A Twin Desire Ch. 05


19 Ocak 2021


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All characters are 18 years and older. I hope you enjoy this chapter.



I stepped outside the resort lobby for the last time, Brian right behind me. Time for the limo ride back to reality. I busted out laughing. Brian looked at me, then looked where I was looking. He had to laugh.

In front of us was our limo. The same limo which brought us here. There stood James, our driver, holding the same sign from the first day at the airport, “Mr. and Mrs. Barbara Young, NEWLYWEDS!”

“It’s a great day to be alive, Mrs. and Mr. Young,” he announced. “How are my fine, young newlyweds on this glorious day? Did you enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest?”

“Yes, James, we did,” I answered with a big smile. “What a great surprise having you be our driver again.”

“I wouldn’t have missed it, little missy,” he smiled and opened the door.

“Newlyweds?” came a voice from behind me.

Brian and I turned to see Vanessa standing just outside the office.

“Vanessa,” I said in as calm a voice as I could muster. “What’re you doing here?”

She walked toward us. “I saw you two were checking out and I wanted to say goodbye,” she answered. “I don’t want to pry, but what’s going on? You two have been here a week in a honeymoon suite. The way you reacted the other day when I said hi, and you wouldn’t talk to me, makes me wonder.”

I asked James to hold on a moment and walked over to meet Vanessa. I wasn’t sure what to say or even how to say it, but this was not the time to discuss whatever we needed to discuss.

“Van, could you keep your voice down, please,” I asked quietly.

“I’m sorry,” she said in a quieter voice. “Am I crazy? You two are twins, right?”

“Can I trust you?” I asked her.

“Well, yeah, I guess so,” she answered. “With what?”

“You’re right. Yes, we’ve been here a week. Yes, we’ve been in the honeymoon suite. Yes, we’re ‘married’,” I air quoted. “Do you think you can keep this to yourself until we can talk back in Seattle?”

She saw the pleading in my eyes. I saw the curiosity increase but her need for immediate answers melt away. “Yeah, sure,” she answered. “But give me a little here. What’s up?”

“Brian and I realized we’re in love. We’re going to make a life together. Right now, it’s not something we want all our friends to know, for obvious reasons. When we get back to school, I’ll tell you all about it. But, please, you’ve got to keep it a secret for now. Can I trust you?”

She studied my face for a moment then nodded. “I got your back, girl.”

I hugged her. “Thank you. See ya in a week or so,” I said and walked back to the limo.

“Everything okay?” James asked.

“I hope so,” I answered and stepped into the limo. Brian followed me in as James tended to our bags.

“Do ya think she’ll keep it quiet?” Brian asked as we settled in.

I looked back at Vanessa and could only hope for her discretion. “I hope so,” I said but unsure. “Girls do like the juicy gossip.”

“Well, we may not always get to decide how people hear about us, nor can we control how they think about it,” Brian said as he put his arm around me and gave me a reassuring hug. “This may be something we’ll have to deal with the rest of our lives.”

“I’m just now starting to realize that,” I said. I hadn’t had much time to think further ahead than the next few days, sometimes hours since we found our love for one another.

“Well, let’s not worry about her,” he said. “If she tells, she tells. Let’s enjoy the rest of our time we have before we have to be back for school.”

I looked into his calm, self-assured eyes. If only I had the confidence he has. “Okay, baby,” I said with all the confidence I could muster and a weak smile. He kissed me, and my fears melted. God, I love this man. Fuck Vanessa. Fuck everyone. As long as I have my Pussy Pleaser, the rest of the world can fuck itself.


Vanessa seemed to be satisfied with whatever Barb asked of her. She could cause some problems for us, but I’ve known her to be an honest person. I figured she’d honor Barb’s request.

James stowed our gear and jumped in the car. Before driving away, his voice rang out over the intercom. “Welcome back to the best ride in Florida … well, second best ride if you’re newlyweds,” he chuckled at his own joke.

“YOU KNOW IT!” Barb yelled and laughed. I rolled my eyes.

James went through the amenities as he did a week earlier. This time, he didn’t wait to be asked. “The ride will last ninety minutes to two hours and the privacy partition will be raised for your enjoyment.”

“Awwww,” Barb whined in faux disappointment.

“You fuckin perv,” I chuckled.

“Now, little missy,” James laughed, “you are a naughty one, aren’t you?”

