Alicia’s Mother: Early Years


20 Kasım 2023


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I was running late, having over slept after a hot night of passion with my wife Alicia. She had left early for her morning shift as a nurse in a local hospital and had not awoken me. It was alone at home, except for my mother-in-law, Nan, who lived with us. As I went into the kitchen, I could smell freshly prepared hot coffee emanating from the door. Nan was busy at the kitchen sink, her back towards me. She had without fail prepared that hot cup which was my breakfast before leaving for work.

Nan was dressed casually in a light translucent nightdress. As she turned to face me, I could see that she was as usual not wearing her bra and her bottom half was sexily revealed by the shape of her skimpy blue lace panty. It was not uncommon for her to be casual at home, but after the previous night with Alicia, the outlines of her body brought back sensual longings that spread to my loins. I could not resist pressing the crotch to push back the weeping monster that was trying to slip out of the confines of my brief. Nan could see my sense of discomfort, but it was too late for me to engage in any carnal activity then, as I had to rush for an early appointment. As I sipped my coffee, she swaggered her hips naughtily, walking to my side and whispered, ‘Tonight, dear, wait till tonight.’

Nan looked as young as Alicia, my 30 year old wife, even though she was twenty years older. She had been living with us since I married her daughter eight years earlier. She had from that day been accepted by Alicia as the third person in our marriage. My wife was always supportive and had generously shared her husband with the only other person she loved since she was young. This unusual relationship had its beginnings years back when our families lived as neighbors in a suburban part of Jakarta.

I had the first stirrings of my sexual destiny at a young age when I found my peewee getting bigger and more sensitive whenever I was in the company of females. I found myself fondling myself more frequently and getting intense orgasms when masturbating secretly at night. It was at this time that I took notice of the sweetness of Rose, my neighbor, who was of my age. She was innocent and never really knew of my fixation for her. But her mother, Nan, nevertheless was sensitive to my infatuation and encouraged me to visit her house to play with her. Nan had two other daughters and three sons. Alicia was two years my senior while Sue was one year younger than Rose. Nan was very fond of me, having observed me growing up. I found out that she harbored the desire to have me as her son-in-law with any one of her daughters from the day when she saw that I could not take my eyes of her daughter when I came to her house for dinner.

Years passed and my family had moved to another house down the road. My parents divorced and I stayed with my father. I missed my own mother and found solace in the company of Nan and her family. I grew up and at age 18, I had a full-grown body with a thick 7-inch tool. I was a daily visitor to Nan’s Chinatown house after school and spent much time talking to her whenever Rose had to stay back for extra-curricular activities after school. It was at this time that Nan began giving me motherly advice on sex and love.

‘You two are both growing up fast. I hope that you will become a member of my family. I know Rose is still immature and knows a lot less about life than you. You are so handsome and well built and so smart. I will be very proud of you.’

‘Yes, I like Rose a lot and think of her everyday. But she is so shy and doesn’t seem so interested in me. She turns red in the face even when I hold her hand. We could have had a family by my age in ancient China, but she is still like a small girl without any romantic longings.’ I confided in Nan.

‘Yes, she’s still young and innocent. She only had her first period two years ago, much later than Alicia, Sue or me. Just be patient. Really Alicia and Sue are also fond of you and maybe more compatible. Look at Alicia, she has a full woman’s body and she’s not shy to tell me she had been dreaming of you.’ Nan confided.

Indeed, I had found Alicia and Sue very keen to talk to me whenever the sister was not around. Alicia looked extraordinarily sexy in her loose fitting clothes and there were times when she would deliberately bend downwards to afford me a peek at her swollen breasts. I also noticed when she was wearing body hugging shorts or pants that she had big pubes. Much bigger than what I sized from looking at Rose’s panty whenever she was bursa escort bayan carelessly sitting on the chair with open legs. Sue likewise seemed to have more significant assets than Rose and she was teasingly naughty at times. She knew that I had a bulge in my shorts when she wearing a thin T-shirt and would deliberately chose to use the lightest bra if there was no one else in the house.

A week later, I found Rose sound asleep when I came to the house. Nan told me her daughter was too tired out after high school and told me go and lie down on the bed with her. I was hesitant and shy when I found Rose sleeping with her dress pulled up and exposing her white cotton panty. ‘Don’t be shy, if you want her to be yours. There’s nothing wrong seeing her things. I know she’s still girlish in her thoughts, but she will grow up and have a nice body and be a good wife.’ I turned red and she laughed as she naughtily lifted the daughter’s panty telling me that she still had no pubic hair.

It was at this point that I realized Nan was a broad-minded person and was not shy on teaching me things sexual. She saw the crotch swelling through my short as she continued to talk naughtily when we moved to the hall. ‘I know you are so shy with girls. You shouldn’t be because one day you will be touching, feeling and making love to your wife.’ I confessed to her that I had never seen a naked girl or woman and was breathing hard when she decided to tell me her story. ‘Auntie had been married for twenty years now and knows everything. Sex is enjoyable and exciting and I love it a lot until the last two years. Uncle is now a diabetic and he is no longer able to make love to me. So I am not able to enjoy now. But I can teach you many things that you like to know about girls and women.’ She looked at me intensely in the eye and I can see her sincerity and was touched by her sense of sadness coming from the wilting of her sex life.

