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Danny waited for me in his room. I had put on my shorts and a loose shirt to make myself comfortable, and came up the stairs carrying my massage oil and a couple of candles. I used this stuff all the time in my profession as a physical therapist, and I had of course also given massages to family members. This one, however, was going to be a little bit different. I was going to combine the massage with some posthypnotic suggestion.

I was not really a certified hypnotist, but I did sometimes use a similar technique on some of my clients during sessions. If one of my clients was experiencing stress, for instance, I might talk to them while giving them a massage. The sound of a gentle, calm voice turned out to work wonders for some of them, and I developed this further after reading several books on the subject. A couple of my regulars said they felt like sliding into a dream state while I was talking to them, and I really did seem to have a knack for it. One of my clients was a fifty year old man who had been smoking since he was 13. He had tried all the tricks; nicotine patches, gum, the works. After I started trying to persuade him to stop, he did. Just like that. Cold turkey. He was ecstatic.

It was after this initial success that I really started looking at what I was doing and how it worked. With this man, I had simply made him feel completely relaxed, through a combination of my massage and the use of my voice. I had then said that he was not actually a smoker; he was a non-smoker. He would realize this whenever he thought about getting a cigarette. Of course he wouldn’t feel the need to smoke, he had no actual need for it. Whenever he went past a storefront, he would feel like he could do without them and not bother buying any. Whenever he had coffee or a meal, he would feel satisfied and not have a craving for anything else. It had become a habit to smoke, now he was replacing that with a habit of not smoking. That’s what I told him, and as if by magic, it worked. He returned for a few more sessions, the message was repeated over and over, and eventually, he said that he didn’t smoke anymore because he didn’t really want to. His wife actually sent flowers to my office – that was nice.

One of my long-term customers said that there was something special in my voice. She’d been to a lot of therapists and said that it sounded naturally hypnotic – there was just something in the way I calmly expressed things that made her naturally want to agree. As I read more on the subject, I did notice that I didn’t sound excited or aggressive when I spoke; there was just a calm, monotone voice, as if I were trying not to wake up a deep sleeper – instead, sliding the words into the listener’s ear in a quiet, constant stream. So when I was rubbing her shoulders and said that she would feel a growing confidence from being more active and moving around, it just became something she really wanted to do. It was like her mind and body just willingly agreed to what I was saying.

Now, I did feel slightly awkward about using these techniques on my son. On more than one occasion I had thought to myself: “Sarah, are you sure about this…?” It was just that I got so tired of having to ask him for the same things over and over … When he graduated from college last year, we were both expecting him to find work pretty quickly, so I didn’t see it as too much of a hassle when he moved back in with me while searching for a job. I also saw it as a potential bonus to have a young, strong man who could help out with chores around the house, but it didn’t quite go that way. After a few months of living in his old room, Danny fell back into his old habits, focusing more on his own things than helping out around the house. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help out, he just kept getting caught up in his own distractions.

“I’m sorry, mom, I really did want to help, I just lost track of time …” was a typical excuse.

I guess I was partly to blame. When my husband left us, years ago, I doted on my only child and Danny spent his teenage years getting used to being served by his mother. I did the cooking and the cleaning, washed his clothes and took care of the shopping. After he’d left for college, he did start to message me about what it was like to have to take care of himself, but once he moved back in, everything just sort of adjusted itself back to the way it used to be when he was growing up.

Lately, though, my frustration levels had risen. When I asked him if he could do the dishes while I went shopping, he’d say: “Sure.” Then, when I came back with the groceries, he’d forgotten all about it. And yes, some of his time went into looking for jobs, but I also spotted him surfing the web, working out in the living room and watching TV quite a lot. So yeah, I put away my awkwardness.

I wanted to do something about this situation, and talking to him about it just didn’t seem to work. So why not try this other thing instead? I mean, it seemed to do wonders for my customers, so … why not? After all, he did agree with me that he wanted to be better at this. All the literature agreed: you cannot hypnotize minyon porno someone into doing something they really don’t want to do. A posthypnotic suggestion relies, instead, on the subject’s actual desire to do something. The lady who regularly came to my parlour and let me hypnotize her into being more active, she really did want to be more active. The fifty-year-old smoker really did want to stop smoking. And Danny really did want to help out more around the house.