“Only if I can get away with it,” she giggled.

“Partition please,” I said.

“Party pooper,” she said and elbowed my ribs. The partition ascended into place.

“I’ll party your pooper,” I said. free spin

“Oooo, is that a promise?” she batted her eyes at me.

“Damn right it is,” I answered as the limo pulled away from the resort.

Barb watched the resort get smaller and disappear around a bend in the road. “What a fun week, Bri,” she whispered. “I loved our alone time together. We need to thank mom and dad profusely when we get home.”

“Yeah, we do,” I said.

I still had my arm around her shoulder. She turned and put her arms around me and moved in close. “Any regrets?” she asked me.

I wasn’t ready for that question. “Well, only one,” I cracked.

“What’s that?”

“You’ll have to wait to find out,” I answered.

“For how long?” she pouted.

“You’ll know before this ride is over,” I answered.

“Yeah, yeah. Try as you like,’ I said knowingly, “you can’t beat my limo blowjob, baby. But I love that you’re gonna try.”

I smiled. Damn it. She’s a clever one.


Earlier in the morning, I woke up and watched Brian sleep. He rarely sleeps on his back, so it was a treat to see the tent his big boner was making in the sheet. I wanted so much to pull the sheet down, mount his cock and ride him. I thought of something else to do. I wanted our second limo ride to be as memorable as the first, and I figured he had a plan to try. I needed to outsmart him.

It was around seven thirty and our limo wouldn’t be here until eleven or so. I quietly got out of bed, grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom. I peed, cleaned up, brushed my hair, and got dressed. I quietly exited the bathroom. Brian hadn’t stirred. I fumbled in his pants pocket until I found the credit card and silently exited the room.

In the lobby, I asked for a ride into town. Arturo was ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ and I was soon in the shopping district. Arturo pointed me in the right direction. I asked him to wait for me as I wouldn’t be long. Soon we were on our way back to the resort.

I opened the door quietly and peeked inside. Brian hadn’t moved. I quickly moved to my suitcase and put my purchase away. I went back into the bathroom and got undressed. I snuck back in and crawled under the covers. I slid in close to my sexy beast and lightly slithered on top of him. He stirred as I lowered myself onto his morning wood.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned as his eyes opened into little slits. “I could get used to this,” he said as his hands cupped my breasts. “You’re a fuckin sexy alarm clock.”

I smiled at him. “If I have my way, you’ll get a lot of this.”


As the limo passed out of town, I turned my full attention to Barb. I had my left arm around her shoulder. She found my hand and intermingled her fingers in mine. Her right hand nestled between my legs as she used her fingernails on my knee and lower thigh. We watched the little beach homes come and go and noticed all the colorful little sailboats dotting the horizon. Just another winter day in the Florida Keys.

Once we were clear of the town, I reached over with my right hand and pulled Barb’s face to mine for a long, promise-filled kiss.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “You got plans for that kiss,” she asked when I finally released her.

“Well, yeah baby,” I replied. “I figured we better make this limo ride as memorable as the first one.”

“Pfffft! Good luck with that, Buster,” she scoffed. “You’re gonna have to work your ass off to even get close.”

I kissed her deeply again. “That’s the plan, babe,” I smiled.

“Mmmm, I like the sound of that,” she purred. “I think I can help you.”

“How’s that?” I asked and continued kissing her.

“Let’s just say I have my ways,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes. “Too many questions spoil the fun.”

“Lookin forward to it,” I answered and moved to kneel in front of her. I reached for her shirt to pull it off. She grabbed my hands and shook her head ‘no’.

She pushed me to the far side of the seat and moved to the other side. “Close your eyes, baby,” she whispered.

“Hey! This is MY ride,” I said. “I’m in charge here.” As soon as it came out, I knew I’d made a mistake.

She gave me ‘THAT’ look. You know, the ‘death to humans’ look. “You know the ‘pussy rule’, right?” she asked the rhetorical question.

I know the rule, but I couldn’t let this pass. “The ‘pussy rule’?” I feigned dumb (not a difficult thing for me.)

“The ‘pussy rule’. The pussy makes the rules,” she said. “You’re powerless, dickhead.” She had a maniacal look in her eyes. “Bwahahahaha!” she laughed.

“Command me, your highn-ASS!” I conceded.

“That’s better, peasant,” she said. “Now, close your eyes.”

