Best Friend Intimacy


18 Ocak 2021


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He seemed to tremble slightly as I approached his naked body from behind. I guess it could have been nervousness, anticipation or a draft in the hotel room we shared. I had already fingered his ass with lubrication and had stopped to apply the shiny lube to my erection, which stood in front of me as I approached. We both were ready and I held my gleaming dick by its base.

Now I know it sounds like I’m describing a typical homosexual experience. But I’m not – at least not for us.

My name is Mike. The other naked guy is Doug. I guess what led to this physical moment had started our first year in college. That was two years earlier. But the mental aspect was much longer in the making.

We were next-door neighbors growing up. We were typical best friends who played together all the time. Our first step toward maturity was looking at some nudie magazines we found once. But that’s about as wild as it got.

We dated the same girls in high school, compared notes and got to first and second base with them most of the time. Clearly, we were good-looking guys. We both played sports, lifted weights at times and certainly weren’t slobs.

We got accepted to the same college and decided to room together. It seemed to be the best decision, after all, we were not only best friends – we could even finish each other’s sentences. All and all things were working out great.

It was that first year that we both fell in love with a couple of girls then before the year ended we had both broken up with them about the same time. We tried to bounce back, but the college girls seemed to either be attached to a boyfriend already or were too engrossed in studying to bother. Sure, we had our chances with some sorority girls but they were clearly too air-headed.

It started as a fluke, I think. We had rented a fuck flick and were just plain horny one night. One of us kept hinting that we needed to jack off – something neither of us had done around the other. But for some reason our erections were too much and before I knew it we were jacking off in the same room together.

Now we were close. But we’d never done anything like that before. It just seemed too gay, I guess. But it opened things up for discussion.

Over the next year or so – things slowly progressed. First we just jacked off in the same room if the need arose. But once as we were stroking our dicks, Doug asked me if I wanted to touch his dick. So I did.

It was the first time I had felt another man’s dick. You don’t notice the weight of your own dick, but the first thing I noticed about his dick was the weight of it and how smooth it was. To be honest, I wanted to suck it that first time, but obviously I didn’t. Doug knew what I was thinking and he was thinking it too.

“You want to suck it, don’t you?” He had said.

“No man, of course not.” I replied.

But we did talk about it after I stroked it a few times. We talked about it because when he reached over to stroke mine, I rested my hand on his ass to support myself. Doug not only stroked my dick, like I did his. He continued to stroke it as if enamored by the feel of it. His hand felt good.

As he stroked we both began to breath heavily. I squeezed his ass gently. He responded by stroking more purposefully. My hand then began to rub his ass. I rubbed it the same way I would a woman and he masturbated me as if it was his own dick.

Before we knew it, I was cumming. As soon as the last stream exploded from my dick, I looked over at my best friend and something canlı bahis şirketleri unusual passed between us. I can’t fully describe it, but the feeling was different than anything I had felt between us. It was in that moment of surrender and sharing something as personal as an orgasm.

He felt it too. As our eyes met, our faces slowly tilted toward each other. We kissed.

Now I can’t say it was a real romantic kiss or anything. But it was the first time I had kissed a man. That moment of intimacy seemed to take our friendship to a different level.

Afterward, I jacked him off and we didn’t really say too much at first. But like I said – we began to talk. And the talk was more open than we had ever been with each other.

We talked about secret desires and even flirted with thoughts of homosexual intercourse. We knew that if we ever were ever going to fulfill those secret desires, it would be fulfilled with each other, as we never would be able to get up the nerve to cross that line with anyone else.

So over the next months we mutually masturbated each other. Each time we got that same feeling that passed between us. That same moment of intimacy that seems taboo between men. But we stopped short and would just end our session with maybe a kiss.

It was as if we were fighting against the natural desire to give ourselves to one another fully. As if it would be unnatural. Afterall, we were two men and we were engaging in something quite taboo or unnatural, weren’t we?

But we both wanted more and we knew it. It was just a matter of time who would take the next step first. Finally, after Doug had just jacked me off and I kissed him, I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to suck his dick.

I sank to my knees and took him in my mouth that night in our dorm room. His dick was smooth and warm. I sucked his erection into my mouth and he fucked my lips until he came. His sticky cum splashed onto the back of my throat and coated my lips.

The next time he sucked me off. Before we knew it, we were mutually masturbating or giving each other blowjobs each time we got horny. We talked about going further obviously. But it was more than that. It was that feeling we were after. That intimacy. Intimacy that we were fighting against as if two men kissing or sucking each others dick wasn’t intimate enough.

Most of the time we were just two buddies. But there were times alone with each other that our eyes would meet and we’d see more than just a best friend. During a mutual masturbation session or a blow job there would be a brief moment that this feeling passed between us.

We’d both recognized it. We talked about it. It was more than just a desire to have an orgasm. It was something we couldn’t put our finger on. It was a moment when we didn’t have a care in the world and just seemed to want each other badly. But the feeling was brief and we’d finish jacking or sucking each other off. It was like we wanted to have sex – were horny and started the mechanics. Then we’d have this brief moment, in which we felt intimacy with each other, but it was fleeting and we’d resume our horny desires on a mechanical level again. The internal struggle seemed to never stop.

So now we found ourselves in a hotel room. We had finally decided and planned it carefully. We both wanted to step across the line and have intercourse with each other. We wanted to make love. We felt it was time. We wanted to stop fighting it.

We rented the room. We brought the necessary supplies. canlı kaçak iddaa We showered separately. We kissed some and made out like a first-date. We even groped each other a bit. Then as our desire grew, we stripped naked.

Doug had leaned over the bed and let me finger his ass with lube. I had finger fucked him for a while and he liked it. So much, that he told me he wanted my dick in there.