I knocked on his door and entered. He got up from the desk and switched off his computer, ready for his massage.

“Ready?” I asked cheerily.

“Yep. How long does it take again?”

“Hehe, are you in a hurry?”

“No, I just… was just wondering.”

“An hour, maybe. I can give you a bit shorter if you like, but if you want to relax, you shouldn’t think too much about the time.”

“No, that’s true.”

“So – on the bed?”


He quickly threw off his shirt and stripped down to his boxers. I noticed how toned his body was; he really had grown into a strong, fit young man. Much more so than his father. Kids nowadays, I thought – so eager in the gym, trying so hard to look fit. Well, he did do that. He did lots of crunches, push-ups and other exercises, and they did yield results. He lay down on his bed, face down, head half-way between two pillows so he could breathe more easily. Unlike what I did during work hours, I sat up on his bottom, knees on either side of his body. It’s easier doing a good back massage from this position, but not really suitable for work as it is a bit intimate. I didn’t have an issue parking myself on top of my son, though. I’d changed his diapers, so sitting on his rump was no biggie.

Applying the oil on his back, my hands were working it into his skin, slowly spreading it from his shoulders to the small of is back. My fingers pressed into his muscles – he had some meat on him, my big boy. I liked this. He was always a little bit tense when I started massaging his shoulders, but after ten minutes or so, he would find himself unable to avoid relaxing, letting go of the world around him and think only of the feeling of my hands on his skin. I could have that effect on people. I was good at this – that’s why I started up as a physio in the first place.

“Feeling a bit more relaxed now?” I whispered to him after about fifteen minutes.

“Mhm…” came a very relaxed moan from between the pillows.

“That’s good, just let your body grow heavy in the mattress, let yourself sink slowly down… You feel more and more relaxed and comfortable for every second…”

I kept talking to him like this for a while, using phrases I had learned from my textbooks, sending my boy deeper and deeper into a trance-like state. I could feel it working, his body went completely limp and he only made small noises every few minutes or so. I then tried bringing him even deeper.

“Danny… I’m going to count down from five, and when I reach zero, you will open your eyes and take two deeeeep breaths… then you will say: “I’m so relaxed”. When you do this, you will feel your whole body relaxing and falling into a nice, comfortable trance. Five.. four… three… two… one… zero…”

“Mmmm… I’m so relaxed…” he muttered into the mattress.

“Goood…” I breathed while moving my hands from the small of his back all the way to his shoulders. “One more time now, and after you speak, you will fall even deeper into trance… five … fooour… three… twooo… ooone … aaand zero…”

“I’m sooooo relaxed…” he said after his deep breaths and I could feel him breathing under me. After a few more minutes of this kind of conditioning, getting him to do simple things and make replies, I felt that he was ready.

“Danny…?” I whispered to him, in the same calm voice.

“Mhm…” he muttered.

“Do you love your mother?”

“Yes…” he muttered again – he seemed almost asleep.

“Do you want to help mommy with her tasks around the house?”


“You really want to help out?”


“All right. Why don’t you say that. When I count down from five, say that you would like to help me. When you have said it, you will sense a nice warm feeling of purpose spreading through your body. Five… four… three… two… one… zero…”

“I want to help you, mom.”

“I know. You’re a good boy, aren’t you… We both know that. We both know you want to help mommy. You just forget sometimes, don’t you … But there’s a way to change that. Would you like to do that…? Would you like to change that for your mommy?”


“When I count down from five, you can say that you would like to help me, and once again you will feel that lovely warm feeling of fulfilment growing inside you. Five, four, three, two, one, zero…”

“I want to help you, mom.”

