Dirty in London


15 Nisan 2024


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I’d not seen Lorna since I’d fucked her with my Dad a few months ago but we had been texting (lots of filth) and having a bit of phone sex. We’d also sent a few photos so I had plenty of images of her big tits and her cunt in various states of arousal and she had photos of my dick from every angle imaginable. She was my mate’s mum and my Dad was fucking her on the side. We’d explored quite a few of our fantasies while we’d had phone sex and since it was coming up to Christmas we decided to grant each other one.

I was studying at university in London so Lorna had decided that a shopping trip in the capital was in order. She’d booked at the last minute so she had managed to get decent but cheap rooms in a hotel. I’d been busy with my girlfriend on the day of Lorna’s arrival but I’d managed to get away by 7pm to meet for drinks in the bar of her hotel. I walked into the bar and noticed her straight away, she was sitting at the bar looking stunning. She was wearing a long black dress split right up the leg, her tits looked fantastic in a halter neck and she had a pair of heels on that must have cost a fortune.

The hotel was a bit posher than I’d imagined and I wished I’d dressed up a bit more. I walked up to her and she asked me what I wanted to drink, I felt like a right bit of rough. I rested my hand on her knee while our drinks were being poured and managed to move it up to her thigh without getting kicked out of the bar.

“Let’s sit over there, there’s a little booth,” she said.

I couldn’t resist giving her arse a slap as we walked over.

“I’ve missed you, you cheeky fuck.”

“Oh yeah, Dad not been banging the shit of you every week?”

“Yeah but I like a bit of younger meat too.”

“God you’re a fucking slut.”

We smiled at each other and moved in for a snog. My dick was already hard and when she pulled her nails up my thighs I thought the button on my jeans was going to pop open.

“So,” I smiled, “you ready to get a face full of piss?”

She laughed and said she wasn’t. I pulled back, pissed off.

“Calm down, you won’t be able to piss with your constant hard on anyway and besides I’ve got something much better planned for you.”

I moved my head back in close to her and sucked on her bottom lip.


She poked her tongue out and ran it over mine.

“You’ll find out but not until we’ve both cum.”

“Here, in the bar?”

She nodded.

“You really are a fucking filthy cow, aren’t you? Pull your tits out.”

We were in a booth but there were still people walking past so I never thought she’d do it but she traced a finger between her boobs, put a hand under her dress and pulled one of her big beautiful tits right out. I was no longer shocked by her behaviour but I was turned on.

“I said tits, plural!”

She considered for a split second and then pulled the other one out. The sides of her dress were pushing them together, just the way I like them. She was sat there with her titties out for what seemed like ages but she just managed to get them back in her dress before an old woman walked past.

We positioned ourselves so that no-one could see what was happening under the table. As soon as we’d settled she had my flies open and was giving my dick a squeeze through my boxers. Thank fuck no-one could see because I was sure I wouldn’t be able to do them up again until I’d spunked. While she was giving me a good stroke, I let my hand find its way up her thigh. I could feel the heat of her cunt before I got there, like a fucking furnace. That gave me an idea and I reached into her vodka glass to get hold of an ice cube. She knew what was tekirdağ escort coming and opened her legs up to take it. She jolted as I forced the frozen cube into her twat. She put her hand down and plopped what was left of the ice into her palm before lifting it to my lips. I sucked it down and swore at her.

After grabbing a passing waiter and asking him to bring a bottle of wine to our table, I got my fingers back inside her. Her clit was hard and I rubbed it with a wet finger, circling her bud. It was having the desired effect and I could tell she was relaxing into position to let me make her cum. I leaned in and cursed at her, calling her a cunt and a whore and fucking dirty little slut. She loved that and it wasn’t long before she tensed up and came over my hand.

“Shame you came before the waiter got back or he could have caught you at it.”

“He’s cute as well.”

“Get your fucking tits out for him then.”

There’s no point daring Lorna because she’s bound to do it and sure enough as the waiter was pouring the wine she popped her boobs out of her dress again. He was shielding her from the rest of the room so there was no rush to put them back in. He gave her a cheeky grin and his pouring got a lot slower.

“You wanna see some more?”

