks over at his sister.

“Pull over. I think I’m gonna be sick.” Nick pulls off the road and comes to a stop near some trees and a broken street light. Vanessa gets out and gags bending over. Nick walks up behind her and rubs her back.

“You’re not a very good drinker.” He pulls her hair back.

“He went down on me was all.” She begins to cry. “I let him. I wanted to just not feel bad. To not feel stupid… No lectures on it please Nick. No name calling and no lectures.” Vanessa stands upright and turns to Nick. “I’m not a whore.”

Nick wipes her tears away. “I know.” He hugs Vanessa, she leans up and kisses him, pressing her body to his. Nick returns the kiss dropping his hands to her ass. He picks her up and she wraps her legs around him grinding herself into him. “Wait. Stop.” Nick puts his sister down and walks back to the car trying to ignore his growing hardon. Vanessa follows.

“I’m sorry.” She shuts the door and rolls up her window.

“Put your seat belt on.” Nick pulls the car back onto the road. As she buckles her seat belt she catches a glimpse of his bulging crotch and smiles to herself.


Vanessa watches TV in nick apartment waiting for him to come back from the house, she finds a soft porn channel and sits back watching the girl on girl action. The door opens and Nick walks in carrying a couple plates of food. “Mom left them for us.” He hands her one and sits down next to her, neither touch their food. “What are you watching?” He grins as he notices to busty blondes going at it.

“Semi Porn.” Vanessa turns off the TV. “Are we going to talk about what happened or just act like it never happened and let things get tense and uncomfortable for us?”

Nick takes her plate and puts them on the table. “Why did you kiss me? I’m your brother.”

“Yeah my hot brother that would be my perfect guy if our latin porno DNA weren’t so damn linked.” Vanessa looks to her brother. “Why did you kiss me back?”

“I wanted to.” Nick locks eyes with his sister. “I know you watch me from your room.” He smiles. “why do you think I always forget to close the curtains?”

Vanessa blushes a bit. “Okay I feel embarrassed. But now that we know we’re into each other…” She watches her big brother hoping he’ll make the first move. Nick licks his lips but something is holding him back. “I want to take this as far as you do Nick.” Vanessa leans across from the couch and kisses her brother. Nick pulls her into his lap and pulls her sweater off. They each take turns undressing each other, Nick groans as Vanessa wraps her hands over his dick and begins to masturbate him. Vanessa leans close to his ear and whispers, “The only whore I want to be is yours.” She bites his lobe and lowers herself in front of his massive cock. Nick looks down as his little sister flicks her tongue over his head, licking the pre-cum off. Her eyes lock on his as she takes him into her mouth, struggling with the size.

“ooohh.” He guides her with his hands on her head. She gets a three quarters of it in and is sucking it so hard his toes are clenched. “Vanessa I’m gonna…” Vanessa swallows the hot liquid loving the taste of her brother.

“Do you wanna take little sisters’ cherry big brother?” Vanessa stands and sits on his lap, his semi hard dick already coming back to life. “I can’t wait to get that monster in me. Stretching me filling me up.” She lips his lips as she rubs her pussy over his dick. “Fuck me.” Nick picks her up and leads her into the bedroom.

“Are you sure?” He lowers himself on her, the bed squeaks beneath their weight. He looks into Vanessa’s eyes and sees “Fuck me” all over them. The heat between them growing by the second, he aims himself into her. He pushes the head in with a POP and groans. “Fuck your so tight.” He moves in a bit and feels the barrier. Vanessa growls.

“Do it. Fuck me now!” She wraps her legs around his ass and pulls him into her. “OHH MY GOD!!!” She closes her eyes as she tries to get used to the feeling of him in her. Nick sucks on her hard nipple lightly biting it, as he pulls out and slams back into her. “Ahhhh…uh…” She pushes herself into him. “Don’t stop…Faster.” Nick obliges and begins to pump into his hot little sister’s tight hole, slamming it to the base everytime.

“Do you like that Vanessa? You like you’re brother dick in you like this?” He slides it in, slowing a few paces.

“Yes I love it! Fuck me. I love my brother’s big dick fucking me!!!” She moans loudly feeling her orgasm building. “I love you Nick.” She kisses him and squeezes her self around him. He lets out a moan in the kiss. Again he picks up speed, Vanessa bits her lip as her orgasm takes her. “uuugghhhnnnn yes..yes.. ooooh.” Nick pulls out of her and moves her to her knees. “What…wait what are you doing?”

Nick slides his meat back into her, pumping savagely, he lets his finger run along the rim of her asshole. “Just giving you what you want baby.” He dips his finger into her hole and she grunts slamming herself back against him. “You’re so tight and hot. I want to explore every….part …of…Ungh you!” He reaches around and rubs her clit.

“Ugh! Ooooh fuck …. Me…Nick!” Vanessa closes her eyes feeling his long hard pole sliding in and out of her. This is what she’s ways wanted. She’s the girl in his bed from now on.

“Cum with me.” He rubs her clit faster as he pumps his darling sister with everything he had. “Are you gonna cum?”

“Yes…yesss!” She hiss on the brink. He slams himself to the hilt and empties himself for the second time into his sisters hot quivering cunt. He collapses on top of her leaving himself in her. “I love you V.” He whispers out of breath. She smiles and closes her eyes.

“I love you to.” She squeezes herself around him again shivering from the pleasure.


Mrs. Walters is in the kitchen preparing breakfast when Nick and Vanessa walk in. “Well later to bed early to rise? This is new.” She kisses them both and nods to Vanessa. “Claire came by this morning. I thought you were upstairs. She said you had a fight with Joshua last night?”

“Me and Josh are so over. I deserve better.” Vanessa winks at Nick as Mrs. Walters opens the fridge. “I slept over at Nicks. We stayed up talking and stuff.” She heads to the stairs.

“Nick get the table set.” Nick nods and smiles at Vanessa as she walks upstiars.

Vanessa closes the door to her room and heads to her bathroom, something on the nightstand catcher her eye and she stops dead in her tracks. The binoculars that should be under her bead on next to the clock. The curtains pulled open and a note taped to the window. Vanessa covers her mouth as she reads the note. I SEE YOU…

To be continued.

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