She held my hand as she asked me, ‘Do you masturbate when thinking of Rose?’ I nodded my head and confessed that I had been doing so for about four years now. And she continued, ‘I know it is normal for boys like you to masturbate. It’s a waste to lose so much sperm doing it yourself. I have not seen Rose masturbating and she is still so innocent. But the other two girls do touch themselves. Especially Alicia, as I found stains on her panty everyday when doing the washing. I am an old mother of six, so it’s not right for me to think of young men even though I am now lonely and still have desires. But I think you will find Alicia attractive and perhaps more willing to go steady when you are ready. You can both learn many things from each other, but you must not do the real thing as you are too young to get married if she becomes pregnant.’ She smiled and retired to her bedroom.

The following afternoon, I found Rose sick at home. She was weak and in bed. As, I sat on the bed to comfort her, Nan came into the bedroom with a large bowl of hot water to clean her body. As I stood up to leave the room, Nan asked me to stay. She stripped Rose to her bra and panty and used a wet towel to clean her body and legs. Pulling down her panty to her knees, she nonchalantly wiped her hairless pussy taking care to clean the labia and the slit, before pulling it back again. She then removed the bra and cleaned her breasts. Standing nearby, I could see Rose’s smallish busts just sprouting from her otherwise flat chest. The pinkish nipples were pea size and a layer of white silken skin covered her upper torso. Nan finished the cleaning and replaced the pajamas for Rose who fell asleep again. I followed Nan to the hall.

‘I noticed you were not too excited to see her breasts. It will grow bigger with time, but she will probably never have the size of mine or her sisters’.’ She commented. I fidgeted with my hands while seated across from her, feeling extremely shy, and yet wanting her to continue talking. I felt a voyeuristic urge to want to know more about her and the other sisters’ private assets, and sheepishly asked, ‘Are those on your and Alicia’s bodies real or the shape of the bras.’

‘Oh, padded bras are used only by those with small breasts. Sue, Alicia and I used unpadded ones. Anyway, do you find our bigger busts exciting? It’s natural because most men want their women to have some shape.’ I felt my peewee stirring at the thought of bigger nuts and she was not unaware of the rising tension inside the confines of my short. I also saw her placing her own hands on her bosom gorukle escort to trace her external shape to emphasize her own dimensions. Unknown to me, she was able to see the wetting of on my brief through the gap in my shorts and was obviously having her own wild imaginations. Her voice was light and serious as she added, ‘Yes, you should see what her sisters’ have and you will know the difference. I don’t mind whoever you have as the wife as you will always be my good son-in-law.’ I could sense she was serious about her tuition as she whispered, ‘I love Rose as much as the others, but you must have more choices. Sometimes after a man marries, he finds the wife not sexually attractive and then it’s too late.’

I found our conversation leading me to harbor wilder thoughts. I told her it was difficult to actually see a woman except from the outside and the only naked females are small babies having their diapers changed. She gazed at me and agreed that decent girls would not show their bodies except to their partners. But I was old enough to begin learning so if she could teach me anything about the opposite sex, she would. I was getting more aroused at the thought of learning more from her and was breathing harder. She took quick notice of my situation. ‘Yes, one day, you will have the opportunity to learn more. Now go and wash yourself in the toilet because you are getting too excited.’ She whispered. I did as she instructed. Returning from the bathroom I found that she had retired to her bedroom closing the door behind her.

Sitting alone in the hall, I found myself thinking more of Nan and her other daughters mentally stripping them to admire their bosoms. It was then that I heard a low moaning sound in Nan’s room. I went to the door and could hear her talking to herself, ‘oh…so… hard. Touch auntie. Oh.. so.. nice. ‘ It continued for ten minutes and then there was a low pitch screaming of intense uncontrollable self excitement. I did not then know that she was having an intense orgasm inside from frigging herself.

Nan changed her attitude towards me after that. She became more affectionate and would gently caress my hair. At times she would absent-mindedly place her hand on my thigh when no one was around. I found her touch comforting, at times responding by placing my hand on hers as she gently stroke the area around my knees. There was an indescribable sexiness from her touch that I enjoyed. On returning home, I had wicked imagination of her exploring my body and would pulled myself until I had ejaculated strongly a few times. The increasing familiarity with Nan made me more relaxed even when she was standing close to me with her bosom barely inches away.