He nodded at the stupid question and she leaned right back in her seat and lifted her dress up. My cock was still hard while she was putting on a show and I gave myself a squeeze while I glugged my wine back. The waiter was cool as a fucking cucumber, one hand in his pocket giving his own cock a rub, he filled my glass back up again without missing a beat and without taking his eyes of Lorna who was using three fingers on her puffy cunt. He passed the now empty bottle to her; it seemed we were all on the same wavelength. She sucked the neck and stuck her tongue suggestively down the top before it went where we all knew it was headed.

Sat there with her gorgeous tits on display, a wine bottle in her cunt and working her clit while two blokes wanked off over her and she was in heaven again. It was about three minutes before she came and ten seconds after that that me and waiter also came. He didn’t charge us for the wine but he did take the empty bottle away.

“So now what?” I said sitting in a pair of spunked up pants.

She reached for her phone and sent a text.

“You’d better get cleaned up.”

We got up to her room and I pulled my kit off and headed into the shower. When I looked back I could see that she had my soiled boxers and was licking the spunk out of them. I laughed at her and told her what a fucking slut she was. I showered for ten minutes and tried to think what my surprise could be. We’d talked about a lot and a little bit of watersports was pretty tame compared to some of the other stuff.

I patted myself down and walked back through into the bedroom with a semi on. What I saw was Lorna in a school uniform, a hackneyed idea but fucking effective. She was laying on the bed in a little blouse, tied at the waist so her tits were on show, a little grey skirt barely covering her pure white panties and a pair of long white socks. That was enough to turn my semi into a fully fledged boner but it got better; she wasn’t on her own.

“Fucking hell,” I thought.

“Chris, this is Nicky, you know each other don’t you?”

Nicky was Mark’s sister, Lorna’s daughter and she was in exactly the same get up as her mum. I stood there with my dick pointing at the ceiling, taking in the sight but unable to say a word. I grunted. She was 18, just a bit younger than me; we’d got off once years ago and I’d tried to slip her a finger but she wasn’t forumagic.com having any of it, now she was stretched out on a bed with her tits out and her knickers on show.

Lorna pointed to a chair behind me and I slumped in it mesmerised. Bollock naked with a hard on, I started wanking slowly, very slowly because I felt like I was going to explode. Nicky obviously liked what she saw as she drank in the sight.

Lorna pointed the remote at the TV and R I didn’t know where to look. They both started pulling off their tops and I started tugging my dick more firmly; Nicky danced over to me and put her lips on mine, I wanted to pin her down ad fuck her right there but she backed away. Turning away from she started to undo her bra.

“Fucking. Hell,” I thought.

This was probably the best day of my life. The bra fell to the floor and she turned back round covering her tits with her hands. She danced back over to me and kissed me again. When she moved her hands up to stroke my face I saw her naked tits for the first time. I felt like my cock grew an extra inch; her tits were beautiful in a completely different way to her mum’s. Smaller but very perky, her nipples were big like her mum but pinker and puffier, I wanted to suck on them. I moved my head down but she pulled away again.

Now it was Lorna’s turn. I’d seen her tits a few times and wanked over photos of them plenty but they were always a sight to behold. She’s snapped her bra off and was stood there dancing, holding one tit in each hand, her nipples showing between her fingers. She bounced them up and down for a few seconds, driving me crazy before she lifted a tit to her mouth and started licking her own nipple. Licking at first, then full on sucking; first one nipple then the other. I wanted to get my hands on both pairs as soon as possible but they hadn’t finished yet.

They stood next to each other still dancing to the music, both bare-titted, their boobs moving in rhythm; both of them had moved their hands to their thighs. Nicky looked well nervous and as her little skirt lifted up with motion of her dancing, I could see a damp patch had formed in her knickers. I sank lower in my chair to see more but I needn’t have bothered, they both wriggled out of their skirts leaving them dancing in just their panties and socks.

Lorna also had a wet patch in her knickers, this was fucking insane. They turned away from me so I could admire their arses, the movement making their bottoms jiggle in their pants. Then they stopped and leant forward. Hooking their thumbs in their knickers they simultaneously starting pulling their panties down. The tops of their arses came into view and I had to stop touching myself. Lorna’s arsehole came into view, I remembered fucking the shit out of it a few months ago, then I saw Nicky’s arsehole.