So that’s where my story began, you see. His naked body was facing away from me. He seemed to tremble slightly. I approached with my gleaming dick, slick with lube. But instead of going through the mechanics of intercourse we had fantasized about in our discussions – I simply walked up behind him and rubbed his shoulders with both my hands.

“Cold?” I said.

“No. I’ve just waited for this a long time.” He said.

“What…us fucking?” I said still rubbing his shoulders as I stood behind him.

“More than that. I just…”

“Just what?”

“It’s silly.”

“Go ahead. It’s just what?” I leaned close to him. My dick pressed against his ass cheeks.

“It’s the way being naked with you feels. There are times with you that I feel closer than I have with anyone else.” Doug said.

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing. But we can’t be best buddies and do this, you know.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Doug paused. He seemed to tremble slightly again. I rubbed his shoulders up and down. My erection bumped his ass cheeks again.

“We have to be lovers, Mike.” He said softly.

“Then let’s be lovers.” I said leaning forward to kiss his neck softly. He moaned softly. My hand left his shoulder and found his ass cheeks again. I spread them with my fingers and searched for his asshole.

Doug widened his stance to allow more access. My finger found his hole and it was still slick with lube. I kissed his neck while slowly fingering him. Doug moaned again. He then turned his head and kissed my lips before his tongue darted out and begged for my own.

My tongue met his and they entwined. Our kiss deepened. I buried my finger more fully in his ass and he pushed back onto it. When our kiss parted, our eyes met and then it happened again. That feeling. It was a feeling that I wanted him immensely and I didn’t care if he was a man or woman. He must have felt it too.

“I want you, Mike.”

“I want you too.” I said.

“Fuck me then.” He said.

I withdrew my finger from his ass and replaced it with the tip of my dick. Doug leaned over and I pushed the head against the rim of his asshole. My heart was nearly beating out of my chest and for the first time that feeling of desire wouldn’t go away this time. It wasn’t replaced my mere physical mechanics of horny desire. No, it was passion and I passionately wanted this man.

His body had an appeal I had not seen before. His back was smooth, his waist was lean and the curve of his ass was as sensual as any woman I had desired.

I grasped his hip with one hand and with the other aimed my dick toward the center of his puckered sphincter. I then pushed – slightly at first, then harder.

Doug relaxed and his asshole relented. With lube squeezing out from the sides, my dick slowly glided between the folds. It was like a snake inching into a crevice, slowly disappearing inside.

Doug moaned as I buried my dick fully into him. Once inside I began to slowly gyrate my hips back and forth. We fucked slowly. I knew if I went faster I would cum, so we slow fucked back and forth. canlı kaçak bahis Doug moaned his pleasure with each stroke.

It might have seemed unnatural to us years earlier. But the moment was a culmination of growing closer together. We were consummating a union that was building for some time.

The feeling was incredible and that feeling of passion filled my chest. My best friend, no my lover – was accepting me into him and his body was appealing to me. I desired him and as we fucked this desire grew. But unlike times in the past when this was a desire to cum – I quickly realized that this passion that filled my chest changed that desire.

I not only wanted to cum – I actually wanted him and wanted him in me. I wanted us to share each other completely. I fucked him a few more strokes and the desire was overwhelming. I desired more and more intimacy with this man – as if we could be more intimate.

I pushed his hips away from me, my dick popped from his ass. Doug stood and turned to face me. Before he could speak I kissed him.

“Do you want me?” I asked when our lips parted.

“Of course. That was the greatest feeling in the world.” Doug said.

“Fuck me, Doug. I want you inside of me.”

I quickly lay on my back across the bed. Doug lubed my ass then his dick. Looking up at him as he crawled between my spread legs our eyes met. That feeling was growing and passed between us.

Doug centered the tip of his dick against my asshole as I lifted my hips to meet him. He rocked his pelvis forward. The head of his dick began to spread my asshole. I could feel each fold as it widened and I relaxed to accept him.

Then it happened. It was as good as an orgasm. As Doug’s dick penetrated me, and the stars before my eyes cleared from the brief shock of penetration – this warm feeling of passion settled over me as his dick filled me from within.

I looked up at Doug. He slowly began to fuck me and as he did our eyes met. Never had I wanted someone so badly.

“I love you Doug.” I said.

“I love you too, Mike.”

“I want you man. Fuck me with your dick.”

“Oh, your ass is so good, Mike.”

“Fuck my ass, Doug.”

I raised my hips to meet each stroke. My dick bobbed between us. I wanted to touch it, but knew if I did it would explode.

“I could cum, Mike.” He said.

“Go ahead and cum. Cum in my ass.” I said.

Doug stroked longer. I relaxed my ass to accept each penetration and wanted him deeper within me. But as he stroked I realized my ass tingled and wanted to twitch as if I were about to have an orgasm as well.

In fact, my whole pelvis tingled and I spread my legs wide desiring him to take me – all of me. It was the intimacy I desired. I wanted to make him cum and make him cum with my body. A body that was joined with his.

“I’m going to cum, Mike…oh, Mike I’m cumming….I’m…”

Doug’s body went into a spasm. His pelvis jerked toward mine and I suddenly felt warmer inside as his cum sprayed within me. I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I grabbed my dick and started masturbating. In no-time, my dick began to twitch and my body stiffened as well as I stroked. With Doug still firmly inside me, streams of cum exploded from the tip and arched in line after line onto my chest and abdomen. My body tingled all over.

I continued to jack myself off until I was spent and Doug soon was as well. He leaned down to kiss me and his dick plopped from my ass. I could feel sticky cum oozing from my ass and sliding down toward the bed.

We lay in each other’s arms for a while. It was then that I recognized the consummation of that passionate feeling. It was a feeling I would learn to crave. It was a feeling I would desire from him – over and over again.

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