The mid year school holidays came and Rose went to stay with her auntie. Alicia became bolder in her absence and Nan was very encouraging in the background. One morning, I saw Alicia leaving the bathroom with a towel draped around her body. She left her bedroom door open as she went walked naked inside, turning her body to afford me a good view of her shapely body. Her busts were a full 32D size, round, full and firm. Between her legs, she sprouted a small thatch of pubic hair leaving her fat hairless labia and closed love slit fully exposed. She took her time to exhibit herself like a model on a stage. I found my swollen loins uncomfortable and my weeping peewee’s head creeping through the side of my brief. I could not control myself from responding by adjusting my shorts so that the little monster could have more room to expand. In the process, Alicia could see through the gap at the obscenity that was raring to get out of its undersized enclosure. Nan who was seated opposite to me with back facing Alicia’s bedroom watched with amazement at the large exposed monster seeking to move outside the gap of my shorts. She could see my discomfort and came over to hold my hand.

‘You have a real big thing there for your age. I am amazed, it’s even bigger than uncle’s thing.’ Saying so, she placed her hand on the outside of the shorts to gauge its length and size. ‘It’s so big. Many women would love to have such a treasure inside them.’

I looked at Nan, red-faced and totally embarrassed and tried to remove her hand. I did not want Alicia to see her mother touching me so intimately. She whispered, ‘It’s alright. Alicia is my pet and we have no secrets between us. I know you will find her more open than Rose. Isn’t she pretty and sexy? It’s your first time to see a naked woman, and I am sure bursa merkez escort bayan you will see many more in your life. Not like me because the only naked man I have seen is my husband. I find you so gorgeous and handsome. Let me teach you more.’ She behaved as if there was no one else in the house.

As if by arrangement, Alicia reappeared in the hall, fully clothed and told her mother she was going to visit her best friend. She smiled at me sweetly, her eyes sparkling, knowing that I would be giving her more attention in the future when visiting her home.

As the door slammed shut, Nan turned to me. ‘Yes, I have a well-endowed daughter in Alicia. You can see that she has much more than what Rose has at the same age. You will enjoy her company and love. Come, let auntie share with you my own secrets.’ She led me into her bedroom.

Led by her hand, I willingly followed Nan into her bedroom. She told me to sit on her bed while she busied herself searching for something in the drawers of her dressing table. At last she found them. I saw her returning to the bed with a stack of photographs.

‘Look at these. They are educational. Uncle bought them for me before he had his diabetes. I have always enjoyed looking at them.’ She counted and handed me the first lot of about fifteen pictures.

‘What are these?’ I asked.

‘Oh, they are pictures from Japan.’

I took a look at the first picture and my heart jumped. It was a picture of a Japanese girl, naked and flaunting her assets. She was certainly well endowed with big boobs and hairy pussy. I stammered as I asked her why a girl should allow herself to be photographed naked. ‘Oh, these are really models making money by showing themselves.’ The second picture was in the same light except the girl was a older woman. But as she showed me and explained each picture, the posing became more aggressive. Legs were opened to reveal more of the female genitalia and close-up shots gave more details of the construction of the area between the female’s legs. I felt horny looking at the increasingly obscene objects and began to breathe harder. I could also feel the hardness returning to my peewee as my agitated mind lost control of that masculine object.

Nan was also wide eyed and her voice slurred as she continued with her explanation. She was a true teacher to heart and was determined to teach me about the female anatomy. Realizing my shortness of breathe, she put one hand on my thigh and that make me even more agitated and excited. My mind became blank as she sexily commented, ‘These girls get money to show. Look, Alicia has everything they have and you have now seen that she is no worse than them. Maybe mine is not fresh, but I think I am as good too. Do you want to see?’ I sheepishly nodded my head as she took the photos away. She had barely shown me less than a quarter of the lot and my body was acting uncontrollably.

Nan returned the stack of pictures to the drawer. She then came to sit by my side and began touching my thigh. She became bolder and reached under my shorts to feel the weeping cock head. ‘Oh…… you are so excited. Must be the first time you see naked women. Don’t be shy, it is normal for people to be like that the first time.’ Feeling the grip of her hand inside my shorts made me closed my eyes. Nan pushed me lightly and I fell bed on her mattress. I closed my eyes in anticipation of what deeper lessons she was dishing out to me. And I was not prepared.

Without asking me, she divested me of my shorts and brief, exposing my tormented dick in its full majesty. The pre-cum was flowing as she rubbed her finder against the swollen crown. I felt like in heaven and wanted to die, wishing that she should never stop her administration of her sensual torture. She had a kind soul because of her experience, but she also wanted to followed a program she had planned for initiating me into the world of adult human sexuality. Knowing that further stimulation would lead to an explosive ejaculation, she stopped. And patted me on the lips. Leaning down, she kissed me on the lips, and I stiffened at the first experience of sensual kissing. She was a focused tutor, and patiently plied open my mouth with her sweet lips. ‘Kiss me dear.’ She commanded and I found myself exchanging oral fluid as I imitated and reciprocated the movements of her slithering tongue. The sweetness of her saliva and breath made me craved for more and Nan patiently dished out her oral soup to feed my hungry mouth. I found myself floating into heaven with the passion she brought to my first lesson in French kissing. It was so unreal. So unlike the baby cheek kissing I had known so far. I held up my arm to grip her closer to me and she willingly floated to be on top of my body. It lasted for minutes, but it seemed like hours of pleasure to me.

(to be continued)

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