“Good. When we’re here at home together and I say that I need something, you will start to feel a strong urge to help as soon as you can. You will not be able to stop yourself from helping me, you will feel olgun porno that it is your duty to assist your mother. You will get a powerful sense of satisfaction from helping me. Every time you help me, this feeling will get stronger. Whenever a chance to help comes up, you will remember hos much you love this feeling, and you will desire to have more of it. You will very much want to do for me the things I need done, and you will feel a great satisfaction in helping your mommy. Once you have done it, you will not remember why you wanted to do it so badly, you will just feel a great satisfaction. All right … now I’m going to count down from ten, and when I reach zero, you will open your eyes and feel refreshed and happy. Ten… nine… when you wake, you will feel this urge slowly building inside you. Eight … seven … You will feel the urge to prove to me and to yourself that you’re a good son, that you want to help your mother whenever you can, and that you can be useful. Six… five… Every time I thank you for helping, you will feel a strong sense of confidence flowing through your body. Four… three … You will feel stronger, more useful than before, and every time you hear me thank you for your help, your confidence and general well-being increases. Two… You will feel more and more successful, and every success makes you want to repeat it so that you can feel it again. One … You know you’re a good son and you can hardly wait to live the life of a good son … Zero.”


“Hey there … did you doze off for a minute?” I said, smiling.

“Mhm… so… good…”

“All right, just a few more minutes and the massage will be finished … After that, I’ll go and make us some dinner. Okay?”


I finished up and left him on the bed while I went to wash my hands and start cooking. I threw together some soup and about half an hour later, we had dinner together. I was curious to see what, if anything, would happen later, but I didn’t even get off the chair before the first chance hit me.

“Can I clear the table?” Danny asked as soon as we’d finished.

“Sure, that’d be great. Thanks.” I replied and caught him smiling sheepishly. Was it really working already? Oh, well, it was just a small thing, maybe it wasn’t the effects of my treatment kicking in. Better not get my hopes up too high.

As it turned out, my hopes weren’t turned up high enough. Over the next week, Danny helped me with both cooking and cleaning, including clearing out the attic – something that should have been done years ago. There was also a big change in his general attitude; from passive and apologetic to proactive and helpful. Whenever I thanked him for his efforts, he would respond with a beaming smile and generally be happy for the rest of the day. It almost seemed too good to be true, I didn’t think this change could be down to my efforts alone. Danny must somehow be controlling the show, I thought. Maybe it was there all along, this helpfulness, and it just needed a push to get out? In any case, I knew that I should repeat the treatment to have any hope of a posthypnotic suggestion to take hold, so after one week, I offered him another massage as thanks for his labours. He happily agreed.

It went like the last time: I spent the better part of an hour getting him into a deep trance, and then repeated the messages encouraging him to help his mother with her chores. Chores, for him, would seem a labour of love, something he liked and desired to do. After some time with this, I wanted him to talk more freely so that he could respond to my commands and reinforce them by speaking them to himself. I therefore had him turn around and lie on his back, and continued massaging his arms and shoulders, before trying to bring him even deeper.

“I will count down from five, and when I reach zero, you will think of the thing you like best in the world. The thought will fill you with a calm, soothing feeling. You will be in a beautiful place where all your dreams come true, and you feel perfectly safe and at ease. You will then open your eyes, take a deep breath and say that you are feeling very relaxed, before falling deeply into a soothing trance again. Five.. four… three… two.. one … zero.”

“I feel very relaxed…” Danny muttered, and then went completely limp again.

“Veeeery goood…” I encouraged while continuing to massage his oiled skin. “Do you like feeling my hands on your skin, son…?”

“Yes, mom…”

“You’ve grown into a big, strong man, haven’t you…”


“Your mom likes that. She needs a big, strong man in her life. Someone to help her when she needs a big, strong man… That can be you, Danny. You can be that big, strong man, helping mommy… You can lift things, carry things, make sure things get done, ’cause that’s what big, strong men do, isn’t it… Would you like to do that, Danny?”


“Then you should. Be that big, strong man your mom needs around here. Be the man of the house, the man who takes care of things you mother needs. I will count down from five, şahin k porno and when I reach zero, you can say that you want to be the man of the house, taking care of everything I need. All right? Five… you are a strong, confident man. Four … you feel your confidence grow every time you look at me. Three… you want to be every bit the man you can be. Two… one … zero.”