“Fine,” I said and closed my eyes.

“No peeking,” she said and leaned over to put a hand over my eyes. “Promise?”

“I promise.”

I heard her shuffling about for a moment. “Okay,” she said. “Open your eyes.”

I slowly opened my eyes.

“HOLY SHIT!” I exclaimed. “Where bonus veren siteler has this been hiding?” I asked as I reached out and explored with my hands.

“I bought it this morning,” she glowed. “You like?”

“Me love,” I said as my eyes slithered over the sexiest little babydoll I’ve ever seen.

I started to slide over. She stopped me. “Not so fast,” she purred. “You have plenty of time.”

I held my position. “Wait. You bought it this morning? Where was I?” I asked.

‘You were being a good little sleepy head,” she answered. “I woke up around seven or so. I wanted to fuck you, but I decided to take the card, and a little ride to the lingerie shop we saw the other day. The best part is, you were asleep when I got back, and I still got to give you a wake-up fuck.” She giggled.

“You did good, sissy,” I replied as my eyes continued exploring her scantily covered body.

What sat before me was my goddess of love in a light pink, lacy babydoll nighty. It hugged her curves deliciously. Delicate gold chains came over her shoulders to the top of the lacy triangles barely covering her breasts. The transparent fabric left a little to the imagination as her areolas and erect nipples were slightly visible and waiting to be sucked, licked, and groped.

I followed my gaze down. Under her breasts was sheer lace, covering her belly and extending about four inches below her panty covered pussy. The matching panties did little to hide her light patch of pubic hair and swollen pussy lips. The small patch covering her entrance was already wet.

As I watched, she began a very sensual self-massage. She stared into my eyes as she slowly ran her fingers up the sides of her body from her hips up to her ribcage, past her breasts to her neck. She slowly, sensuously ran her hands under her hair and gently pushed it back over her shoulder.

She moved her hands down to the bottom of the babydoll and began slowly lifting it. She exposed her abdomen and continued lifting until it was bunched below her breasts. Her fingertips slipped under the lacy material as she used her fingernails to lightly scratch the undersides of her breasts.

She dropped her hands to the top of her panties and fiddled with the elastic, slipping her fingertips just a bit inside to tease me. Here and there, she’d glance down her body to witness her own actions, then look back at me with a smile and a moan. I sat back, stroked my cock through my pants, and prepared to enjoy the show.

She played between her legs with one hand, fingers on the outside of her panties. Her other hand moved cautiously over her stomach and lower ribcage, tickling herself and teasing my senses. She dropped her hand down, slid both thumbs into the top elastic, and appeared to be removing her panties. She stopped pushing them down almost as soon as she started. She used her thumbs to lightly rub her clit while her fingers played at her covered entrance. We both moaned.

She moved her hands back to her bare torso, the teddy still bunched under her breasts. With her right hand, she pulled the material forward and slipped her left hand under to fondle her right breast. I could clearly see her hand under the see-through material as she rubbed circles on her nipple with her palm. She pulled her hand to the left and used her fingertips to tweak her nipple making it even more erect.

She moved her hand to her left breast, pulling the material even higher and exposing her naked breast, covered now only by her hand. She rolled the nipple in her palm a few times before removing her hand.

I watched as long as I intended. I moved across the seat. As I did, she turned to face away from me. I placed my hands on her arms just below the shoulders and massaged them. She lightly moaned her approval as she continued rubbing her stomach.

I pulled her hair back over her shoulder as she reached under the teddy to play with her breasts again. As I kissed her neck, she reached her right arm up and behind my head to pull me closer, which pulled her babydoll higher exposing her breast to me. I dropped my hand to her exposed breast and lightly caressed it, then moved my hand further down to play with the elastic on her panties.

I reached up and pulled the top higher, exposing both breasts. I put my hand on her right shoulder and pulled her around to face me. I cupped her left breast and caressed it then took her neck in my hand and pulled her face up to kiss me. As we kissed, I dropped my hand slowly over her breast and down to give her ass a squeeze. I pulled her toward me as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me harder.

As I kneaded her ass with both hands, she moved her hands and cupped my cheeks. The kisses were hot and getting hotter. I pulled away, tilted my head and dove in for more. She reached down and started fumbling with the hem of my t-shirt without attempting to remove it. I cradled her chin in my right hand and continued kissing her as my left hand rubbed her deneme bonusu veren siteler ass.

