Candy Cane Love


20 Ocak 2021


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It was late on a Friday night, Tiffany was still at the office like always! This afternoon, her company held a Christmas party. Offering drinks and snacks, a catered meal and gifts for everyone. It even included a visit from Santa himself.

She hated the holidays, her family lived so far away. She didn’t have a boyfriend, hell, she hadn’t had one in 3 years. Yeah she’d gone on dates and had one night stands, but no guy was worth keeping.

She was basically alone in the office. Everyone else had left. To either continue the party elsewhere or go home to sleep off thier drunkeness.

Just fifteen more minutes and I’ll go home she decided. After finishing up the file she was on, she decided stop to get take-out and some wine. Se was heading home to drink her sorrows away.

She liked a nice night of dinner, wine and lovemaking – with her self. She had tons of toys, she figured she deserved to feel good.

She had cleared her desk of paperwork, dropped her mail in the pick-up box and emptied her trash into the larger can at the door. She wanted her work area to be neat on Monday.

On her way to the restroom, she bumped into the adorable blonde intern of Mr Redwick, her boss.

“Sorry, Ma’am” she said, then cast her eyes to the ground.

“No need for apologies darlin” Tiffany replied back, “Everything ok? You’re here late, no one else is even around.”

Her eyes hit the floor again, “Mr Redwick left me with a ton of work, due today. I’ve been working since the party and I’m still not done.”

Tiffany felt bad for her, “Listen, let me handle this, go write Mr Redwick a note. Tell him you weren’t feeling well, so you left, leave the time and date and go home! That’s a direct order!!”

“I don’t know, he’ll be angry. Besides, I don’t have plans tonight, I’ll stay and finish.”

“What’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri your name darlin?” Tiffany asked.

“Lea” she said.

Tiffany smiled, “Well Lea, we are going to go pick up some take-out and wine. Then we can go back to my place and have dinner and hang out. Just us girls, what do you say?”

“Well, if you’re sure, I’d love to. I just moved here from Colorado and I don’t really know anyone yet,” she said as thier eyes finally met.

“Then it’s all set, go clean up your desk and I’ll call in a take out order. How does grilled chicken, baked potatos and salad sound?” Tiffany asked.

“Wonderful” Lea replied. “Oh yeah, and I like red wine.” Then Lea turned and bounded to her boss’s office.

It was almost an hour later, Lea and Tiffany were sitting at Tiffany’s dining room table, the remains of the meal they had eaten in front of them.

“Wow, Tiff, this meal was great, thanks for inviting me over. I don’t know anyone yet and I’ve been quite lonely.”

“No problem, I don’t have many friends myself, I work alot” Tiffany replied. They popped open thier second bottle of wine before moving to the sitting room.

The fireplace was immaculate, she had spared no money on it. Her dream was to make love in front of it one day.

She hadn’t met a man yet who she’d wanted to create that fantasy with, so she just enjoyed curling up on the leather sectional and reading.

They settled in with thier wine and began talking about thier love lives. “I was dating someone for a few months before I moved, but he wasn’t into long distance relationships. So we just broke up 2 weeks ago.” Lea said sadly.

“But I’m ok, I refuse to let him get me too down! I deserve someone who is willing to wait for me or come with me.”

Tiffany smiled, “I can güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri understand that. I haven’t met a guy yet who is willing to try to work around my hectic work schedule.”

Suddenly, Lea was next to her, taking her cheek in her hand, thier lips were touching. Soon they were kissing.

Softly, thier lips clasped, Lea’s hand moved through her hair. She slightly pulled back. “I’m sorry” Lea looked down again. “I shouldn’t have”

Tiffany didn’t know what to say, she had liked it. She had felt her nipples harden at Lea’s touch.

She did the only thing she knew to do, she leaned over and tipped Lea’s lips up to her own. The kiss this time more urgent, more passionate. Lea had aroused something in her.

Lea’s hand went back up to the nape of her neck, holding her closer.

Tiffany felt Lea’s other had on the buttons to her shirt. She was slowly unbuttoning them one at a time, revealing her black lace push up bra.

Her breasts were a little smaller than Lea’s, but in the bra, they looked great.

She leaned back slightly as Lea’s lips went from her own. Across her cheek, down her neck to her breasts.

She slid the bra off of one tit. Tiffany’s nipple was so hard. Lea sucked it into her mouth massaging it with her tongue.

Tiffany muffled a moan, but Lea knew she wanted more. She moved across to the other nipple. This time, as she covered it with her lips, she pinched the other nipple.

Tiffany’s moan couldn’t be stiffled this time. She looked up and Tiffany took off into the kitchen.

After a few moments, Lea went to the kitchen doorway. “Are you ok? I’m sorry I was so forward, I was…..” she trailed her sentence off.

Tiffany didn’t turn around, she just said “You didn’t do anything, I didn’t run because I didn’t like it. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I was just unsure. I’ve never been with a woman before.”

Lea crossed the room to Tiffany, “If you want to stop, we can stop at any time. I just thought you were very beautiful, that’s one of my turn ons.”

Tiffany turned to Lea and they embraced once again. This time, they were all over each other. Tiffany’s hands had found thier way inside of Lea’s shirt, playing with her nipples.

Lea whispered into Tiffany’s ear “Can I go further? I think you’ll like it.”

“I’d like that” Tiffany replied.

She helped Tiffany out of her skirt. She had on heels & black thigh highs. She left her pantys on & went back to kissing her, this time, her hand roamed further down.

She was slipping Tiffany’s pantys over and touching her clit. Tiffany moaned again, her head tilted back.

This led Lea’s lips to her neck, then down to her nipples. She slid her wet fingers into Tiffany, causing her to moan again.

She helped Tiffany up onto the counter before spreading her legs apart and working her way down her body, stopping at each nipple while fingering her. But, once she finished with her nipples, she kept going.

Making her way down to Tiffany’s bare pussy. She spread her cunt apart and began massaging her clit with her tongue. Licking her from top to bottom, then back to the top to nibble her clit. She was moaning and arching her back.

Her pussy glistening with her own juices. She grabbed a candy cane from the bowl on the counter and teased her with it. She ran it over the outside of her pussy, tracing her lips and clit. She was going nuts, begging for more.

Lea lowered her face to Tiffany’s clit and at the same time, began to suckle her clit and use the candy cane as a dildo, in and out of her. Tiffany was on the verge of cumming. Her head was back, she was panting, moving her hips. She was really enjoying this.

A moment later, she was screaming, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh my Gawd!! You made me cum!!”

When Lea stopped and looked up, Tiffany was grinning. “Is it my turn to return your favor?”

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