“I want to be the strong man you need, mommy…” Danny said, and it almost made me blush hearing him say it.

At this point, I noticed something. Like before, Danny was naked apart from his boxers. In the low light from the candles, I could see the outlines of his muscular body, and there was also something else. I noticed that the bulge in his shorts was growing. All right, I thought, he must have a really nice dream, and tried putting the image of my son’s hardening member out of my mind and focus on the task at hand.

“Let’s play a little game: I will count down from five, and when I reach zero, you will say that you like it. Saying this will make your level of confidence grow, and you will feel happy at expressing how you feel. Five, four… you are enjoying yourself very much… three, two… you are completely relaxed, and in the safest place imaginable… one… zero…”

“I love feeling your hands on my skin, mom…”

“Thank you, dear, that’s nice of you to say. Would you like to have these massages more often?”

“Yes, mom.”

“I think that would be nice. It’s a nice bonding experience, and it lets us talk together. Do you like these talks, Danny?”

“Yes, mom.”

“I will count down from five, and when I reach zero, you will say how much you like hearing the sound of my voice. Five… four… you feel calm and at ease… three… two… You know that nothing bad can happen when you’re in this place… one… zero.”

“I love hearing your voice, mommy…”

“That’s nice, honey. You like helping me around the house, don’t you?”

“Yes, mom.”

“And you will continue to do that, won’t you…”

“Yes, I will help you, mom.”

“I’m going to count down from ten, and when I reach zero, you will open your eyes and feel refreshed and happy. Ten… nine… when you wake, you will feel the same desires as before; you will wish to help your mommy with whatever she needs in the house. Eight… seven … the urge to be helpful will be stronger and stronger. Six… five … you will not know why you feel this way, you just know that you have to act on your desires. Four… three… when you complete a task, you will not remember why you felt the need to do it, you just take pleasure in doing it. Two… for every time you help your mother, you will feel a sense of purpose in life. One … you are about to wake up, and feel completely relaxed and refreshed. Zero … open your eyes.”


“Hi there … did you doze off again…? I guess these massages are really nice, huh…?”

“Yes, mom… really nice…”

“All right, why don’t you just lie here for a while and relax. I’ll go grab a shower.”

“Thanks, mom.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie.”

I hopped in the shower and enjoyed soaping myself up. I too was enjoying the massages. Many of my customers were elderly or unfit – that was sort of why they came for treatments in the first place. Danny was young and strong, and I didn’t get too many people like that coming to lie on my slab. Yes, he was my son, but a lady can still enjoy feeling a strong man’s muscles, right? It also made me feel good, making him feel good. The mother in me simply loved giving my boy pleasure, and those little sighs he released when I stroked his arms just the right way… that was heaven. Oh and then there was the sight of his … Well, best not to think too much of that, but it was clearly on the bigger side of normal.

I wondered if he had a good sex life; I knew he’d dated a coupled of girls in college. Hopefully, he was able to satisfy whoever he was with, and have a rich and exciting sex life with his future wife, ensuring that their relationship last. The fact that the sex was mediocre was definitely a contributing factor to my own marriage breaking apart. Serves me right for marrying a corporate hack. I was a real looker in my twenties, and I still looked pretty good to this day, with my ample bosom and full-bodied hourglass figure, so I did have some experience with dating men more interested in appearance than brains. But when I married Lewis, I think I went too far in the other direction. Maybe I should have gone for a strong, burly outdoor type.

The thought of such men made me a bit horny, actually. Standing in the shower, using the shower head on my sensitive areas, I had flashes of lumberjacks and firemen flicker past my eyes, and it made my pussy all wet. Rubbing Danny’s muscular arms had also made me think of things, and since I had been on a rising wave for a couple of hours now, I realized that I definitely needed an orgasm tonight. I wasn’t going to cum in the shower, though, I knew that. It just didn’t work for me. Turning off the water, I quickly dried myself off with a towel and then grabbed my bathrobe to wrap around me. I decided to have a glass of wine. That often helped me relax enough to make myself cum. Otherwise I usually needed assistance for that. I went into the kitchen, feet still a bit moist, leaving slight prints on the wood floors.

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