Fucking hell it was horny, because they were both bending over their holes were completely exposed to me. The final part of the strip was coming up and I was horny as fuck. My eyes were darting from one arse to the other but the sight of Nicky’s knickers sticking to her cunt was too much and as she finally peeled them off and I saw her twat for the first time, I shot my load right there without even touching myself.

I was so embarrassed sitting there with cum all over my chest, but they seemed to take it as a compliment. Lorna suggested that I lie on the bed so I did as I was told. She crawled up my body and started licking the fresh spunk out of my hairy chest. I looked over at Nicky, gazing at her puffy pink pussy. She saw me looking and opened her legs wider, giving herself a rub but making sure that I could see everything. I noticed that my dick was hard again and was pressing against the underside of one of Lorna’s tits.

Lorna had finished cleaning my chest up and moved on to my cock. She gave it a few strokes in her mouth and then, holding it by the base, offered it to her daughter. After a flicker of hesitation, Nicky took hold of my cock and kissed my bell end, licking all round my helmet. Lorna was lapping at my bollocks as her daughter got bolder and bolder with her sucking until she was almost at the point of throating me. Looking down there was a sight that I’d never forget, mother and daughter servicing my cock and balls at the same time.

I wanted to get acquainted with Nicky’s cunt so I got them both to get on the bed, one either side of me, still working on my cock with their arses in my face. It was like the best 69 ever. I worked the middle finger of each hand inside their fanny holes, juice started dripping down my forearms. I tried two; I knew Lorna could take it, Nicky was tighter but I managed to get them in. I stopped moving my hand and I realised that they were both bouncing on my fingers, getting themselves off on my hand.

That was enough, I needed a fuck. I wanted to sling it up Nicky but I wanted to see her face as she watched me fuck her mum first. I sat on the chair and got Lorna to start riding me, she was facing me and her tits were pressed against my body, her face in my neck. That way I could watch Nicky. I put my hands on her mum’s arse and pulled her cheeks apart, leaving nothing to Nicky’s imagination. She was sat on the edge of the bed and she was fingering herself hard as I pulled her mum’s twat up and down on my cock.

As much as I was enjoying it, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice and spunk before I fucked Nicky so I stopped Lorna and told her I’d lick her out until she came. I got both of them back on the bed, on their backs with their legs as far back as they could go. What a fucking beautiful sight, I buried my face in Lorna’s cunt while my fingers found her daughter’s tender little twat. I worked a finger up Lorna’s shithole as I went from licking and sucking her clit to dragging my stubble over her cuntlips. I still had two fingers inside Nicky’s pussy as her Mum came all over my face.

I asked Nicky if she wanted to get fucked and she nodded. I took a chance and told her I needed a quick suck, I don’t know if she remembered the last place I’d used my dick but she sucked it anyway. I let her suck for a bit and then laid her on the carpet. I positioned myself on top of her and gave her a kiss. I could taste her mum’s cunt on her lips as I guided my dick to the entrance of her twat.

Her hands moved to my arse and I began humping her. I moved gently inside her and tenderly snogged her. As her eyes closed with the pleasure she was experiencing, I raised mine and saw Lorna. She was virtually fisting herself as she sucked on one of her tits. She pulled the tit out of her mouth long enough to mouth at me.

“Pound her fucking cunt.”

I couldn’t help it, my movement started getting faster and stronger. Nicky had been pretty quiet up to this point but I began to beast her hard she started moaning. I put my hands under her arms and gripped the top of her shoulders, pressing my full weight on her I nailed her pussy as hard as I could. Our snogging became more and more passionate until we were just about sucking each other’s faces off. She started to cum and I kept humping her through the waves of her orgasm.

I pulled out and Lorna wasted no time in getting her gob round my cock, sucking up her daughter’s cunt juices. I knew how I wanted this to end.

“Will you cum swap?”

As soon as I saw Lorna’s head nod, I pumped my load into her mouth. She pulled her daughter over to her and dribbled my spunk into her mouth. Christmas came early as Lorna moved in for a full on snog.

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