I moved my kisses to her ear, then her neck. She moaned her approval as she continued tugging gently at the bottom of my shirt. I pulled her tightly against me and her arms again slid around my neck. We held each other as our bodies mingled, her hard nipples poking holes in my chest. I reached between us with my right hand and fondled her left breast.

Lyrics from what I consider the greatest love song ever written were going through my mind.

Hold me, hold me

Never let me go until you’ve told me, told me

What I want to know and then just hold me, hold me

Make me tell you I’m in love with you

(Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me – Mel Carter)

We kissed again as I moved my hands around her back and under the teddy to remove it. I stopped when she again wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me hard into another kiss. She pulled back and raised her arms to allow me to remove the top. She looked me deeply in the eyes as the top slip up and over her head. Once gone, she smiled at me, wrapped her arms around my neck once more, and pulled me in for another kiss.

We kissed long and hard, passion filling the limo. We lost ourselves to our desires. We moved slow and steady, neither in a hurry to bring an ending.


I knew Brian wanted a hot romp in the hay to create another memorable limo ride. He’s competitive as hell. I was surprised when he moved so slowly and deliberately. I was ready for a full onslaught. He controlled the pace. I must say, it was much hotter than what I expected, and I had expected to be torched.

Once my top was removed, I thought, again, that he would attack me and leave me breathless. He was totally opposite. We kissed long and deep. Passion filled our moans and our breathing was ragged. I knew that when this ride was over, I’d be more than breathless. I loved the anticipation he was building. My body was in fever pitch and my juices were flowing.

I had been toying with the bottom of his shirt to heighten his arousal. I pulled away from his kiss and started pulling his shirt up over his head. He raised his arms and I pulled it … mostly … over his head, kissing him as I did. The kiss lasted longer than expected and I ended up with his shirt wrapped around my face as he had me fully lip-locked. I giggled. He finally pulled away and allowed me to remove his shirt fully.

I slid over and straddled him. My panty covered pussy was now rubbing against his denim covered cock. We continued kissing as I ground my sex into his. He reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling my pussy harder on his throbbing member, the rough denim working magic on my clit. I kissed his neck and ears as he ran his hands over my back and ass. My breasts felt as if they’d combust into an inferno as I pressed them into his chest.

I pulled back once more and he kissed me again. Each kiss seemed to last longer, with more passion, than the last. Not a word had been spoken since I pushed him away. Our body language was speaking volumes.

We kissed several more times as our hands continued exploring. At some point, my fingers discovered the large bulge in Brian’s pants. I rubbed it and drew my fingernails across the rough fabric. I found his belt buckle. I slipped the end away and pulled back to release the prong. Once the belt was out of the way, I worked on the snap of his pants.

He tweaked my nipples as I looked down to gather my bearings and worked at unfastening his pants. I giggled as he pinched and tickled my nipples. He cupped my chin and pulled me in for more kisses as I fumbled with the clasp of his pants. I giggled again at my clumsiness.

When I finally unsnapped his jeans, I tugged the zipper down. I broke the kiss and slid down his body, leaving a trail of saliva from his chin, across his chest, on his nipples, and inside his belly button. I grabbed the waist of his jeans and pulled them down and off his legs. His cock sprang up into my face and slapped my cheek. I giggled again.

I gently and slowly ran my fingertips up and down the length of his love. He responded with moans and his cock jumped at my touch. I found the most sensitive spot and teased him, his cock continuing to jump at my every touch.

I switched from my fingertips to the tip of my tongue. A few moments later, I opened my mouth wide and dove down over his head, keeping the touch light. He was moaning his appreciation as his hard member throbbed its approval. Every moan from him lit a new flame in my scorching pussy.

I spent a few minutes teasing him before I took his cock firmly in my hand and engulfed him. I began sucking in earnest. Down and back up, over and over as I gently stroked him. With my other hand, I lightly ran my fingernails over his stomach, chest, nipples, legs, anywhere I could reach. I then did the same to my own body, making sure he could see my every movement.

As I tended to his cock, I was sure to maintain eye contact. He has the dreamiest eyes a woman could ever drown in. I am constantly intoxicated with a simple look into his smiling eyes. His smiling eyes are only complemented by his smile. I can be so angry I’m ready to burst and his smile and eyes melt all my anger away.

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